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Updated: 26 min 36 sec ago

eSun PLA+ filaments $18 at Frys with email coupon.

1 hour 44 min ago

I have not try this filaments yet, but heard them are quite good. If you have been getting Frys coupon, time to snatch some!

And if you have used this line of filament, would appreciate some pointer like temperature / max print speed / quality.

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Why do you have a 3D printer?

2 hours 40 min ago

Maybe already a thread for this, but after reading the 'Buying Advice' thread, I'm curious about the desire for having a 3D printer. Some basic questions I have:

  • do you have part design experience using a commercial CAD tool? As a teacher for 3D printing, what I find is that lots of people want to use a 3D printer, but have no clue how to get what they envision onto the build surface of the printer.
  • how do you interface with your printer (i.e., direct USB cable, sneaker net, LAN, etc)
  • What software do you use between your desire to print something and the time it's printed. I'm wondering about the entire workflow including CAD, output files used (STL, OBJ, etc), preprocessing software (STL editing/repair), processing software (GCode output for example), print/printer management software (Repetier, Octoprint, etc), post processing - not sure what that would be. Perhaps scanning?
  • What sorts of things do you print? How much do you print?

I'll start.

I bought my first 3D printer to make a prototype for a part I designed. At the time, no one wanted to even look at it for under about $3000. I've been a designer for the last 30 years and 3D printing for the last 4 years. While I got out of design about 15 years ago, I still design. Now I can do it for fun.

I use SolidWorks Professional and output those files to STL. I have a few custom scripts to batch process into STL. I use Repetier with Slic3R for slicing. I chose Repetier because it has been the most stable and flexible for me.

I have Repetier server installed on RPi Zero Wireless attached to each printer. In some cases I drive two printers with one RPi but this can be a hassle when powering things down and when the RPi goes down, you lose two printers. Future printers will all include RPi as the print server until something better comes along.

With this setup, printing directly from Repetier over the network to Repetier server is super smooth. I tried this same setup with Octoprint and that worked but it was slow and not as rich. (It's my understanding that Gina Häußge has made a lot of improvements). Also, some controller boards like Smoothieboard and Duet have built-in web servers and that could be the way to go, but it ties you to using that board. With Repetier server, you can use any controller. Even the old-timey coal powered RAMPS board.

My goal is to have an extensive print farm. I currently have 14 printers and would like to get that over 20 and they have been printing more or less nonstop for the past couple of years. I use my printers to print parts for more printers. It's also a great setup for large-quantity prints such as tokens/badges, awards, trophies, etc. One of the biggest challenges with this setup in my house was getting the printers on their own circuit. I highly recommend this if you have more than 2 printers.

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PSA - Don't be afraid to look outside of the US for filament

3 hours 8 min ago

I'm in no way affiliated with any of the companies I'm about to discuss.

So I watch a lot of the youtube videos on 3D printing. One of the recent Mk3 videos had a 'secret' Prusa Galaxy Black filament included in the box. It looks like black with some glitter in it, but to me that's awesome. I took a look around and I'm fairly certain its actually Fillamentum Vertigo Galaxy.

After searching all my usual US sellers, they were all out of stock. I also noticed they charge about $41/roll.

US Sellers I checked: Amazon, Printed Solid, MatterHackers, FilamentOne.

Well I tried a UK seller but I was suspecting if it costs $41 USD that it would cost 41 pounds which would be beyond my price.

To my surprise a company called 3DJake had it in stock and the price was cheap! $27. I ended up buying 3 rolls of various Fillamentum and after shipping I only paid $37/roll instead of the $41 price in the US. It appears to be an affordable source for some of the cool European filaments. Obviously there are some filaments which cost higher than they do in the US, but careful planning could save you money.


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Glue for Form2 tough resin?

3 hours 35 min ago

I've got a project where, for prototyping purposes only, I need to glue a brass threaded insert into a shaft of form2 tough resin.

Was wondering if anyone has experience and a suggested glue/epoxy/etc.

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What scripts do you run before/during/after your print?

6 hours 5 min ago

I run a script to lift the nozzle on the Z-axis and purge some filament then slowly move over to separate it from the nozzle before my print starts.

When my print ends my Z-axis lifts slightly and my Y-axis moves forward to make the print easier to access.

What scripts do you guys run to automate some of your printing?

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Is Protopasta PLA worth the crazy price?

6 hours 17 min ago

Subject says all.

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90 hours into a 43 hour print, advice please

7 hours 30 sec ago

Hello, I’m 90% through my third print with my new CR-10s and it is now going at 10mm/s and taking forever to finish. I just upgraded from an M3D, which never slowed down like this. The model will end up being a 220mm tall Rodin’s Thinker for my daughter.

I sliced with cura using the default settings for my printer. It started out at 100mm/s but has slowed as it progressed up. It does speed up a little (24mm/s) at times but then slows back down to 10. My questions are these:

Is this it taking its time to print all the details on the smaller “radius” of the print?

Is it a setting I messed up in cura?

If I tune the speed up will it automatically up the flow rate of the filament so it doesn’t starve, and is this even a good idea at this point or should I just let it do its thing for another few days to get the last 10%?

At this point I don’t want to experiment and mess up the print, wasting all that time and filament, but would like to know if I can speed it up safely. Thanks for any advice!

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Rhexa - Aseembly

8 hours 19 min ago