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Hacking Nature’s Musicians

Hack a Day - Sat, 10/20/2018 - 04:00

We just wrapped up the Musical Instrument Challenge in the Hackaday Prize, and for most projects that meant replicating sounds made by humans, or otherwise making musicians for humans. There’s more to music than just what can be made in a DAW, though; the world is surrounded by a soundscape, and you only need to take a walk in the country to hear it.

For her Hackaday Prize entry, [Kelly] is hacking nature’s musicians. She’s replicating the sounds of the rural countryside in transistors and PCBs. It’s an astonishing work of analog electronics, and it sounds awesome, too.

The most impressive board [Kelly] has been working on is the Mother Nature Board, a sort of natural electronic chorus of different animal circuits. It’s all completely random, based on a Really, Really Random Number Generator, and uses a collection of transistors and 555 timers to create pulses sent to a piezo. This circuit is very much sensitive to noise, and while building it [Kelly] found that not all of her 2N3904 transistors were the same; some of them worked for the noise generator, some didn’t. This is a tricky circuit to design, but the results are delightful.

So, can analog electronics sound like a forest full of crickets? Surprisingly, yes. This demonstration shows what’s possible with a few breadboards full of transistors, caps, resistors, and LEDs. It’s an electronic sculpture of the sounds inspired by the nocturnal soundscape of rural Virginia. You’ve got crickets, cicadas, katydids, frogs, birds, and all the other non-human musicians in the world. Beautiful.

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Some help with For Loop, please

Tasker: Total Automation for Android - Sat, 10/20/2018 - 02:07

Don't laugh, but here comes Lazyperson... and I'm always looking for stuff to improve in my existing tasks:

I have a task that turns up (or down) my radio's volume by running AutoInput actions a set number of repeats, say 10 times, with a 300ms wait between this AI actions. Works like a charm. Using an app, of course.

But as you can imagine this could lead to getting to a volume level that is not the desired target if and when the volume was adjusted manually by, say, 3 steps (for whichever reason). My ocd demands the target volume to be always the same...

I now thought of using an AI Query to check for the desired target volume which is displayed as a number in the radio's app (when changing the volume). That also works.

Now I want to change my "volume up/down" task to use an AI Query action and run the AI inputs as many times as it is needed to reach the target volume. I believe I would need to run a for loop for that? But those are yet beyond my comprehension and I would kindly request some input as to how I would go about this?

Let's use the target number of 38. The current volume level number could be 28 or 32 or even 48.

Thanks for some input. :)

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