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Fri, 11/16/2018 - 17:09
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Ubuntu gives itself full access to Google account -- WTF!?

Fri, 11/16/2018 - 17:07

I just noticed that Ubuntu gives itself full access to your Gmail account, at least in Chromium! What the fucking fuck, Canonical?

This is on Kubuntu 18.10. Here's the screenshot to prove it:

Rest assured that I never wittingly gave Canonical, or my Ubuntu install access to my Google photos, e-mails, files, calendar nor any fucking other thing. And if they somehow got me to click on something, it can only have been through deception.

This is a goddamned scandal.

You can see if you're affected here:

EDIT: The icing on the cake -- every time I revoke its access, it comes back, like a zombie. How do I get rid of this!?

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Categories: Linux

unRAID SFTP [ChrootDirectory]

Fri, 11/16/2018 - 15:41


I'm very new to Linux. Been toying with it for like 3 weeks. I'm going to include as many screenshots as I can.

I can connect via SFTP with the public ip but I can't Chroot the user.... I can't seem to find the issue. Anyone that can advise? Thanks in advance

submitted by /u/Lachiu
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Categories: Linux

Which linux to chose?

Fri, 11/16/2018 - 15:40

I am looking to see which linux would help me learn on I have been told to use mint OS or Ubuntu OS but I would like some suggestions from everyone else for the stuff I want to do on it.

1) I am a gamer who likes to play mmorpgs and other games on my pc

2) I am trying to learn linux for pentesting and network security

3) I have used kali linux and Ubuntu before but briefly no serious usage in the past

4) I am mostly a windows user for many years

which linux would support high end equipment like gpu's and I would be able to learn the linux environment but also be able to continue gaming and other such things on it. Someone else also recommended but I know nothing about this can anyone give me some pro's and cons about these things.

submitted by /u/Devilboy217
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Categories: Linux

I'm in danger. Because of Linux

Fri, 11/16/2018 - 15:12

I tried to install Ubunto next to Windows but when using gparted and I checked that the logical disks were d and with some when partitioned. I went into Windows and found this problem, but I did not prove Ubunto

submitted by /u/rase1993
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Categories: Linux

Which is the most popular Linux distro now for personal use and business ?

Fri, 11/16/2018 - 14:45

1) Which is the most popular Linux distro now for personal use and business ?

2) What you guys think of Manjaro or Ubuntu for Business use compared RedHat/Centos ?

submitted by /u/Cloud_Strifeeee
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Categories: Linux

Linux and Anime fan..

Fri, 11/16/2018 - 13:07
Categories: Linux

Built in shell commands in bash script

Fri, 11/16/2018 - 13:05

Is there a way to write built-in shell commands like 'ls' to code in bash script so that it lists the directories and files if the bash script is run? When simply writing 'ls' in the script, it says 'command not found.'

submitted by /u/Yellehs_m
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Categories: Linux

Docker Packages Removed from RHEL 7.6 Workstation?

Fri, 11/16/2018 - 12:26

After a recent upgrade from 7.5 to 7.6, all docker packages are gone in my Red Hat Enterprise Linux Workstation version. Then I called Red Hat customer support and was told that: Yes, docker packages were removed from the Workstation version and now are available only in the Server version. Then how about the current Workstation customers who still rely on docker? Forced to pay more to upgrade to Server version, or install docker packages from external sources? What kind of logic is in such a decision made by Red Hat? Even if the company wants to rip more revenue from the container technology, wouldn't it be better by leaving the basic functions in the Workstation version and move those "advanced" functions to the Server version, instead of cutting it off completely for the Workstation version and its current customers? Regardless the possible reasons behind, this is a bad move for existing Workstation customers.

submitted by /u/g4x86
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Categories: Linux

Simple benchmarks on Linux on Dex

Fri, 11/16/2018 - 11:58

LoD Benchmark

Galaxy Tab S4

It seems really great. But no GPU Acceleration and have shmget error.

Does anyone know about shared memory error, " QNativeImage: unable to attach to shared memory segment", QxcbShmImage: shmget(0 failed (38) for size 627800 (430x365) ?

submitted by /u/june_lee
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Categories: Linux

Creating your own linux flavour

Fri, 11/16/2018 - 10:38

Hello to the lovely linux community

My name is George and I am a grade 12 student from Greece... I've been in love with programming since I was in junior high school and recently I started using only linux instead of windows. So I was wondering... Wouldn't it be nice to create my own version of linux (since it is open sourced) or at least tweak some of the other flavours of linux that exist? So I came here and im asking this question. What is the best way to start programming my own version of linux (both gui and source code), or at least how to change stuff from the other open linux versions? I would like to be active in this community ;D

submitted by /u/Moekindo
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Categories: Linux

Backdating xserver on Ubuntu?

Fri, 11/16/2018 - 10:34

I'm writing a report for university about the new X11 privilege escalation bug, but I'm not sure how to go about installing the vulnerable version 1.20.0. Can anyone give me some pointers?

submitted by /u/One_Man_Crew
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Have anyone tried running Linux on the Windows ARM laptops?

Fri, 11/16/2018 - 10:26

Like the ASUS Novago and the Lenovo and Hp ones?

Is there UEFI on them or does it use a integrated bootloader in the snapdragon processors?

submitted by /u/RaXXu5
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Categories: Linux is released :D Start sharing your recordings

Fri, 11/16/2018 - 10:15

I've just released to allow Terminalizer's users to share their recordings online and get a link for a web player :D

Have fun sharing your recordings :D

Terminalizer 🦄 Record your terminal and generate animated gif images

submitted by /u/faressoft
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Categories: Linux