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Enpass password manager update costs users their data, ignored in their forums

1 hour 55 min ago

This post is intended as a PSA to anyone who is currently an Enpass user or looking for a password manager (which I still think you should use, despite the problems that I've had with this application and it's team, password managers are clearly the best way to secure your data). I used to champion this application because it is a secure, local solution to storing passwords on your devices that doesn't hook into a remote database so that it can't be compromised in a data breach for example.

However, recently they pushed version 6 to the Play Store and automatic updates have cost me and several other users all of our passwords and data. To explain, for a couple of years there have been two ways to authenticate with this application: your master password and your fingerprint. I, and several other users have used our fingerprints for so long that we have forgotten our master passwords. When Enpass updated their application they removed the ability to unlock the application with one's fingerprint and thereby locked a number of their users out of their data with no workaround. Basically, one day fingerprints are a login option, the next day they aren't. No warning preceded this update (no banner released in the application informing users of the upcoming release and the changes that it would bring, for instance, or contact email).

Several users have contacted them in their forums and after blaming their users for forgetting their passwords and taking no ownership of the fact that they removed an authentication option from their users phones they have turned to completely ignoring their posts. A user should only use an application of this nature with complete trust in the development team behind it. Unfortunately, despite being entirely within the development team's capabilities to release another update restoring fingerprint access to their users data they have chosen to ignore the problem and hope it goes away. I'm hoping that even though it is very unlikely I will ever get my data back that at least I can help spread the word about this company to prevent others from making the same mistake and trusting them with their data.

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When do you think we'll reach the smartphone plateau?

Thu, 01/17/2019 - 23:49

I remember the days whenever there's a new phone, I would be always on the fence on buying it because it has something new or different to offer from what I currently had.

Now, phones are reaching a point where they almost look the same and offer the same sets of features with unnoticeable performance bumps.

For me, it's starting to feel that the Golden Age of smartphones were from 2012-2016.

What do you think will be next?

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