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Updated: 13 min 51 sec ago

How to? Need help wiring TMC2130 SPI wiring on RADDS board

51 min 15 sec ago

Hello everyone,

I'm facing the problem, that I can't wire my stepper drivers on RADDS board in spi mode. I'm mainly a mechanic guy, so this kind of electric wiring makes me uncomfortable. I tried to search for solutions on the Internet, but I found nothing, yet. So, I decided, to contact you guys, maybe im more lucky this way.

The next thing will be to make a firmware, but I think, I'll be able to handle that.

On the MKS board, there is an SPI option at the AUX pins.

On the RADDS board, I don't know which pins do I need for this setup.

And what makes me more confused, everywhere on the internet the tmc-s are wired in line with each other and the wire end is connected to the board pin, but at my case, where I bought the drivers, they sent me single pin-to-pin cables, so there is no option for inline wireing. Should I make a new wire for the spi wireing? ...I'm totally lost.

The Driver pins are this:


The ones with bold letters are open for SPI.

Any information would help me a lot.

Thank you guys!

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Looking for a 3D Model of Dave Grohl / Foo Fighter - Bust prefered

1 hour 25 min ago

Hi There, my Girlfriend is a big Fan of the Foo Fighters and especially Dave Grohl.

I searched for a 3D model of him but i couldn't find one on myminifactory or thingiverse.

Is there another place where i may find one? Or any other ideas how to get such a scan / model ? Or any other nice foo fighter related things to print ?

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3D Print Quality Troubleshoot

2 hours 16 min ago

Hello all

I've been tuning my printer over the course of time and i do keep getting better and better results. However one issue i cannot seem to fix is a problem with printing circles. When I print a big circle i tend to get a lot of under extrusion and small circles tend to fail or just be messy cylinders. The thing is, I printed a small turbo key chain and the turbine blades were about 1mm thick and it printed the blades insanely well and they were perfect the circle in the middle of the turbine was just a mess of filament.

Any help on this issue would be greatly appreciated as i'm really stumped on what I can do.

Just in advance, I've made sure my bed is perfectly level and I don't have any issue with any other shapes other than circles. I've also slowed down the speed of the printer a lot and with no luck.

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Thu, 01/17/2019 - 21:50

This is thanks to all the helpful people in this subreddit. A friend bought an ender 3 pro and had issues with I went over helped him get the bootloader installed and get the new Merlin firmware installed after we still had issues so brought it home to work on. Even though I have never asked a question by reading here I have been able to overcome all the problems and have been happily printing away (including a print in place hinged phone stand). Sadly it goes home this weekend and I will miss the sound of it happily printing away in the other room. Thanks again for all the help.

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