What happens after 11th of April with Client Apps

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Hello Community,

long-time reader, first post.

I have an issue with migration to FCM. Situation is as follows:- currently released version is 2.x- we are in heavy development for 3.0 (target release date: early June 2019)- 2.x still uses GCM client library (version 11.0.2)- we have migrated our backend to FCM- please don't ask why we still haven't migrated. Politics. :)

The big question is: what will happen with Apps that use GCM after 11th of April? I have found misleading information from Google, see:

" The GCM server and client APIs have been deprecated and will be removed as soon as April 11th, 2019. "


" What happens to my users who don't update their apps?

As long as users have GCM logic in their apps, they will still receive messages. FCM is backwards compatible with GCM, so even if you don't update your server endpoint now, you can still update your app's logic, and vice versa."

(as of

I assume that existing Apps will work just fine. The thing I cannot verify is whether token generation API will still be operable? (eg. for Users freshly installing App)

Does anyone have any *confirmed* information?

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Is listening for Intents batteryfriendly?

Hey i wondered if i set up a profile which listens for broadcast intents has a big impact on battery life. For example i want to monitor if my Wifi connection changes.

I could do that with a timed profile:

trigger task which checks %WIFII every 10 min or so.


wait for intent and then trigger a task wich checks %WIFII.

I would guess the intent way is better, because with the first method running a task every 10 min does WAKE the device if im right and for the second, the Intents are send by the system anyway, so why dont catch them...???

Or does the benefit go away because tasker has to monitor the broadcast intents?

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What sort of things should I look into for high security apps? eg banking apps

Developing Android Apps - 1 hour 52 min ago

Been looking at jobs requiring expertise in app security, what should I look at to gain relevant security knowledge? I know the basics of encryption etc from university.

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Enpass password manager update costs users their data, ignored in their forums

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This post is intended as a PSA to anyone who is currently an Enpass user or looking for a password manager (which I still think you should use, despite the problems that I've had with this application and it's team, password managers are clearly the best way to secure your data). I used to champion this application because it is a secure, local solution to storing passwords on your devices that doesn't hook into a remote database so that it can't be compromised in a data breach for example.

However, recently they pushed version 6 to the Play Store and automatic updates have cost me and several other users all of our passwords and data. To explain, for a couple of years there have been two ways to authenticate with this application: your master password and your fingerprint. I, and several other users have used our fingerprints for so long that we have forgotten our master passwords. When Enpass updated their application they removed the ability to unlock the application with one's fingerprint and thereby locked a number of their users out of their data with no workaround. Basically, one day fingerprints are a login option, the next day they aren't. No warning preceded this update (no banner released in the application informing users of the upcoming release and the changes that it would bring, for instance, or contact email).

Several users have contacted them in their forums and after blaming their users for forgetting their passwords and taking no ownership of the fact that they removed an authentication option from their users phones they have turned to completely ignoring their posts. A user should only use an application of this nature with complete trust in the development team behind it. Unfortunately, despite being entirely within the development team's capabilities to release another update restoring fingerprint access to their users data they have chosen to ignore the problem and hope it goes away. I'm hoping that even though it is very unlikely I will ever get my data back that at least I can help spread the word about this company to prevent others from making the same mistake and trusting them with their data.

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Weekly "anything goes" thread!

Developing Android Apps - 2 hours 15 min ago

Here's your chance to talk about whatever!

Although if you're thinking about getting feedback on an app, you should wait until tomorrow's App Feedback thread.

Remember that while you can talk about any topic, being a jerk is still not allowed.

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Do you find out handling runtime permission always end up with a lot duplicated code?

Developing Android Apps - 2 hours 27 min ago

I find out when I need to handle runtime permission, I always end up with a lot of duplicated code.

For instance, I need to ask for local storage permission, before I perform any local backup.

Such actions can happen in different fragments/ activity.

Because we can hardly make the following functionality as static functions (They are part of Fragment members). I need to write those code within a fragment class

  • onRequestPermissionsResult

So, a lot of time, as I need to override onRequestPermissionsResult in every related fragments, they will end up with the same code most of the time.

I was wondering, do you have the same feeling as I do? If yes, how do you avoid duplicated code problem?

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What type of service is good to use for creating a pause/resume timer?

Developing Android Apps - 5 hours 12 min ago

Basically I am creating a app that increments a variable every second.

I thought about using IntentService but I've ran into trouble when trying to figure out how to pause and resume the execution of the IntentService. Do I just keep trying to use IntentService and use a BroadcastReceiver to end the thread, save the state of all the variables in the IntentService and create a new IntentService when the user tries to resume? Or is it easier to use regular service? Thanks!

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