Samsung releases a new Good Lock Module, MultiStar. Can force any application to splitscreen and keep both windows active. (ie: netflix in splitscreen, or play 2 games at the same time).

Android - Thu, 09/20/2018 - 21:45

As google is actively making it harder to use split screen in pie, samsung is making it more robust and powerful. This is the first time i've ever seen and OEM allowing users to experiment with forcing any app to splitscreen, even the ones that don't support it. (I know this can be turned on in dev options!)

The most interesting part is being able to have both windows active, which I'm sure people here that been playing with native splitscreen since nougat have encountered plenty of apps that pause when its not the main window... kinda killing the point. Anyways, I don't think there is a non root way to enable this before, but this does open up new opportunities for power users. You can play 2 games at the same time. Or have a game open and a guide open.

You can finally get netflix to work in splitscreen! Was so weird that netflix could support pip, but not splitscreen.

And this is samsung, so all these apps can also work in the floating windows too.

The question would always be, does most ppl really need all this options? Not really, but it sure is nice to have when you have a phone with a large ass screen, flagship processor, and up to 8gb ram.

Sadly it seems like this app needs api 27 (oreo 8.1) so for now, only note 9 and maybe the tab 4 would work. Not sure if samsung is planning on updating older phones to 8.1, or skipping directly to 9.

Some games can also get kinda buggy when force splitscreen, but that's expected. ymmv.

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How does one become better at architecting Android apps?

Developing Android Apps - Thu, 09/20/2018 - 18:59

So, a few weeks back I had an Interview for an Android Dev position where I was asked to architect/design a Whatsapp like Chat app. The question seems like something that might be common but I was not prepared for it. And as someone who had read about MVP only a couple of months back and wasn't really responsible for architecting any apps before it was even more difficult to give a convincing solution. (I think I was lazy and din't try to improve) Obviously I wasn't called again.

Anyways, I managed to find another Sr position (I have 3 years exp) and I have been reading others code, blogs, going through popular apps on github etc a lot in the past weeks. I would say even within this very short time I feel much more confident. But I am wondering if there are any less obvious ways or resources that people should know about. There is lots of info regarding designing full software systems or backends. I wonder if stuff like this exists specifically for Android too. Thanks!

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Anyone interested in tools for building decentralized native apps? What tools would be most helpful?

Developing Android Apps - Thu, 09/20/2018 - 17:06

We have been working hard to create Textile Photos (r/ as decentralized as possible as a native application. We've solved some really cool problems (decentralized networking & communication protocols, connecting to IPFS for media and storage).

It's all already open source (r/, but now, we want to box some of those up into nice, reusable packages. We are road mapping out a simple single sign-on (simplify on-boarding by integrating Goog, FB _and_ blockstack, uport, etc) for account creation, profile and account data management, session data, personal data recovery, and a host of others.

Is anyone here interested in this space? Any packages you would already be eager to use?

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Just curious those of you who have IAP what are you using as a payment processor. Google's 30% cut is a lot.

Developing Android Apps - Thu, 09/20/2018 - 16:46

I am just wondering what payment processor alternatives are available to handle payment processing and in my case subscriptions. I have a single $3.5 dollar subscription and a couple of IAP that don't exceed 3 bucks. I went with the most accessible method at the time for me and while I like the built in reporting in the console, Google's 30% cut just seems a bit too greedy..

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Favorite Tasker tasks that do not require root?

Tasker: Total Automation for Android - Thu, 09/20/2018 - 16:12

Just wondering some of your favorite automation tasks that do not require root? Thanks!

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Can't get my user the permissions needed

Developing Android Apps - Thu, 09/20/2018 - 15:05

I have been trying to get Naptime to work without root on my Oneplus 3T. I have followed the instructions, but I'm still getting these error messages even after me doing what I had to do.

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Bottom navigation guidelines?

Developing Android Apps - Thu, 09/20/2018 - 14:49

I'm looking for some guidelines/advice regarding the bottom navigation.

I have an app where you can search for movies, view details, add to collection, etc. Let's say I have these 3 tabs in the bottom bar.

  1. Search
  2. Favorite movies
  3. Collections

From each of these tabs you can open movie details page. From movie details page, you can go to a collection page (if the movie is added to some collection) and then you can again select a movie (from the collection) and so on.

For the bottom bar navigation, I have these 3 scenarios.

  1. Bottom bar is always visible. If you open a movie page from search, the search menu is selected. Now even though you open a collection, the search menu will be selected. If you tap on collections menu in the bottom bar, it will show the list of collections, but if you click on search menu again, it will show the collection that you had opened.

  2. Bottom bar is always visible. If you open the movie from search page, the search menu is selected. But if you open the collection page from the movie page, the selected tab will be collection page. The navigation root is updated. Here, back navigation would be troublesome, I suppose.

  3. Bottom bar is only visible for root level navigation. For any other level, it's hidden.

Are there any case studies or guidelines regarding such situations? Do you have any personal experience with this. If yes, what would you recommend?

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[HOW-TO] Automatically share WiFi password with your guests

Tasker: Total Automation for Android - Thu, 09/20/2018 - 13:47

Ever had someone over and had to tell them your WiFi password while they slowly typed it in? Or you had to take their devices and type it in yourself?

No more!

Now simply send them the password automatically if they text you WiFi while you're connected to the network! :)

Check out a video demo here.

Check out the full tutorial here.

You can also directly import from here if you're on the Tasker beta.

Hope this helps someone out!

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