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17 hours 56 minutes ago

DrupServiceCall - Drupal third party web services call Tool
Drupal third party web services call Tool

In testing: yet to push the code

Matrix fields

20 hours 11 minutes ago

Provides multi-valued field, that contains items with labels, units and values. Sets of labels and units are united into matrices, that you can choose in field widget. When you select another matrix, set of fields changes.


Ckeditor Readmore

21 hours 23 minutes ago

This module adds a new button to CKEditor which allows users to hide selected
content and only show it on "Read more" button click and hide content when click "Read less" button.


Dialog API

1 day 12 hours ago

Provides some tools for the core Javascript Dialog API.


Each theme gets a new Modal dialog region. The blocks placed in it will be shown in a dialog.

  • An option for field formatters to be shown in a button-triggered dialog.

Google Secrets Store API

1 day 12 hours ago

This is a Drupal 8 module to manage storage of Google Secrets files, which are used by some applications that use the Google API.

The module defines a new plugin type, GoogleSecretsStore, and two initial implementations of the plugin, which store the secrets using a static file 'somewhere' on the filesystem, or a private drupal- managed file. The intent of the module is to enable site-designers to use other, potentially more secure or more flexible methods of storing this data.

You do not need this module unless a module using it depends on it.


Entity preview

1 day 20 hours ago

Allows to save and preview a block content entity in a separate page.

Support for more entities will be added soon.



3 days 23 hours ago

Export content in various ways and formats to various targets.

This module aims to support static- and/or JAMStack-like setups w/ Drupal as a content backend.

Not good ;-) Very early & definitely not ready for production usage.


Display Selected and Unselected

4 days 17 hours ago

Provides the field formatters to display all selected and unselected values of a list field.
The module supports the following field types: List (text), List (float), List (integer).

If 'Allowed number of values' of a field is equal 1, then the field values rendered as 'radio' elements. In other cases field values rendered as 'checkboxes'.

The module provides two formatters:
1) 'Display selected and unselected values'
(can be used for output of values of a list field).


Simple Font Resize

5 days 1 hour ago

This module provides a simple font resize feature that should be added to sites to improve accessibility.

Module uses cookies to save users font-size so that it can be preset when user returns to the page.

This module supports EU Cookie Compliance. If user has not agreed to use cookies
font resize will work for current page.


This module requires that font size is set on html tag of the page.
All other font sizes must then use rem or em units.


Views Sort By Options Weight

5 days 22 hours ago

Adds Views sorting plugins which allow setting weight for each option of the list field or entity bundle.

For instance:
You have an entity with a "list" field. Let's call it "Status". There are such available options:

need_feedback|Need Feedback



5 days 22 hours ago
Drupal form theming with less pain

Theming drupal forms can be difficult and time-consuming. This module provides a set of utilities that make form theming easier.

Currently, this module provides theme suggestions for forms that are much more useful than those provided by Drupal core.