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How do your programs look ?

2 min 53 sec ago

Most programs don't seem to need a GUI. I am new to programming and just started so my question is. If you don't use a GUI, how do your programs look ? Is it just a command line ? How do your programs start or are executed ? Is it a file you can actually see with an icon you click on and a commant prompt appears ? Or do you have to find it all the time in the command prompt, compile it and then run it ? And if not, how can we make executable programs ? A lot of questions but this has been bugging me. Thanks a lot. EDIT: I can't imagine seeing in use, like in a company, as a command line. So if you could actually share a pic of a ready to use program and how it looks, it would be appreciated.

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Migrating from MS Access to NetBeans

29 min 1 sec ago


I've been using MS Access to design accounting systems for about three years now, and so far, they are all doing what I intend to, as far as the functions of an accounting system (as a stand-alone file) is concerned.

MS Access so far has everything I needed to come up with a basic working system:

  1. Database for storing amounts, journal entries, and chart of accounts
  2. Queries for the manipulation of the stored amounts and other data
  3. GUI designer, and the codes behind being run by visual basic
  4. Report/Print-out designer, with features that allows me to make groupings and on the print-out itself without having to make the totals on the queries

Now, I've been doing my research for months, and found Java to be better suited for my future projects and chose NetBeans for my IDE, for two reasons:

  • I found out that it can run on Windows, MAC, and Linux
  • r/LearnProgramming recommends Java if I plan on designing android apps
  • it is free, unlike Visual Studio

The Question:

I've been studying Java for a few months now, but I am still nowhere close to seeing how I would migrate my design (i.e., the logic I am following) from an MS Access file to a Java-based application.

So my question is, what tools/package (I'm not really sure what to call it) should I integrate to NetBeans so that I can have/do the following:

  1. Tables and queries in SQL database
  2. WYSIWYG designer for my graphical user interface
  3. WYSIWYG designer for my print-outs

Thank you for anyone who will help!

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Reddit bot error : There was an error: 'unicode' object is not callable

35 min ago

Hi all.
First time posting here.
I have an issue and was wondering if I could get some help from the community here.

I am currently trying to setup a bot which monitors keywords on a subreddit and then sends an alert to myself via PM.

I am using the code I found here -> https://www.reddit.com/r/RequestABot/comments/5ofvxb/payingrequest_need_a_bot_that_searches_for/

I have got the bot setup,and running, it can detect when a keyword has been posted on the specific subreddit. but when it detects the keyword it posts the following on terminal

There was an error: 'unicode' object is not callable

and does not send the PM

When I close the bot down, I get the following output

There was an error: 'unicode' object is not callable

^CTraceback (most recent call last):

File "keyworkdbot.py", line 48, in <module>


File "keyworkdbot.py", line 44, in main


File "keyworkdbot.py", line 43, in main

sleep(60) # wait for 60 seconds before restarting


Does anyone have any idea how I could fix this problem?

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I'm making an app for college minor project [suggestions needed]

42 min 20 sec ago

I'm making android app for minor project where people can take mock test for exams.

I need suggestions, I would really appreciate if look into it

Link : https://www.dropbox.com/s/8yyi53hal2qzznb/mockHub.apk?dl=0

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javafx - button size doesn't change no matter what i do.

Fri, 11/16/2018 - 22:49
Region windowSpace = new Region(); HBox window = new HBox(); Button btnmin = new Button(); Button btnmax = new Button(); Button btnclose = new Button(); btnmin.setMaxSize(6989, 7800); window.setMaxHeight(165); btnmin.setStyle("-fx-background-image: url('/images/btnmin.png'); -fx-font: 0 Arial; -fx-pref-width: 16px; -fx-pref-height: 14px;"); window.setStyle("-fx-background-color: linear-gradient(from 25% 25% to 100% 100%, #000080, #1084D0)"); HBox.setHgrow(windowSpace, Priority.ALWAYS); window.getChildren().addAll(windowSpace,btnmin,btnmax,btnclose); btnclose.setOnAction(new EventHandler<ActionEvent>() { @Override public void handle(ActionEvent e) { Stage stage = (Stage) root.getScene().getWindow(); stage.close(); } }); BorderPane.setAlignment(btnmin, Pos.TOP_RIGHT); BorderPane.setAlignment(btnmax, Pos.TOP_RIGHT); BorderPane.setAlignment(btnclose, Pos.TOP_RIGHT);

No matter what I do or what I try, nothing I do makes the button size smaller. There's no additional code that changes the buttons here. What am I doing wrong?

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how to use classes

Fri, 11/16/2018 - 22:48

I have a "GameEvents" class that I made and was wondering if I made it correctly.

I'm only asking because I have nothing in my private, an empty constructor and destructor. From my understanding, there is no need to put anything in those, in my case, right?


#pragma once #include "Global.h" #include "Player.h" #include "DeveloperTesting.h" using namespace std; class GameEvents { public: GameEvents(); ~GameEvents(); void testGameEvent(); void event1(); void event2(); void event3(); void event4(); void event5(); void event6(); void event7(); void event8(); void event9(); void event10(); void event11(); void event12(); void checkDecision(int decision); };


#include "GameEvents.h" extern Global global; vector<string> Crew; GameEvents::GameEvents() { } GameEvents::~GameEvents() { } void GameEvents::testGameEvent() //delete test from title { int roll; roll = global.randomRoll(12,1); //passes a random numer 1-12 into roll switch (roll) { case 1: event1(); break; case 2: event2(); break; case 3: event3(); break; case 4: event4(); break; case 5: event5(); break; case 6: event6(); break; case 7: event7(); break; case 8: event8(); break; case 9: event9(); break; case 10: event10(); break; case 11: event11(); break; case 12: event12(); break; } } void GameEvents::event1() { cout << "Oh no! There is a space dog in sight. What do you want to do, Captain?" << endl; cout << endl << "1. Attack it!" << endl; cout << "2. Avoid it!" << endl; int decision; cin >> decision; checkDecision(decision); switch (decision) { case 1: if (global.randomRoll(100, 1) < 50) { cout << "The attack was a success! You've defeated the Space Dog." << endl; cout << endl << "You looted the space dog and found $50" << endl; p.setMoney(p.getMoney() + 50); cout << " You now have: $" << p.getMoney(); } else { cout << "The attack was a failure! The Space Dog defeated you." << endl; p.setHealth(p.getHealth() - 10); cout << "Your health is now: " << p.getHealth() << "/" << p.getmaxHealth() << " hp" << endl; } break; case 2: if (global.randomRoll(100, 1) < 50) { cout << "Nice job, Captain! You successfully avoided the space dog!" << endl; } else { cout << "Bad luck! The space dog spotted you and has attacked!" << endl; p.setHealth(p.getHealth() - 15); cout << "Your health is now: " << p.getHealth() << "/" << p.getmaxHealth() << " hp" << endl; } break; } } void GameEvents::event2() { global.clearScreen(); cout << "Your rocket has ran into a large asteroid! What's the decision captain?" << endl; cout << endl; cout << "1. Take it to a space mechanic." << endl; cout << "2. Ignore it and risk the chance of more problems." << endl; int decision; cin >> decision; checkDecision(decision); switch (decision) { case 1: cout << endl; cout << "You took it to a mechanic and he repaired your rocket!" << endl; cout << "You were charged: $100" << endl; p.setMoney(p.getMoney() - 100); cout << "You now have: $" << p.getMoney(); break; case 2: if (global.randomRoll(100, 1) < 50) { cout << "Your rocket seems to be fine... but the crew seems to be shaken up by the impact." << endl; p.setHealth(p.getHealth() - 5); //takes 55 health away cout << "Your health is now: " << p.getHealth() << "/" << p.getmaxHealth()<< " hp" << endl; } else { cout << "Your rocket broke down!" << endl; cout << "You had the space mechanic fix it and he charged you: $200" << endl; p.setMoney(p.getMoney() - 200); } break; } } void GameEvents::event3() { cout << "this is event 3" << endl; cout << "There is a meteor storm. Do you want to choose to go through?" << endl; cout << "You will be given options and a choice" << endl; cout << "From whatever choice you choose, it will use randNum 1-100 to determine success or failure" << endl; } void GameEvents::event4() { cout << "this is event 4" << endl; cout << "your crew has become sick, would you like to do ___" << endl; cout << "You will be given options and a choice" << endl; cout << "From whatever choice you choose, it will use randNum 1-100 to determine success or failure" << endl; } void GameEvents::event5() { global.clearScreen(); cout << "You passed a planet, would you like to explore?" << endl; cout << "1. Yes." << endl; cout << "2. No." << endl; int decision; cin >> decision; checkDecision(decision); switch (decision) { case 1: if (global.randomRoll(100, 1) < 50) { cout << "Great decision, " << p.getName() << "!" << endl; cout << "You found treasure and sold it for $200!" << endl; p.setMoney(p.getMoney() + 200); cout << "You now have: $" << p.getMoney() << endl; } else { cout << "While you were out exploring... Space Dogs raided your rocket." << endl; p.setFood(p.getFood() - 10); cout << "You now have: " << p.getFood() << "/" << p.getmaxFood() << " pounds of food left." << endl; //this can go into negatives. use if x<0, ... } break; case 2: if (global.randomRoll(100, 1) < 50) { cout << "Instead of exploring, you decided to rest." << endl; if (p.getHealth() <= (p.getmaxHealth() - 10)) { p.setHealth(p.getHealth() + 10); cout << "Your health is now: " << p.getHealth()<<"/"<<p.getmaxHealth(); } if (p.getHealth() > (p.getmaxHealth() - 10)) //ensures i can't go over 101 health.. it'll just set it to 100 hp. { p.setHealth(p.getmaxHealth()); cout << "Your health is now: " << p.getHealth() << "/" << p.getmaxHealth(); } } else { cout << "As you pass, you notice the entire planet is gold plated. You also realize that those weren't mountains." << endl; cout << "They were piles of gold." << endl; } break; } } void GameEvents::event6() { cout << "this is event 6" << endl; cout << "Space pirates are attacking. Flee or fight?" << endl; cout << "You will be given options and a choice" << endl; cout << "From whatever choice you choose, it will use randNum 1-100 to determine success or failure" << endl; } void GameEvents::event7() { cout << "this is event 7" << endl; //srand((unsigned)(time(0))); //int randNum = 2; //cout << "Your crew member, "<< Crew[randNum] << " broke his leg. What do you want to do?" << endl; cout << "From whatever choice you choose, it will use randNum 1-100 to determine success or failure" << endl; } void GameEvents::event8() { cout << "this is event 8" << endl; cout << "You will be given options and a choice" << endl; cout << "From whatever choice you choose, it will use randNum 1-100 to determine success or failure" << endl; } void GameEvents::event9() { cout << "this is event 9" << endl; cout << "You will be given options and a choice" << endl; cout << "From whatever choice you choose, it will use randNum 1-100 to determine success or failure" << endl; } void GameEvents::event10() { cout << "this is event 10" << endl; cout << "You will be given options and a choice" << endl; cout << "From whatever choice you choose, it will use randNum 1-100 to determine success or failure" << endl; } void GameEvents::event11() { cout << "this is event 11" << endl; cout << "You will be given options and a choice" << endl; cout << "From whatever choice you choose, it will use randNum 1-100 to determine success or failure" << endl; } void GameEvents::event12() { cout << "this is event 12" << endl; cout << "You will be given options and a choice" << endl; cout << "From whatever choice you choose, it will use randNum 1-100 to determine success or failure" << endl; } void GameEvents::checkDecision(int decision) { while (decision >= 3) { cout << "Invalid input. Try again." << endl; cin >> decision; cin.clear(); } }

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Two friends

Fri, 11/16/2018 - 22:47

If two childhood friends meet each other after school and both are computer science engineers now, on what basis ( number of programming languages or problem solving or CS knowledge ) is it correct to judge which in is best among both?

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Need help with Python 3.7 school assignment

Fri, 11/16/2018 - 22:43

*Everything is tabbed correctly, reddit isn't carrying over the spacing.*

The assignment is:

  • Create a list that contains 12 string values: the names of the months.
  • Open the monthlySales.txt file.
  • Read the numbers into a list and convert the numbers from string to float.
  • Close the file.
  • Prompt the user to enter a month number from 1 to 12.
  • If the user does not enter a valid number, continue to prompt the user until an integer from 1 to 12 is entered. (Hint: use a while loop.)
  • When a valid number is entered, display the sales value for the corresponding month (formatted with commas and two decimal places).
  • Hint: if you subtract 1 from the number that is entered, you will have the correct index value for the list of sales numbers.
  • Use a for loop to total the values in the list containing the sales numbers.

I'm using the following code so far:

month_name = ["January", "February", "March", "April", "May", "June", "July", "August", "September", "October", "November", "December"]

# open monthlysales.txt, convert it to a list and close file

sales = open("monthlysales.txt", "r")

sales_list = sales.readlines()


sales_list_float = [float(x) for x in sales_list]

# strip off the "\n" from each list item

number_of_list_item = 0

while number_of_list_item < len(sales_list):

sales_list[number_of_list_item] = sales_list[number_of_list_item].rstrip('\n')

number_of_list_item = number_of_list_item + 1

# input - request input from user to enter month number. If number is not valid, prompt user until valid number is entered.

month_num = float(input("Enter a month number (1-12): "))

while month_num < 1 or month_num > 12:

month_num = float(input("Invalid Entry. Enter a month number (1-12): "))

month_num = month_num - 1

print ("The", month_name[month_num], "sales total is:", sales_list_float[month_num])

I've attempted to convert the imported list from str to float and I think I have that figured out, however I'm getting the error message (Line 34 is the print line):

Traceback (most recent call last):

File "C:/Users/Azunia/Desktop/College/Python/My Solutions/Ch7Text/monthlysales.py", line 34, in <module>

print ("The", month_name[month_num], "sales total is:", sales_list_float[month_num])

TypeError: list indices must be integers or slices, not float

I've attempted to google the error, but every answer just seems well beyond my understanding.

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How would you code a streaming app?

Fri, 11/16/2018 - 22:42

How would you code an app like the bs app where it grabs links from a specific source and puts them all in one app?

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curly bracket ~ programmer greatest enemy

Fri, 11/16/2018 - 22:25

This curly bracket is making me crazy,

my code don't work because of failing to see the excess curly bracket... :D

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Good source for documentation on credit card payments.

Fri, 11/16/2018 - 22:24

Has anybody have experience setting up credit card payment? Any documentation or website I could use as a guide?

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Fri, 11/16/2018 - 22:13

What's the point of pointers? I understand the concept that it points to the address of another variable but what can I use it for?

It would help if you could speak in the context of building a text based game, as that's what I'm working on right now.

In what situations would I need to use a pointer when coding my game?

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Keep learning c++ for better foundations or learn AI/Android app development ?

Fri, 11/16/2018 - 21:24

So I am currently learning c++ (2nd year in college) created console-projects in it like Tic-tac-toe, Snake, Hangman and Space Invader and trying to keep improving by solving daily challenges/problems.

But to be honest, I am not sure what to do. My main reason for continuing to learn C++ is that it would help me transfer my skills to other languages much faster/better, not that I am learning it because I want to do something specific with C++ that I can't do better in other languages.

I have always had fantasies about creating my own AI ( probably from reading wayyy too much fantasy novels ) and mobile apps, and each time I want to start learning about it, I keep stopping myself and saying: "Later! Focus on learning all of C++ first! ( since I already started with it and don't find it difficult )" ; But I feel like that this mentality is wrong and that it would burn/tire me out quickly, where as I could just start with something like python/java/kotlin and build what I wanted through their more end-goal supporting libraries and frameworks.

tl;dr: What should I do? Do I keep learning c++ and lay my foundations with it then go exploring on what I like later? Or do I go and learn a language that would bring me faster to my end goal(AI/mobile app development) then continue learning programming through it?

// Sorry for my bad English

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I wish to write a matrix op lib...

Fri, 11/16/2018 - 21:17

I wish to write a matrix op lib, and besides a data structure, I want to include operations such as inverse, transpose, and determinant as well. But what else? What other ops can I include? These three are all that I know of. Thanks a lot.

PS: It's a 2x2 matrix lib, just written for the sake of practice. I can't really handle anything above 2x2.

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Complete newbie: How do I make UIs for programs?

Fri, 11/16/2018 - 21:06

First I want to apologise up front for my obvious ignorance in this post, I don't know who to ask about these things so I feel quite stupid. I'd like to at least talk to someone, as my whole programming knowledge has been in solitary.

I specifically want to create (or hire someone to create(feel free to pm me)) a tool to use on my own PC, to interact with google ads, using the script function there and the Google API. That's my end goal. I have ideas, I just don't know how to make them a reality.

I've tried a few times to learn python but I just don't seem to get it or understand how to use the whole command line thing.

I do have experience with basic front-end code for web design, and I did pretty well at using javascript in unity years ago, but this is the extent of my knowledge. I always have idea for things I want to make, but I never have the ability to bring them to life. I often create recorded KB&Mouse macros but get frustrated at the limitations.

Is there some way I can create UIs quickly? like a WYSIWYG editor, drag a button, add a checkbox, add some text, and 'when you press the button X happens'?

I know I'll need to learn the code to happen when you press the button, but I'm a much more visual thinker so feel this would be a good start! I usually find it easier to understand something by reverse engineering them. I get so tired sitting through hours of 'this is how to add a number' (etc) if I don't have a reason. Are there examples of simple programs you can analyse, see them running and see which bits of code provide each function?

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Question about landing an internship without being in a CS program

Fri, 11/16/2018 - 20:56

Hey guys, I've been hacking away at Java since highschool and have done quite a few personal projects, and was wondering about how realistic it is to land a programming internship without being enrolled in a CS program. I'm a junior enrolled in a non-cs program and don't have any programming classes on my resume, but I'm pretty solid on data structures and have a github (that I'd prefer not to share here) with a few personal projects, one with simple image manipulation, an extensible command line tool for creating and working on flash cards, and put up a really simple bitcoin flipping bot last weekend.

As I understand it, it's hard enough to get an internship even if you're currently enrolled in a computer science program, so I wanted to see if anybody here has any input. I'm happy just programming as a hobbyist, but am curious to know how feasible it would be to make some money from it, and what steps would be necessary to make it a reality.


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[C#] Getting an ally on the players team to go towards a random enemy on the other team?

Fri, 11/16/2018 - 20:36

Hello! I'm pretty new to programming in general but i have been trying to figure out how to get an ally on my team to go towards a random enemy on the other team. I have seen a fair bit of info on using arrays and lists to get random spawning and such but nothing so far has been what i'm looking for. I also still don't really understand how arrays and lists work ( in the sense of accessing whats inside of them and getting things from particular game objects ).

Also i haven't listed any parts of the code here because i am pretty certain everything I've written has been completely wrong and useless.

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Getting NameError in rspec when trying to test an output that contains a variable.

Fri, 11/16/2018 - 20:32




i'm trying to test

it("returns similar letters if not an anagram") do testing = AnagramCheck.new("quick", "quack'") expect(testing.anagram_check()).to(eq("Not an Anagram or an Antigram but " + (@word1 - antigram).join(',') + " " + "are alike")) end

But getting

NameError: undefined local variable or method `antigram' for #<RSpec::ExampleGroups::AnagramCheck:0x007f97f11980d0> # ./spec/anagram_test_spec.rb:20:in `block (2 levels) in <top (required)>'

From what I've read it has something to do with scope?

Maybe something involving let?

How do I format this in rspec correctly so that I can test a method output that returns a variable from within the method?

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What language should I use for a program to control and output?

Fri, 11/16/2018 - 20:10

I want to make a program that turns off my laptop's built-in keyboard when I have an external keyboard plugged in. I am wondering what are some good programming languages for doing something like this. I am familiar with java and python so those two would probably be the easiest for me but I'm willing to learn new languages for this as well.

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