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Reminders on Android are a painful, slow, and frustrating experience, and Google needs to do something about it

Tue, 06/19/2018 - 19:48

Google Assistant's reminder capability is handy... right up to the point that you tap on a reminder notification on Android. At that point, you get stuck waiting 5-10 seconds (Pixel XL) for it to load the list of upcoming and active reminders.

It's pretty bad, yet years of updates have seen no improvements.

I'm almost at the point of seeking alternatives.

Reminder usage isn't that uncommon, so... what's up, Google?

The reminders have other annoyances too. For example, when I say "remind me tonight" in a voice command, I always mean 8 PM, not 6 PM! Yet if editing one from the time selection drop-down, "Night" does mean 8 PM.

I think it's past time that Google overhaul and rethink reminders via Google Assistant on Android. A better, faster UI, with more convenient options.

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