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My implementation of One-Time Pad

Sat, 11/24/2018 - 02:44

My implementation of OTP for short messages (from 1 to 10). If you want to try it:

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Columnar Transposition Cipher

Fri, 11/23/2018 - 16:58

How can you solve a columnar transposition cipher with no idea of the key or anything like that?

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Could someone help me solve this??

Fri, 11/23/2018 - 11:29

Hi guys, I'm trying to solve this its a riddle of sorts.

"page 9, what is the man's race? when found tell me his favorite color."

Hoping someone could help. Thanks!

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Questions about the Affine cipher

Thu, 11/22/2018 - 22:22

I've recently been researching different substitution ciphers and one I have to focus on is the Affine cipher and there have been a few points I'm stuck on.

First is the strengths of the cipher, found some info on weaknesses such as how it's really vulnerable to basic substitution attacks or that once you know two letters equivalent number you can decode the cipher easily. But I'm struggling to find any strengths.

Secondly I'm looking for a basic example of how the algorithms work, all I can find is detailed explanations. And although I can just about understand them, there are parts that are going over my head.

Any help would be much appreciated and thank you in advance. :)

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Single Columnar Transposition Cipher (with no key)

Thu, 11/22/2018 - 15:43

Trying to crack this sort of cipher without a keyword. Was wondering if someone would take a punt on the following:


submitted by /u/luxlogan_
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Base64 encoded cypher text

Wed, 11/21/2018 - 13:43

Hey guys, anyone know how to go about decrypting base64 encrypted text. Anybody have any idea how I would go about doing this. I've pasted the encrypted text below.

9+3w4eCk5v2k7er34efw96ik5ergpPPr8ejgpObhpOvi8OHq4ffwpOf26/f34eC/pOXq4KT366Tt6qTw7OGJjujr6uOp9vHqpPPr8ejgpOPl7eqk8OzhpPH09OH2pOzl6uCqpNDs6/fhpOLo6/Ph9veo pOXo9+uopPPs7efspOzl4KTw7OHt9omO9/Dl6eHq96Tl6uCk9O338O3o96T06OXn4eCopO3qpPbh 6OXw7evqpPDrpPDs4aT37f7hpOXq4KTs5ebt8Pek6+Kk8OzhiY705fbw7efx6OX2pO3q9+Hn8Pek 8+zt5+yk8u337fDh4KTw7OHpqKT366Tl96Tw66Ti5fLr8fak7eqk5er9pODh4/bh4YmO8OzhpPD2 5er39Ov28OXopOvipPDs4e32pPTr6Ojh6qTi9uvppOLo6/Ph9qTw66Ti6Ovz4faopPPr8ejgpOjt 7+Hz7ffhpObhiY7i5fLr8fbh4KTr9qT34ejh5/Dh4Kqk0+Gk6e3j7PCk7OXy4aTw5e/h6qTw7OGk 5+X34aTr4qTt6vfh5/D3pPLt9+3w7erjiY7i6Ovz4fb3pOLr9qTw7OGk9+Xv4aTr4qTn6+jo4efw 7erjpPTr6Ojh6qTt6vfw4eXgpOvipOrh5/Dl9r+k5ergpOX3iY706+jo4eqk7fek4uv26eHgpOLr 9qTw7OGk9+vo4aTr5u7h5/Ck6+Kk4uH28O3o7ffl8O3r6qik7fD3pODh9/D28efw7evqiY7l9PTh 5fb3pOWk9+3p9OjhpOjr9/ek8Ouk8OzhpPTo5erwv6T94fCk7eKk5aTo7fDw6OGk9Ovo6OHqpPPh 9uGk5+X29u3h4KiJjuXwpOLt9vfwpOvn5+X37evq5ejo/aTl6uCk8Ozh6qTs5ebt8PHl6Oj9qKTm /aTw7OGk9Ovo6OHqqeDh8uvx9u3q44mO7er34efw96Ti9uvppOLo6/Ph9qTw66Ti6Ovz4faopOXq 4KTlpOf26/f3pPDs8fek4eLi4efw4eCopOXo8Ozr8ePsiY7q7erhqfDh6vDs96Tr4qTw7OGk9Ovo 6OHqpPPh9uGk4OH38Pbr/eHgqKTt8KTp7ePs8KT38O3o6KTm4aTlpOP24eXwpOPl7eqJjvDrpPDs 4aT06OXq8L+k5ergpPDs6/fhpO3q4O3y7eDx5ej3pPPs7efspPT26+Dx5+HgpOnr9uGk5ergpOnr 9uGk9Ovo6OHqqImO5ergpOzl4KTo5fbj4fak5ergpOjl9uPh9qTl6vDs4fb3qKTz6/Ho4KTm4aT3 4ejh5/Dh4KqJjomO0+zh6qTr8fak9Ojl6vCopOb9pA==

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Help with hash tree

Wed, 11/21/2018 - 13:10

Hello, I hope I'm posting in the right place. I am in need of help with the implementation of Merkle's hash tree (preferably using C# .NET). I additionally need two schemes to be implemented as a hash function (to see which one is better; benchmark). I have more resources which explain everything, and I can go over it in detail in private. I am ofc willing to pay, as I need this asap.

submitted by /u/TypicalStorm
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XOR Cipher

Tue, 11/20/2018 - 16:14

Hello, can someone help me with this task?

Alice uses a XOR cipher to send messages to Bob. She sends two messages C1 = M1 ⊕ K and C2 = M2 ⊕ K. Eve captures both ciphertext messages, but mixes up their order. Fortunately, Eve knows that the plaintext M2 must be one of the messages. How can Eve recover the correct M1 and is it also possible to retrieve the exact key K used by Alice?

submitted by /u/xXMemel0rd69Xx
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No clue how to continue this one..

Tue, 11/20/2018 - 14:05

My maths teacher gave me a dovetail box puzzle to solve. After solving it and opening the puzzle, there was a coin with Braille on it. I tried to decipher the braille ( I did this with ASCII Braille- since it spelt ASCII around the coin).

The Braille is : ⠉⠽⠃⠑⠗⠙⠊⠎⠉⠅⠊⠕⠌⠁⠦⠶⠎⠏⠴⠁⠚⠗⠗

What i got was: cyberdisckio⠌a?⠶sp⠴ajrr

my teacher said he gave this to me since he knows I like Computer Science... so i'm trying to see any another relation to this apart from cryptography.

All I can understand is cyber disc. After that, I don't get what it means or what else to try.

Any help would be appreciated.

submitted by /u/Hckerman-18
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Please share any resources on Lattice cryptography.

Tue, 11/20/2018 - 00:51

If there are any good libraries for them in any language do share the same. Preferable libraries in python, go and node.js

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I need help with this. Admin put me in a knot.

Tue, 11/20/2018 - 00:38

oaaoh dd c oamxhpa ybwi. yodt ao

No hints were given. I'm stumped.

submitted by /u/Irish-Goonster
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Hello, I need some help.

Sun, 11/18/2018 - 11:14

Can someone remove the distortion on the audio file? I know its in reverse. But can't remove all the distortion myself. is there anyone that can help me:

submitted by /u/ItzMrBlox
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Copper Cabin Project

Sun, 11/18/2018 - 01:58

We are looking for individuals that are interested in code and cryptography to take part in a team effort to create a coded trail. Those of you that are interested should message me directly and you will be tested for your ability and placed in the team according to your skill level. We are looking for individuals with a wide range of knowledge from beginner to more advanced

Whilst I think,

And sit and dream within the forest,

soft footfall comes up behind me,

as I think.

A soft cool hand touches my shoulder

and whispers like the wind enter my ear.

Her perfume preceeds her words,

her intentions reflected,

in the calming mist.

Like dust, sleep overcomes me,

as soft secrets fill my thoughts

the hand releases its elfin grip

And I drift into sleep...

Direct Release Of Information By Mr. McAlister

submitted by /u/Mxwhite484
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Sat, 11/17/2018 - 20:33

What kind of code is this and/or what does it say Aˆ4ñ0D’a#A@À»[§ëÁ"$üôº@V£÷XabF é~Ï\"•ÀFyØ Ö¦¢7¬}šSïk_áoÙM‰;R››ï\ÅX%yŒ:þ{ ·0>:&Èj‡)‡Ÿ@2"gC“ÊP)œª•ðZA0öm Ý”¿ÜñUK®ÙXH±/ 6UIÁ‰+ýëéûµë;WHÛ¾®fNÐ3WÍ:}auýE|&EûEÿ¨n!+ƽ2Á<³F¥Ïðtû+(Ào²áÈÈ RÄHÃKÇJ—»!rù¢‰Î]këÆD¿Ü¯¦|4òð{1+—,žüöeÊž>Ó72±yс]U]°æÂwëÌ<ÝÔßgÓ·\“'l®IíR%‘<5:ÓÞC/wÌŒ´–¯úììåz¹örraŽû’@2vÃЗȿ”vfÃm<õ ¯@ÒËÀçN-t-š3ÜXÕå5È÷Ú©$ŸgIî1þáW½óºšè§Âß‹?›¹d&Áƒ{¬2¸È¯8FüõÜ”ö¢f»uåÖå|·¥8—œÓç!bJ‚CÐw¼0¢u1åsýó%ÙÃì¿÷Έ8¼h=R$FSq K'Seˆ¯ºO9y30.¸ìr®Ÿ¾KÃüø.ÍŸ™LèDzLwøLš”Üʶ[眄)cþíRìÄ#vN1®"F¾¸,ö¹ÕÎ_½A™ò¸³ùPaÎx ýŽ¦ZÁðÍTH=•UJj¶õ[¼®6z“ðš67 n™žôÍ)Bÿá ñ0D’

submitted by /u/bloodlbunny
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