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(Advice Request) How to build my skill set and leverage it to get a job.

1 hour 6 min ago

I've been a computer geek for a long time (>20 years) and have picked up a number of disparate skills pursuing various interests over the years. I had done a small stint as internal support ~18 years ago, but then my career went in a very different direction. Now I'm very interested to come back into the fold and seek a sysadmin job (I always wanted to be a sysadmin), but I'm unsure about how to do so.

Here's a quick list of the type of skills I'm starting with: Linux - I've always had some flavor of linux running. I started with RHL 5, tried a bunch, and have been with Slackware for the last 10 years or so. I don't keep up on anything new (I've not even adapted to systemd), but I could tackle any challenge thrown at me. I can solve any dependency issue.

Debugging - I've spent a whole lot of time over the last few years playing with debuggers in a windows environment. I started with OllyDBG doing crackmes and cheat engine. Reading asm and hunting down bugs is second nature in a windows environment. I know how viruses work. I hack the shit out of games.

Programming/Scripting - I've done some person projects that required me to pick up Perl, Python, and C. However, I just learned what I needed for each project so I'm no developer. I don't consider myself proficient as a programmer but I am familiar enough to learn anything quickly.

So, if I want to start building a useful skill set on top of what I listed what should I study up on? Also, what can I do to turn my knowledge into something I can put on a resume? How can I approach recruiters or hiring managers without any real experience?

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Office365/Exchange Online finally bringing Login filtering by Country

1 hour 23 min ago

This morning, Someone at my company got successfully Phished (cliams they didn't) Prompt Login from Nigeria. They made rules to block NDR's and replies... Then mass mails entire contact list a fake "Docusign" approval document.

Checked audit logs, Clean for the last 3 months - Strictly today, and only from this one country.

I block all traffic from certain high risk countries via firewall, but since this is 365 it never went through our network and was successful.

I opened a ticket with microsoft asking for best practices in an event, also asked if I could restrict number of outgoing messages per hour/minute and lockout if it exceeds that, etc. (They'll get back to me on that one)

But one bit of GOOD news I got is that they're currently testing Per Country Login filtering.

For someone determined/knowledgeable, this won't stop them, but in this case (and most cases), it would have prevented my morning of hell.

Just thought I'd share that tidbit -

TLDR: Per Country access filtering is coming to O365/Exchange Online in the next 8 weeks. It'll be under Client Access Rules.


Thinking about it, It must suck being I.T. in Nigeria, particularly for an international company. So many people just auto-block traffic from that entire nation.

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Odd vSwitch showing up after windows 10 update

1 hour 30 min ago

I have a few PC's in my domain that started to add virtual ethernet switches after a windows 10 update. They are causing socket timeouts on a few network based applications that we use so i went to get rid of them but they can't be deleted. Did some research and it looks like it was part of the fall creators update. Has anyone had any luck with any sort of work around to get rid of them? When I try via powershell they go away until the PC is rebooted. I have a picture below showing them.

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Performance Review Permissions on Windows File Server

1 hour 34 min ago

Has anybody come up with a good and easily manageable permissions methodology on a Windows file server for performance management type data or similar? Basically any data that follows an org-chart top-down type permission flow where the CEO (and HR) have access to everything, then each manager has access to their own data and their direct report's data (and potentially their direct report's direct reports and so on) and the direct report only has access to their own data and not their peer's or manager's data. It becomes kind of a management nightmare breaking inheritance and using explicit permissions to achieve something like this. There's obviously dedicated software solutions for this sort of thing (which sounds like a dream come true by the way), but I'm not looking for recommendations for those just yet.

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Anyone have a good source for cheap low capacity USB's?

1 hour 54 min ago

Work in a medical practice, and from time to time we may be required to furnish a patient with an electronic copy of their medical record via USB or CD. Initially, for cost purposes, we were thinking CD's are clearly the way to go, but I feel like USB's would be less headache for all parties concerned.

Anyone have a good supplier for bulk dirt cheap low capacity usb flash drives? Technically this cost gets passed on to the patient requesting the record, but we have to supply the record at the time of request and the patient could stiff us.

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Allscripts Cloud hit with Ransomware

2 hours 6 min ago

Allscripts Cloud hit with Ransomware. We have clients down... that use this, the account manager just called to inform us.

Just incase anyone is wondering why it has been down since 6am EST

Posted on their client central

For affected Allscripts Pro and CCDA clients:

In the overnight hours of January 18 we became aware of a

ransomware incident that has impacted a limited number of our hosted applications in our Raleigh and Charlotte, NC data centers. Specifically, users of Allscripts Professional EHR services as well as CCDA functionality that are hosted in the Company’s Raleigh and Charlotte data centers are currently unable to access the application.

In addition, the Company’s EPCS service hosted in those data centers is also unavailable.

We are working diligently to restore these systems, and because of our robust backup systems, believe we will be able to restore services in short order. Most importantly,

we are working diligently to ensure our clients’ data is protected.

Although our investigation is ongoing, there is currently no evidence that any data

has been removed from our systems. We will update you as our investigation progresses,

and regret any inconvenience caused by this temporary outage.

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UPS Recommendations For Cisco Switches

2 hours 47 min ago

Hi Everyone,

I have a rack with 6 Cisco 2960X 48 port switches. I need to replace the UPS in that rack.

Does anyone have a recommendation?

Edit: All the ports of each switch is PoE enabled for Cisco phones. We need an hour of runtime when the power is out. Those switches are the only thing drawing power from that UPS in that rack. Hopefully this helps :)

For reference, the current UPS we have is this and runs on 208V.

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Hosted VoIP?

4 hours 28 min ago

Hi everyone,

I know this has been asked before, and I've searched and seen everything, but haven't found quite what I'm looking for:

Looking for a hosted VoIP solution that I can plug and play on any Internet connection, that I can also migrate to cell phones when needed, for an office of about 15 people. Basically, I want my guys to be able to work remotely from home with an actual phone extension, as well as transfer their extension to their cell phones when on work hours, and disable transfer when not work hours. Want to allow WFH as much as possible. Would also like to integrate with Skype for Business and have voicemail to email.

What do you guys use? What does it cost?

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The Practice of System and Network Administration

4 hours 33 min ago

Hey guys, I've had this book on my Amazon wishlist for a while, I'm still low level and won't get into a net/sysadmin role for around another 3 or 4 years. Would this book help as of now it should I wait until I'm closer to my career goal?

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Ever take 15 steps to do something that really only needed 2 steps and then realize that after it's done? Just happened here.

4 hours 39 min ago

Starting a couple of days ago I began to migrate all of the files off one of our older servers running Server 2003. I began moving them over to our main fileserver. All of that went just fine. However, there were a couple of applications on the old server that users had shortcuts to on their desktops.

I just finished changing the shortcuts on the first users desktop when I realized I took the longest route possible to do it.

What I could have done: Right clicked the shortcut, changed the "Target" and the "Start in:" directory.

What I did: Deleted the old icon, manually browsed to the new one on the fileserver, sent it to their desktop, copied the shortcut from their desktop, placed it in the Public Desktop folder, deleted the now old icon.

It could have been worse...I suppose. So, what have you done that after doing you realized you took 15 more steps than you had to?

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Soon to be Sysadmin! Need a little advice.

4 hours 46 min ago

The current Sysadmin is leaving soon, and I am going to be transitioned into his role, and I was wondering if there is a list of commonly used free Sysadmin tools that I should familiarize myself with while getting into the role. Thanks in advance!

Edit: I am in a Windows environment, with about 400 devices. I will be supporting 8 locations, and I have been a helpdesk tech for the last year and a half.

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Paid software for system administration?

4 hours 58 min ago

I've just accepted a position as system administrator for a company with locations all over the US (and yes I will be traveling). As part of onboarding, I've been asked if I require any software to be purchased for my laptop.

I'm currently (soon to be formerly) a sysadmin for a library system. We don't spend much on IT. All the applications I've ever used are either free (cmder, KeePass, putty, nmap, even Visual Studio), I've already purchased for myself (Sublime), or were already a part of the company's systems (like Teamviewer).

... So I'm sort of at a loss as to what I might request. My boss mentioned Visio, to which I sort of thought, well, if you guys use Visio already, then I sure hope you've bought a license for me... Everything I can think of that I might need is stuff that the company should already have.

So if you were asked this question, knowing next to nothing about the organization's infrastructure (except that it's a primarily Windows shop), what would you request?

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Strategy for re partitioning large volume

5 hours 39 min ago

Hi all, need to re partition a volume to use LVM but currently holds 6TB. I'm looking for advice on best way to handle the job. Get backups, check backups and check again. Transfer off (estimate 1day 4hrs), repartition (10 mins) and transfer back (estimate 1day 20hrs). Anyone know any tricks or have any advice?

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Headphone wall jack ideas

5 hours 53 min ago

Kind of weird for most admins to work with, but I work at a school and they have observation room, which is like an exam room. But there is a one way mirror, so the professor can watch the clinician preform on a pseudo patient. where they want to be able to plug a pair of headphones into a jack in the wall that is connected to a mic in the room and have a turn dial to make it louder. Has anyone worked with stuff like this in the past or have ideas where to look?

EDIT: I guess an easier way to explain it is I need a microphone that can cover a small room and output to a 3.5mm jack

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Bitmap caching disabled?

5 hours 53 min ago

Have a client using rdp to get to our servers over a ipsec vpn. Its a poor connection based on 4g so it fluctuates. when trying to rdp to a certain rds gateway he got the message "internal error has occurred". I messed with some settings and found that bitmap caching was causing the error. If bitmap caching is meant to help with slow connections why did i have to disable to get the rdp session to work?

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Linear Array on multiple encrypted disks Linux

5 hours 53 min ago

Hi everyone, I need to create a linear aray (no RAID-X, just a concatenation of disks, JBOD) on some luks-encrypted disks on Linux.
This is the main idea:

1) Have N disks
2) Encrypt each disk with LUKS
3) With mdadm create a linear array (no raid-x, just concatenation) to see it as a single drive

These are the important requirements:

  • Files must not spread across multiple drives, a single file must be contained on a single disk
  • If you extract a single disk, we should be able to extract data on said disk, after unblocking the drive with a luks passphrase

Can this be done?
What happens to the array if I remove a disk?
Can I recover data from all the other disks If I remove a single drive?
Are there any particular mdadm flags I should set?

Thanks in advance

EDIT: I understand that disks have to be unlocked one by one

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Microsoft Remote Access - Always On VPN

6 hours 2 min ago

Does anyone have any experience with deploying Always on VPN?

Any tips or gotchas?

Also, the guide says that when creating the VPN user certificate for auto-enrollment, not to publish the cert in AD.

This would result in multiple certs for each user (if they sign into multiple devices)

Is this the desired result?

I can imagine the certificate console getting quite messy with multiple certs for each user.

I guess the GPO for auto-enrollment would be linked to only certain devices, so that could help.

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Our HP Printer Support Adventure

6 hours 10 min ago

Last year we bought ~20 MFPs from HP, all with 4 hour on site support. We have actually had pretty good luck with them (knock on wood) and haven't had any issues, until about a month ago. This is when the adventure begins.

We got a call saying that the feeder was constantly jamming, and scanning from the glass wasn't working. It gave some kind of scanner firmware assertion error, so my coworker contacted HP Support using the chat. I wish he would have saved the chat logs, but basically, HP said they would send someone out... next week. It was Tuesday, so by the time the first tech got there it was Monday.

So the tech came and went Monday, replaced something, who knows what because he left without telling anyone or calling us or telling HP which part(s) he replaced. The printer still wasn't working, so back to HP Support for us. This time they actually sent out a tech scheduled for Wednesday. This tech came, replaced the whole top of the printer, and you guessed it, still not working. Same error message.

The case was then escalated and we got a support rep we could talk to directly. We told her that we wanted a new printer sent to us, so she would get us one. We were then told that she couldn't find an exact match to send to us, so we would get sent a slightly newer model that none of our extras fit (stand, extra tray). Which is obviously not ideal but whatever.

By the time the printer gets to the office it's now been about 2 weeks since that office has been without a scanner (the printer part of it worked). Which luckily, scanning isn't absolutely critical to this office. We hook up the new printer, and it works... for about a day. It then gets the exact same error message. HP gets a tech out to the office the next day, he replaces a few parts, and leaves. The scanner works for about an hour and then it gets the same error message.

At this point the office is pretty upset, which is understandable. So we take a working printer from one of the offices close to our HQ, and drive it to the office that the broken printer is at. We grab the broken printer and bring it back to HQ, and let HP know that we now have the broken printer, so any techs and/or replacements need to go to the new address. Again, we have a support rep we talk to directly at this point.

At this point, with the 2nd printer having the same issue, the HP rep admits to us that there was a bad shipment of formatters he called them, and they are seeing this error message on printers that are using those formatters. So they are going to send us another new printer. And guess where that printer is sent? To the old office, where the broken printer is not at anymore. We tell HP about this (again, escalated case with a direct support rep), so what do they do? THEY SCHEDULE A TECH TO GO TO THE OLD OFFICE TO FIX A PRINTER THAT ISN'T THERE. At the same time, another printer is sent to HQ. So we now have 2 new printers from HP. We eventually pickup the printer at the remote office, and send that printer back to HP, along with the broken printer. We get an email saying they received our old broken printer, and the case has been closed. Everybody's happy.

And then today, we just got sent our old printer back to us. With no email or note in the box, no phone call about it or any other contact. Case is still closed. We are unsure if they fixed the printer and sent it back to us for some reason, or if they just sent it back...

What I'm trying to say is, printers suck.

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Any way to speed up inter-site AD replication?

6 hours 20 min ago

Running AD on 2008R2 (I know...) and have several sites configured in AD to logically group DCs at separate physical sites. All of the sites are linked via 1 Gb/s metro ethernet, so there's no reason to limit inter-site replication frequency, but it looks like the lowest replication interval we can configure is 15 minutes.

This creates issues if we do something like reimage a broken computer, delete the AD computer object and try to re-add it. We have to wait for replication to occur if the computer was deleted in a different site than the one it's being added back to. Obviously, we could manually connect to a DC in the site where the computer's going to be re-added, but that's an extra step that we always forget to do.

Is there any way to get inter-site replication to occur more frequently, or is our only option for accomplishing that to put all DCs into a single AD site?

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Skyfall and Solace - more fallout from Spectre/Meltdown?

6 hours 30 min ago

So, this URL went up today. It appears to be a placeholder for some embargoed vulnerabilities stemming from Spectre/Meltdown.

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