Wait Until Device Is Unlocked?

Tasker: Total Automation for Android - Mon, 01/15/2018 - 12:05

So basically I have a profile that activates when it is a certain time, since I don't want to change the security to allow tasker to unlock the device so I need a way to use the Wait Until action to wait until the device is unlocked.

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PSA: If you have been missing incoming phone calls and alarms lately, it is because google changed the vibration strength/pattern for them on 8.1

Android - Mon, 01/15/2018 - 12:04

Ever since updating to 8.1, I've missed a bunch of alarms and phone calls on my pixel 1 due to weak vibrations. So weak to the point that u can have the phone on a table right next to your head and you can't hear it vibrate and barely feel it while holding the phone. The vibration is basically non existence in your pocket which totally defeats the purpose of it.

Contacted google support and was told that this is an intended update on 8.1 and likely will not be changed, but we can try to submit it as feedback.

Notification vibrations work perfectly fine as before nice and strong. This issue is only for incoming calls and alarms.

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Shaking/moving phone to start casting

Tasker: Total Automation for Android - Mon, 01/15/2018 - 10:39

Hi everyone,

I've recently bought Tasker, and I'm playing with some ideas to implement automation using the app.

One thing I've been thinking about, mostly because of this post, is to move my phone a certain way so that it connects to my chromecast.

Some variables: 1) Check if the phone is connected to Wi-Fi 2) When a Youtube video is playing, and I shake/move my phone a certain way, I want it to start casting to my TV.

Would appreciate any tips to do this, thanks!

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How to check for a specific screen in Tasker + AutoInput?

Tasker: Total Automation for Android - Mon, 01/15/2018 - 08:50

Hello! I'm creating automated scenario for registering accounts in mobile application for testing purposes on development platform. I created it with Tasker + AutoInput and everything works great. But if scenario trying to create already created account, it freezes on the screen.

Our application uses mobile phone verification and on the development platform it has universal SMS-code "0000". So, after entering the SMS-code "0000" I'm on the next screen and it is different for the new user and for existing user.

Could you please help me how check this screen and if user already registered, then I will login to the application, but will not try to register.

The text on the screens is different, but I don't understand how to use "If" condition here.

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Coding an offline music downloading feature

Developing Android Apps - Mon, 01/15/2018 - 08:18

Hey everyone .. i have a fairly simple question !

  • how to develop a offline music downloading feature like spotify, deezer ..ect with crypting each song to protect it from stealing and getting distribute elsewhere ?
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Do you have any app on playstore ?

Developing Android Apps - Mon, 01/15/2018 - 08:13

Hello guys

I would like to know if somebody of you have any app on playstore.Do you have any income from them ? Share the app link below and how much you make per month.

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