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Implementing search on Node.js + MongoDB

1 hour 15 min ago

Hey guys!

How do you go about implementing search on a Node.js, Express, MongoDB app? I have been reading a few resources and am sort of confused wether I should use Elasticlunr or native mongoDB search. Should I go client-side or server-side?

The search I'm trying to implement (on a job board app) has a few option to filter out results: searching for any keyword, or searching for particular location, regimen, required skills etc.

I'd like to know what would be your process and, if you could possibly shoot one or two resources to help guide me, I'd be grateful.

Thank you all!

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What options are there for Javascript open source e-commerce frameworks?

2 hours 6 min ago

I have just began the building of a new e-commerce platform for a client.

The website needs to be a straight forward online shop with various products and a customised front end.

I don't want to reinvent the wheel when it comes to e-commerce. Building a whole bespoke backend infrastructure (linked databases, admin log in, stock for products, payment portals etc) for such a simple e-commerce concept seems like overkill.

However at the same time I don't want to use platforms like Woo-commerce, shopify or squarespace because they are extremely bulky and limiting pieces of software.

What options are there for web developers creating new e-commerce projects that allows the developer to focus on the look and feel of the product with the backend sorted by the framework? I would prefer a modern node.js framework.

I've done some research and was surprised that there were so few options where you didn't have to pay high fees.

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Honestly gulp guys, fix your dependencies!

2 hours 13 min ago

Like every gulp module I install via npm, and that are not some hardly used ones but common stuff like gulp-copy, pours a load of vulnabilities over me, where I am required to fix most of them by hand because they use a stoneage-old version of a dependency. So I walk down the path and compare versions in the package.json to the latest on npmjs.com and install everything. This is a pain in the ass.

The whole npm ecosystem appears to me like a wild canopy of dependencies and since they all come with some old possibly breaking version in their package.json I have like x copies in x node_module directories of every parent module.

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Help me understand correct project structure

2 hours 57 min ago


I am currently facing a project for a client which will include a catalog website of some products.

I want to do backend using django (i feel comfortable with python) and frontend with Vue, which seems to be popular nowadays.I have done 1 project with ASP.net where front and backend seemed a little bit more "stuck together".

Should the backend and frontend be completly seperated?

Should the backend provide an API for the frontend to use?

What should the project tree look like?

I am getting a little bit confused :s

Thanks in advanced

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I'm looking for a post with questions a web developer asked his clients to get a clear picture of what they wanted

3 hours 41 min ago

I don't know if it was posted here or in another web dev/web design subreddit. I thought I saved it, but apparently I didn't.

It was basically a developer or designer that posted a list of questions ('would you prefer this or that' type of questions) so he would know what the customer wanted. The post is over 6 months old if I remember correctly.

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Can anyone help me with a WooCommerce / Stripe question?

4 hours 21 min ago

Hey all, I was wondering if someone with a bit more experience with Woo and Stripe might be able to point me in the right direction for this one.

I am building an auction site for a client using WooCommerce and an auction plugin. My clients want payment taken from a user's saved card as soon as they have won the auction rather than sending them through the checkout process.

I can automatically convert the auction product into an order for the user, but is it possible (and if so, how) to go one step further and process the payment using their saved card details automatically once the order is set up?

This is the auction plugin I am using: https://codecanyon.net/item/woocommerce-simple-auctions-wordpress-auctions/6811382

It's pretty good, well built and maintained. I've already contacted the plugin dev about this and they don't know how to do it.

Any help or pointers would be much appreciated!

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Have any of you moved on to writing non-web software?

5 hours 44 min ago

I think I will get tired of web development in a couple of years. I have a bachelor's in Computer Science, but all I have ever done professionally is web development. If I still like coding, what should I consider doing next? I'm open to going back to school, or taking time off to learn on my own.

This is very general, but that's because I lack the language to direct my search. What are some basic ideas I should entertain about new career paths?

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Student needing some advice on a project

7 hours 57 min ago

I'm trying to improve my web dev skills by working on some pet projects of mine. I want to create an error generator site similar to this one: http://atom.smasher.org/error/

How would i be able to create the error messages dynamically? The only way i can think of is putting together static images on top of each other programmatically. But it seems like the site above is dynamically changing the box size based on the length of the input text. The input text is also blended in perfectly. Any tips on how to replicste this functionality?

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Quick and easy workflow approach to fast tweaking livesite theme files?

8 hours 15 min ago

I don't want to setup git hooks and test on localhost before committing and checking out on live for small template changes. I tried sublime + sftp sync plugin theme file folders of a project, but I can not trust that so much because sometimes i forget to use it and just do live changes through sftp. Can you fine gentlemen give me some pointers how you easily traverse a theme file directory of a live project without ssh+vim / winscp or filezilla + bookmarks and perform quick changes on them? maybe buddy.works but that steep learning curve or deploybot ?

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Embeddable calendar backed by Office 365/Exchange

Thu, 09/20/2018 - 23:34

Hi all,

Hoping this is the right subreddit.

Basically: I've been tasked with finding the "right" organizational calendar for our school, which needs to be able to be embedded in our website and intranet. Given we're already an O365 organization, I figure it's best to keep using Exchange as the source-of-truth for the calendar data, but I'm now on the hunt for a way to present that data to the outside world, preferably in a customizable and filterable way.

I'm reasonably solid with PHP, but this time around I'm trying to avoid having to write any code because I've got way too much to do (plus the Bus Factor; I'd rather have something off-the-shelf so I don't have to keep supporting it).

I need something that can collate a couple of public calendars together, ideally, and display the resulting "mega-calendar" with different colours and, if possible, filtering options.

Overall the embedded calendar needs to be something that Joe Everyday can make sense of.

The platforms are Concrete5/PHP for the extranet and Sharepoint for the intranet, but frankly platform doesn't matter - I'm desperate enough for the right product I'll literally work with anything (short of ColdFusion, maybe...).

Does anyone have any suggestions?

Thanks in advance :)

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Is CSS not connected to JavaScript regarding graphics(motion)?

Thu, 09/20/2018 - 23:25

Specifically... I think it was bad to mix motion with logic(the loader) my motion happens by literally scrolling a growing page = dumb.

However I at least "manage my resources" by removing things that are no longer visible/but keeping empty placeholders(min-height).

Anyway, if I had gone the route of say TranslateY would the CSS be decoupled from the JS logic/loading events so when something is being loaded(like some http request, you see the address bar flash at the bottom right) there won't be a stutter in the motion, it'll keep going?

Another thing I'm aware of but didn't factor in is requestAnimationFrame. Definitely better back end than front end as I also setup the "API" and load scheduler(actually based on datetime-expire).

The main problem to address was the positioning of cards with unknown dimensions until they load. But it's arguable, you could load/fill a container that's 100vh and the cards would overflow(vertically) but they'd move together in a group, then you'd load another. The problem that I think happens is the end-to-end masonry grid look that you may not get.

Unless you'd take say an approach of a container that's 3x the window height and then you load stuff at the bottom, moves up by some form of CSS-based motion, and then when it's out of sight gets deleted, but others follow in place without moving... I think when you append something at a specific coordinate and just translate 1 axis at a fixed rate, it's not possible for things to run into each other.

So you would have to factor in the loading/get dimensions aspect to make things line up end to end vertically. This was ignored/taken care of with the manual approach by using flex align columns and scrolling the page.

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Brand new to web development, have a copyright question.

Thu, 09/20/2018 - 23:07


I've spent some time learning HTML and CSS, and I just started with javascript. I think I'm ready to start building my first project and I have an idea that I'm excited about. However, I have a question about using images on the site.

I want to make a website about my favorite TV show, that includes things like a quote generator, information about the cast members, video clips, and obviously images.

Pictures abound on Google images, but can I really not use them? I looked around on similar sites and pretty much all use these types of images. Are they all in violation of copyright law? What if I screen capped while watching it on my computer? Would it technically be mine then?

I'd also like to have audio from the show as well. Is this also a violation?

This will just be a fan site, I dont intend to ever profit from this project. I dont know if that changes anything.

Sorry if these are stupid questions, I searched the sub but couldn't really find what I was looking for. Thanks in advance.

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Juggling roles with a web project - how to deal?

Thu, 09/20/2018 - 22:11

I'm currently a full-stack developer for a small company and I've been in the job for almost 6 months now. One of the projects I've been struggling with is a website that I'm creating for an internal client: it seems to me that they want me to be the graphic designer, the content creator, the developer and the project manager for the site. It's been a challenge to push back and say, no, I'm a developer and in some ways, a project manager and graphic designer, but the content needs to come from you guys. In sum, I think there is a communication breakdown happening here, and I'm struggling trying to maintain lists and charts that showcase the stuff that needs to be done, and who needs to do that stuff (so it doesn't get dumped on me).
My question is: how do you communicate clearly the expectations of the project? What tools, forms, checklists do you use to outline the different phases of a project and the expected deliverables from the client versus me? I think this is an area I need to work on - managing project expectations and timelines.

Also, how do you deal with folks who expect you to play all these different roles?

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How to open a real time connection between node and sql?

Thu, 09/20/2018 - 21:07

Im wondering if theres a method to get real time data changes in an SQL database

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Is it common for Beta releases to contain hundreds of documented errors?

Thu, 09/20/2018 - 21:01

I just got my first job at a real tech company! I'm so excited to be working on React projects only, no more Wordpress and SEO for this guy!

Anyway, they saddled me this beta release of an upcoming project to work on, fix errors, and modernize the front end. They buit the React application, I'm fixing it... making it performant, and making it look great for the customers. The only problem is that there are literally over 500 linting errors, multiple hundreds of errors in the console, and tons of horribly formatted code.

I'm not complaining, just curious if this is common for beta releases. In my first week I got it down to 194 linting errors, and 200 browser console errors. So I feel pretty good.

Feel free to leave your story too.

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Wordpress question for videos. Is there a way to edit their style?

Thu, 09/20/2018 - 20:52

I’m trying to change the background color, and remove the bottom tools for volume, etc. I’ve been looking everywhere online and can’t seem to find any tips.

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Can someone point me in the right direction or tell me I’m in way over my head

Thu, 09/20/2018 - 20:49

I used to dabble in creating websites quite frequently. This started off back in the geocities and angelfire days and continued for a few years. I’ve created a few flash websites in macro years and years ago and a few Wordpress style sites. Other than using Cpanel to install some forums (vbulletin, SMF etc) I have limited experience with databases. I’m familiar with html and css. This is about the extent of it.

I’m not looking for someone to do any work for me but rather point me in the right direction for a project I’ve taken on to help me get back in the game. Essentially, I need to develop a website that employees can log into to assist with schedule building. I need to types of users. The first needs the ability to create a requirement (e.g. Monday needs someone from 8-5). The second is a simple employee who can say that they are available for different shifts (available all day Monday, Monday day only, Monday night only etc). Then the first user should be able to select one of the available members to work that open requirement.

We currently do all of this in excel by having members write their availability on a printed calendar with all the requirements for the month but would like something that can be edited/updated from anywhere.

If you were to start this project, what direction would you go and what languages or solutions should I start diving into to kick off the project?

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