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Samsung unveils next-gen 8nm Exynos silicon

The Register - Wed, 11/14/2018 - 09:41
It's pop-AI but tailored, fans

Samsung has unveiled the next-gen chips that will power its smartphones and tablets (and crypto-miners). And it hopes others will use them too.…

Want to hack an ATM for free cash? It's as easy as Windows XP

The Register - Wed, 11/14/2018 - 09:00
Bank machines pen testing reveals alarming results

ATM machines are vulnerable to an array of basic attack techniques that would allow hackers to lift thousands in cash.…

News: Daily Deal: The Award-Winning Black Friday Mac Bundle, featuring Acorn 6

iLounge - Wed, 11/14/2018 - 09:00

It’s that time of year again, and we’re getting an early start on Black Friday deals with the The Award-Winning Black Friday Mac Bundle. For only $25 you can pick up the highly-acclaimed Acorn 6 along with nine other top-rated Mac apps covering the gamut from artwork and photography to productivity and security — at a savings of over 96% of buying each of the apps individually. The bundle includes such great tools as CrossOver 18 for…
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Trump Warns That Florida Recount Could Set Dangerous Precedent of Person With Most Votes Winning

Daring Fireball - Wed, 11/14/2018 - 08:45

Satirist Andy Borowitz:

Calling for an “immediate end” to the recount in Florida, Donald J. Trump warned on Monday that it could set a dangerous precedent of the person with the most votes winning.

Speaking to reporters at the White House, Trump said that those in favor of the recount had a “sick obsession with finding out which candidate got the most votes.”

“Democrats are going on and on about counting every last vote until they find out who got the most,” Trump said. “Since when does getting the most votes mean you win?”

Under Trump, the line between satire and news is ever more blurred. The above is a more fair, more accurate description of Trump’s reaction to these close elections than anything in the supposedly straight news.

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'My entire company is without comms': Gamma's Horizon cloud PBX goes DOWN

The Register - Wed, 11/14/2018 - 08:25
Great hulk of a system not working after 'emergency works'...

Biz broadband comms provider - in name at least today - Gamma is suffering from web wobbles this morning, reportedly across the UK, as customers can’t access its Horizon service.…

Google swallows up DeepMind Health and abolishes 'independent board'

The Register - Wed, 11/14/2018 - 07:16
All your Health Data are belong to us

Google has placed itself at the heart of Britain’s National Health Service by absorbing its wholly owned DeepMind Health unit into the Chocolate Factory - data and all. It has also scrapped the unit’s “independent review panel”.…

Empire state of mind: NYC scatters palm leaves for Bezos' cloudy web shop juggernaut

The Register - Wed, 11/14/2018 - 06:59
Landmark lit up in orange, New Yorkers underwhelmed

New York's finest building* has turned orange to welcome Amazon to town.…

Oz telcos' club asks: Why the hell does Australia Post, rando councils, or Taxi Services Commission want comms metadata?

The Register - Wed, 11/14/2018 - 06:02
Tells There's your scope creep. Now can we talk about busting cryptography?

When Australia implemented its telecommunications data retention regime, privacy wonks worried about the potential for scope creep. The same warnings have been made about the government's proposed encryption-busting legislation.…

Looking for some help intialising a Venmo transaction

iOS Programming - Wed, 11/14/2018 - 06:01

Hey guys, I've been trying to initialise a venmo transaction from a separate application but can't find how to do so in the Braintree SDK. Essentially, I want to be able to do this:

Any help?

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Verity hauls out That Old Time 2018 IT songbook

The Register - Wed, 11/14/2018 - 05:18
It's sing-along-a-Stob time

Stob It's that time of year, in the northern hemisphere, when IT specialists reluctantly abandon their rugged, outdoor lifestyle, and gather around Mama's upright piano to sing some favourite old songs... with updated, satirical lyrics. Like these.…

Oi! Not encrypting RPC traffic? IETF bods would like to change that

The Register - Wed, 11/14/2018 - 04:13
RPC over TLS: you know it makes sense

An Internet Engineering Task Force group has turned its attention to how Remote Procedure Calls (RPC) travel over the internet, and decided a bit of (easy) encryption is in order.…

Panasas tells world+dog: We've broken free from chains of proprietary kit

The Register - Wed, 11/14/2018 - 03:08
HPC pusher bats eyelids at OEM flingers after biggest product refresh in a while

HPC supplier Panasas has introduced a faster file system and non-proprietary hardware design in its biggest product refresh for a decade or more.…

Oi, Elon: You Musk sort out your Autopilot! Tesla loyalists tell of code crashes, near-misses

The Register - Wed, 11/14/2018 - 02:04
Carmaker's unpredictable 'super cruise control' tech blamed for ton of close calls

Tesla CEO Elon Musk asked the Tesla owners among his millions of Twitter followers last week what aspect of their electric cars they'd most like to see improved or fixed.…

IBOutlet function help please

iOS Programming - Wed, 11/14/2018 - 01:24

So im working on an app with a side menu and i have a function hideMenu() and sideMenu() and i have an extreme amount of repetitive code involving a bunch of buttons and labels where i could just implement a function that would save a lot of lines. I was wondering if anybody knows how or if its possible to create a method that takes an IBOutlet as a parameter??

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Ethernet patent inventor given permission to question validity of his own patent

The Register - Wed, 11/14/2018 - 01:07
Well, if anyone knows if he fudged it, it would be him

The inventor of two patents that covers Ethernet switching products has been given permission to question the validity of his own invention.…

13" vs 15" MBP

iOS Programming - Wed, 11/14/2018 - 00:58

Kinda new to programming and looking for something long term and iOS development. I am wondering if there are benefits for one or the other. I see an old post that refers to 15" because it's a quad-core but now the 13" is a quad-core so I don't think it matters. But I hear people saying 15" is more important especially for coding. Wondering what your thoughts on this. I'm looking at: 13" 16gb ram 512SSD quad-core.

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Im getting a Thread 1: signal SIGABRT error and im no sure why

iOS Programming - Wed, 11/14/2018 - 00:22

this is what the console prints out when i try to run my app and im not sure what its saying.

2018-11-14 00:20:12.274170-0500 Assassin2[8338:3344177] *** Terminating app due to uncaught exception 'NSUnknownKeyException', reason: '[<Assassin2.menuViewController 0x7fec14c10790> setValue:forUndefinedKey:]: this class is not key value coding-compliant for the key logOutButton2.' *** First throw call stack: ( 0 CoreFoundation 0x000000010ba161e6 exceptionPreprocess + 294 1 libobjc.A.dylib 0x0000000107d9f031 objc_exception_throw + 48 2 CoreFoundation 0x000000010ba160b9 -[NSException raise] + 9 3 Foundation 0x00000001077c0b47 -[NSObject(NSKeyValueCoding) setValue:forKey:] + 292 4 UIKit 0x0000000108eebec0 -[UIViewController setValue:forKey:] + 87 5 UIKit 0x00000001091d9e8a -[UIRuntimeOutletConnection connect] + 109 6 CoreFoundation 0x000000010b9b8e8d -[NSArray makeObjectsPerformSelector:] + 317 7 UIKit 0x00000001091d8834 -[UINib instantiateWithOwner:options:] + 1856 8 UIKit 0x0000000108ef30d7 -[UIViewController _loadViewFromNibNamed:bundle:] + 383 9 UIKit 0x0000000108ef3a04 -[UIViewController loadView] + 177 10 UIKit 0x0000000108ef3d21 -[UIViewController loadViewIfRequired] + 175 11 UIKit 0x0000000108f3b20c -[UINavigationController _updateScrollViewFromViewController:toViewController:] + 68 12 UIKit 0x0000000108f3b4ea -[UINavigationController _startTransition:fromViewController:toViewController:] + 136 13 UIKit 0x0000000108f3c61e -[UINavigationController _startDeferredTransitionIfNeeded:] + 870 14 UIKit 0x0000000108f3d86c -[UINavigationController __viewWillLayoutSubviews] + 150 15 UIKit 0x0000000109195d0b -[UILayoutContainerView layoutSubviews] + 231 16 UIKit 0x0000000108e1f7a8 -[UIView(CALayerDelegate) layoutSublayersOfLayer:] + 1515 17 QuartzCore 0x000000010e514456 -[CALayer layoutSublayers] + 177 18 QuartzCore 0x000000010e518667 _ZN2CA5Layer16layout_if_neededEPNS_11TransactionE + 395 19 QuartzCore 0x000000010e49f0fb _ZN2CA7Context18commit_transactionEPNS_11TransactionE + 343 20 QuartzCore 0x000000010e4cc79c _ZN2CA11Transaction6commitEv + 568 21 UIKit 0x0000000108d6a269 __34-[UIApplication _firstCommitBlock]_block_invoke_2 + 141 22 CoreFoundation 0x000000010b9b8b0c __CFRUNLOOP_IS_CALLING_OUT_TO_A_BLOCK + 12 23 CoreFoundation 0x000000010b99d2db __CFRunLoopDoBlocks + 331 24 CoreFoundation 0x000000010b99ca84 __CFRunLoopRun + 1284 25 CoreFoundation 0x000000010b99c30b CFRunLoopRunSpecific + 635 26 GraphicsServices 0x000000011045aa73 GSEventRunModal + 62 27 UIKit 0x0000000108d50057 UIApplicationMain + 159 28 Assassin2 0x0000000107195b67 main + 55 29 libdyld.dylib 0x000000010d2b3955 start + 1 30 ??? 0x0000000000000001 0x0 + 1 ) libc++abi.dylib: terminating with uncaught exception of type NSException (lldb)

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Call of Duty swatting killer pleads guilty to 47 criminal charges

The Register - Tue, 11/13/2018 - 21:42
Another two awaiting trial over sad death of Andrew Finch

One of three people charged over the December 2017 “swatting” death of 28-year-old Andrew Finch has entered a guilty plea.…