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Space debian. Spabian.

32 min 10 sec ago
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Social Justice Attack Survival Guide

41 min 53 sec ago
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Good Linux book for serious engineer?

1 hour 5 min ago

There seem to be two types of Linux books- big beginner ones and little ones on ultra specific areas like kernel development. I know most of the stuff in the big overview books and I’m looking to go into greater depth. However, I need some structure and guidance. I don’t just want to jump into a specific rabbit hole. I’m looking for something that deeply covers system calls, signals, lsof, strace, a strong overview of booting and how the kernel works, and some depth in the area of networking. Have been disappointed with every book that claims to cover “how Linux works”.

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Mir 1.0.0 Release

1 hour 29 min ago
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Question about how Linux handles frozen programs

1 hour 56 min ago

I have noticed that on Linux or MacOS when a program freezes it tends to be the only frozen program, whereas with Windows I remember a frozen program freezing the entire computer. Why the difference? Or is that not accurate anymore? Would love to learn more about what is happening with how processes are handled in Linux/MacOS/Windows.

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Why do you refuse to use Ubuntu?

2 hours 22 min ago

Ubuntu is on of the most popular distros out there. What's you're reason for not Using Ubuntu?

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Extracting isolcpus and nohz_full values from proc/cmdline

3 hours 30 min ago

I am trying to extract the values of isolcpus and nohz_full parameters from the file proc/cmdline but not able to do that using grep command . Any idea how to get those values ?

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Is there a linux shell with structured data?

4 hours 49 min ago

I spend most of my time in the shell, using bash to manipulate the file system and run programs. I love the power of piping several small tools together to create complex behaviors with a few keystrokes.

But one of the things the bothers me is that everything is text. I know, it's the best supported format, but it's also extremely limited in its capacity to carry data.

I could use an actual programming language like Python, of course, and I'm often forced to, even for rather simple tasks. But what I would really like is a shell that supports structured data (say, like json) as the basic medium of communication between programs, but still gives me the brevity and simplicity of a shell.

For example: ls can return a list of dictionaries, each one representing a file. It will have a to_text() method that prints it nicely with colors and everything, but I can also choose to iterate over the files, without having to worry about spaces, null-terminations, etc.

Is there such a project? I'm fine with early stage code, I might even contribute. I'm just tired of linuxing like it's the 70s.

(inb4 anyone suggests fish, xonsh or zsh, they're great but not what I'm looking for)

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Windows Studio/ Professional Software

6 hours 18 min ago

Is it possible to run Adobe, FL Studio, CAD, or Maya on Linux? Or are those only for Mac/PC? I love Linux and I can't give up that software and I can't be wrong if I think it's possible to run anything through it because it just doesn't make sense to me if you couldn't. So many people use it professionally... It's on phones, it must be possible...I get more done on Linux until it's time to whip out the real ammo. No virtual box.

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