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Am I Getting Fucked Friday, September 21st 2018

9 min 55 sec ago

Brought to you by the /r/sysadmin 'Trusted VARs': /u/SquizzOC and /u/bad0seed with Trusted Telecom Broker /u/Each1Teach1x27 for Telecom. This weekly thread is here for you to discuss pricing and quotes on hardware and services or ask software questions. Last Post: September 14th.

All questions welcome, keep in mind that there are of course more pieces to this IT puzzle we can dig out of the box

  1. Cloud Options (Hybrid, Azure, AWS, security and storage integrations and migrations…)
  2. Server configs and quote answers
  3. Storage Vendor options, details and selection
  4. Network hardware from routers, switches, load balancing, Aps…
  5. Security - firewalls, 2FA, cloud DNS, layer 7 services, antivirus, email, DLP….
  6. Client-side: Is it a really big quantity? User equipment doesn't have major negotiations without big numbers
  7. Bandwidth - Internet, MPLS, dark fiber, carrier SD-WAN
  8. Voice- SIP, Hosted VoIP, PRI etc.

Required Info for accurate answers:

  • Manufacturer
  • Part Number
  • Quantity
  • Service Type and Location

As always, PMs welcome with your questions any time, not just Fridays.

Warning: This thread is neither vetted, nor approved by the reddit administration or /r/sysadmin moderation team. All interaction is explicitly at your own risk.

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Email archiving service

21 min 31 sec ago

Hi r/sysadmin,

My company (150-200 employees) is moving from on-prem O365. I'm looking for a solution for end-users to access archived email, and have an admin search for legal reasons. I'm looking for an alternative to Mimecast, as they charge export fees that are too expensive.

Any help would be really really appreciated!

submitted by /u/PSPsolutions05
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Software for moving OS to new HDD?

37 min 59 sec ago

So, normally when I'm setting up a new computer i'll just use a stock image and set everything up clean. However, I'm in a situation where I want to move an existing installation from an old hard drive to a new solid state without any changes to the data; I need it to move all the permissions, associations, caches, etc. It's a C-level request, and there are reasons that it makes sense.

What are the best free or paid tools to do this quickly?

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Is MIM the best option?

1 hour 8 min ago

I work for a company that is required to use a government controlled LDAP instance backed by AD to access our PCs and to login to web apps. We have an internal AD instance that we use for internal applications and VM access. We have already been shot down on any chance of creating a cross forest trust between the two AD forest. The only connection we can have from our data center is to their LDAP. Is MIM the best option, or do we have other options?

  • Need to be able to sync passwords from LDAP to AD
  • I have a bind user for the LDAP instance we must use.
  • Just want to sync passwords only.

I'm looking for whatever can provide us with one sAMAccountName and password across all apps and access. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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Server manager : red flag, but green everywhere.

1 hour 16 min ago

Hi everyone,

I’m hitting a wall with Server Manager installed on Windows 10 on 2 separate computer, trying to manage 2016 servers (physical and VMs). Every service is green on the dashboard, but there’s a red flag in the upper right, with an error status « WinRM is not running », which seems to indicate that WinRM is not properly set up on the server. The strange thing is that it seems not to be right, though, as I can open a remote powershell session (which make the issue less of a pain since I can actually manage the servers), create / format volume remotely on the servers … Among the things I cannot do is the ability to add/remove Windows feature, but then again I can use powershell, so I’m not really blocked, but still it seems strange. I opened ports 5985/5986 (obviously), plus DCOM rules on the FW, but nothing’s changed.

Any idea ?

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Place for comparing corp AV?

1 hour 26 min ago

We've currently got webroot which is awful, we had trend which wasn't much better.

In my last job we had the kaspersky suite which pushed software and audited too which I loved.

Pondering what to get next but wondering if there's a comparator that would help me pick what's good. Obviously none are perfect but I'm a 1-man shop so I'm looking for something I won't need to touch too often. anyone been shopping recently and could summarise the current market?

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You get a call saying the microservice X is down, what would you check?

1 hour 38 min ago

How you guys would resolve this incidence?

the purpose is to contrast different procedures, discuss about it and hope someone learns something from this post.

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Is there some new crypto virus going around that I don't know about?

2 hours 31 min ago

I work for a managed service provider. In the last week we've had five separate clients brick their terminal servers with crypto. Is there a new virus going around or am I just lucky?

submitted by /u/RichardFister
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Does anyone run Windows server 2016 as a domain controller on Vmware?

2 hours 36 min ago


if Yes, could you share your tips for that and what the issue i might face in future, coz I'm planning to run WS on VM for DC and i need some advice and know the good way for backup, DNS, DHCP and security

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How do I efficiently back up and restore MySQL databases?

2 hours 39 min ago

I am of course aware of mysqldump. I have several very large databases which takes forever to back up and even longer to restore. Since the databases are in a PROD environment, I need to find a solution to do this faster and more efficient. I have not yet had any luck with finding anything that seems like a sure thing.

What do you, sysadmins of Reddit, recommend? Methods/software?

submitted by /u/Juicy-B
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GPO neither applied nor filtered

3 hours 10 min ago

So, I have this issue where i have a GPO linked to a OU with RDS Servers in it. the only setting in this particular GPO is folder redirection in the user context. Security Filter has only one group in it of which the user is a member. Delegation settings are OK (group can read and apply and is not denied through any other group). GPO is active.

However when running gpresult /r the GPO doesnt show up at all. its not apllied but also not filtered. Its as if the GPO doesnt exist.

What is happening here?

submitted by /u/overlydelicioustea
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AD acting funny.. and not haha funny.

3 hours 13 min ago

I'm only help desk so AD and administration of the domain controllers is beyond my pay grade but there seems to be something a bit weird going on with our AD - when I went to open a user profile I got a message 'Windows cannot access object %peanut1% because: The trust relationship between the primary domain and the trusted domain failed.' It only happened the once and I can now access the object again but just for some context our primary domain controller fell over yesterday, it was brought back up and all seemed fine but should I be worried getting an error like this? Our infra team are all off on annual leave today... of course.

submitted by /u/half-arsed-admin
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IBM Domino - last user access.

3 hours 30 min ago

Hi folks,

we are currently in the middle of migrating to exchange. Everything good so far. We'd also like to tidy out some old mailboxes. is there a option in IBM Domino to see the last time someone tried to get emails from a mailbox?

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Securing a server

4 hours 2 min ago

Hi all,

Been tasked with securing a server for a software solution. This solution will be internal only, and will not need external communication. However, we will need to be able to communicate with it from the office for pushing bug fixes + updates etc.

I am thinking that we could have a IPSec tunnel between our office network and the server site to help fight unauthorised access and breaches.

Can anyone else lend me any better ideas?

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Virtual Mobile Solution

4 hours 38 min ago

Good morning - I was wondering if anyone knew of a solution for my problem. I currently work in a College which teaches mobile development. The students are finding it increasingly more difficultly to build and run Virtual Android devices for development due to security.

We have quite a few new beefy servers and I was wondering if there was a High Availability solution for students to request/lease lab style devices during class?

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NLSAS disks rate of failure

4 hours 45 min ago

Has anyone any experience with IBM V9 storage with Nearline SAS? Its an array over 36 disks, and we constantly write backups to it (our flash storage is fine), but we have to replace disks once or twice a week!

We are hammering the array, but surely the disks shouldn't be giving up at such a rapid rate? I've never seen a SAN with so many failures.

Just trying to figure out if this is normal, im guessing its not. IBM are happy just to keep swapping the drives...


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How we handle DB backup testing

5 hours 4 min ago

Like many companies, we have many DBs, but there is this one super huge one, that our entire product runs on. So of course we have to test backups. We decided to just restore the entire DB backup every two days to the development database. This solves multiple issues at once:

  1. The restore procedure has to be completely automated and is known to be working
  2. All software has to be written in a way that it recovers after restore
  3. Data consistency is tested permanently
  4. The devs always develop against an up to date database structure.
  5. Changes to the development database get overwritten regularly, so there are no orphaned experimental tables etc. in it. In case they want to persist changes, they can drop an SQL script into the restore procedure.
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Windows Server Interview Questions and Answers - Updated 2018

5 hours 14 min ago

A free inside look at Windows Server Administrator interview questions and process details for other companies -.

Windows Server Interview Questions and Answers

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Host cant access the domain, but its on the domain...

5 hours 19 min ago

Hi all,

I have a weird one yesterday one of my hosts decided to throw a bit of a fit, wouldn't let me RDP onto it did a bit of digging was able to connect via local admin.

I look who is allowed to access this server and what would you know only the local admin is, at this point I'm like hmmmm ok should be an easy fix just bang in the security group and bobs your uncle, but for some absurd reason the host whilst domain joined isn't showing me my domain as a choice to find groups.

I have a little look through logs nothing screaming at me about AD issues, and a bit confused as that host actually hosts the DC and a couple of other VM's that are all connected fine, I take the plunge delete it from AD replicate the changes to local DC, take it off the domain rename it (was due to be changed) restart it. All is going well end up getting all back on the domain and what do you know still can't access the domain properly.....

Any thoughts ?

Tldr: Host that hosts the DC is domain joined but can't access the domain properly

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