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Weekly "anything goes" thread!

15 min 15 sec ago

Here's your chance to talk about whatever!

Although if you're thinking about getting feedback on an app, you should wait until tomorrow's App Feedback thread.

Remember that while you can talk about any topic, being a jerk is still not allowed.

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Does GDPR Prompt only show for EU Countries?

1 hour 15 min ago

Decided to update my apps for EU countries now and was wondering if the GDPR Prompt on Admob only shows for EU countries or if it shows for every country my app is in. If it shows for every country is there a way for the prompt to only show for EU only?

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Forking and re-releasing FOSS apps etiquette

2 hours 5 min ago

I plan to publish a fork of an opensource app, but i'm not sure about some details.

  • The package name includes the last name of the original author. It is ok to exchange the entire package name or should i just add an suffix? And from the technical side, how could i still contribute to the original repo, while having a completely different package-name?
  • Naming the app - I think this is important, a completely new name could be considered fake by users and on the other side, something like "<appname> plus" would be a dick move towards the original dev. Saying his version is inferior.

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What do people use to develop for Android?

2 hours 7 min ago


I've been (unsuccessfully) trying to create a simple app that connects to a webservice, pulls some data down and displays it in a listview. I'm now on my 3rd day,. I've tried Visual Studio with the Xamarin plugin (xamarin and xamarin forms), and finally gave up due to the thousands of bugs you have to navigate before even getting to write any code. The code is being deployed to an emulator as we speak - and has been doing so for about an hour now. I don't hold out much hope.

I've tried Android Studio, but am having issues there as well - namely, I'm selecting the "Deployment Target" and the Ok button does...well, nothing. Just sits there. No error, no movement, and certainly no deploying (have tried every option in the list).

...and yet, tonnes of Android apps do exist, so people must be using something to develop them with.

I've given myself a deadline of the end of the day to get this simple app up and running. If I can't, then I'm never going to try to develop for Android ever again - life is simply too short :p

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Virtual Mobile Solution

3 hours 20 min ago
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Appsflyer vs branch vs tenjin - What's your paid acquisition stack?

3 hours 25 min ago

Hi guys Does anybody have any idea of the current state of the art in paid user acquisition for Android ? Appsflyer, branch,tenjin ,etc and what works best ?

Looking to integrate one - especially around facebook, Instagram and Google acquisition.

Thanks !

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My app doubles daily active users but admob reduced RPM to half

4 hours 25 min ago

I'm developping an App by my own (android only) and after 1 month on google play i grew the daily active users base from 100 to around 300 users.

The user avarage engagement kept around 15 minutes/day (those data come from firebase dashboard)

But on last days my admob revenue reduced to lower than half

I have 2 adunits in this app: 1 for a banner, 1 for video reward

During the whole month the banner got around 0.25 and video reward around 1.90USD RPM

all this changed to 0.11 and 1.11USD RPM respectivelly

Although the user growing happened slowly during the month... the admob revenue dropped at once, from one day to another

There was absolutelly no change in app that could explain this, the only thing that happened was I added some in-app products (and made few sales) and I connected the admob app with the play store link (I still dont know what is the point of that the only change i saw was the admob page now shows the icon of my app)

I sent some support requests to several google products all of them came with very stupid and generic responses most of all suggesting i should run an ad campaing to grow my user base

I was able to grew the user base during the month thanks to an ad campaing (ran out of google companies)

I made one spreadsheet with data from admob and firebase if someone can look the data and give me some insights

I really need help, on top of my mind the only thing I can think about this problem is like google has some kind of "special support" to micro apps in order to motivate them keep developing, once i reached the score to be classified as "small app" google removed any benefit or even injected some dificulties in order to force me use their services to keep growing

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You're an android developer that went to sleep in 2015 and woke up now, where would you start?

6 hours 34 min ago

Where would you start to get back up to speed on Android development now?

What tutorials, books you would check?

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[TUTORIAL] Retrofit

7 hours 6 min ago

Hi All,

We are planning to make a tutorial on retrofit . Could you please suggest us what are the functionality you need to have in this retrofit tutorial. So that we will develop a tutorial and publish in our website.

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