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calibre 3.30.0 - Complete e-book library management system.

MacUpdate - Mac OS X - Fri, 08/24/2018 - 10:39

Calibre is a complete e-book library manager. Organize your collection, convert your books to multiple formats, and sync with all of your devices. Let Calibre be your multi-tasking digital librarian.

Manage, convert, sync, and more
  • Library management. Calibre keeps things orderly by creating single entries for books that contains multiple formats. Add tags and comments for better searchability.
  • Format conversion. Calibre's robust conversion options support a wide variety of file formats.
  • File syncing. Calibre's device drivers seamlessly support all the top e-readers and devices.

Version 3.30.0: New features
  • ToC Editor: When generating ToCs using headings/XPath ignore duplicate entries at the same level that have the same text.
  • Kobo driver: Support for new firmware version
  • Add a tweak (in Preferences->Tweaks) to allow skipping network check on news download
  • Edit metadata dialog: Show a confirmation dialog on cancel if some changes have been made.
Bug fixes
  • Downloaded metadata review dialog: Fix a regression in the last release that broke the revert buttons
  • E-book viewer: Fix clicking links in the footnote popup ignoring the anchor part of the link.
  • ToC editor: Fix generating toc entries from links not working for links that start with #
  • HTML Input: Collapse multiple spaces in filenames when sanitizing them.
  • Edit book: Remove matching tag: Fix incorrect removal if the remove matching function is triggered in rapid succession
  • Edit book: Fix some links in the file being split not being adjusted when splitting HTML files.
  • Fix a crash when using some third party plugins and enabling the "two lines for text under icons" option
  • Make the create catalog dialog freely resizable
  • DOCX Input: Fix an error when converting some DOCX files with inherited fonts.

  • OS X 10.9.5 or later

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PyCharm 2018.2.3 - Python IDE with complete set of tools.

MacUpdate - Mac OS X - Fri, 08/24/2018 - 10:31

PyCharm is a Python IDE with complete set of tools for productive development with the Python programming language. In addition, the IDE provides high-class capabilities for professional Web development with the Django framework.

Following the release of version 3, PyCharm forked into two paths: a free, Open-Source Community Edition; and the commercial, full-featured Professional Edition. Here are a few highlights of the different forks:

Professional Edition

  • Full-featured IDE for Python & Web development
  • Supports Django, Flask, Google App Engine, Pyramid, web2py
  • JavaScript, CoffeeScript, TypeScript, CSS, Cython, Template languages and more
  • Remote development, Databases and SQL support, UML, and SQLAlchemy Diagrams
Community Edition
  • Lightweight IDE for Python development only
  • Free, open-source, Apache 2 license
  • Intelligent Editor, Debugger, Refactorings, Inspections, VCS integration
  • Project Navigation, Testing support, Customizable UI, Vim key bindings
You can compare the forks here.

The quoted price is that for individual customers, paid annually. PyCharm is available at several price points. Above price reflects one year subscription for individual user; see this page for more information.

Version 2018.2.3 Build 182.4323.5 RC:
  • A number of improvements and fixes for the integrated Python console
  • Fixes for the new Quick Documentation window which was new in Pycharm 2018.2
  • Fixes for few false positives: install an already existing package intention, type checks
  • And much more, including improvements from the IntelliJ platform, WebStorm, and DataGrip

  • OS X 10.8 or later
  • Python 2.4 or later, Jython, PyPy, or IronPython

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Do I hear two million dollars? Apple-1 fossil goes on the block, cassettes included

The Register - Fri, 08/24/2018 - 10:30
1970s tech 'Picasso', two previous owners

One of only 50 working Apple-1 computers goes up for auction next month in Boston. The board is a later model than the one that fetched $815,000 in 2016.…

Caret 3.4.6 - Markdown editor.

MacUpdate - Mac OS X - Fri, 08/24/2018 - 10:19

Caret is a Markdown editor that stands out with its clean interface, productivity features and attention to detail.

Caret Features
  • Code highlighting
  • Auto-completion
  • Context commands
  • Extendable selection
  • Preview
  • File navigation
  • Recent files
  • Customizable look
  • Keyboard navigation

Version 3.4.6:
  • Fix in some cases, Caret can hang
  • Fix in some cases, wrapping of path can leave only * in the path

  • OS X 10.8 or later

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Unlocking the wifi

Your hacking tutorial - Fri, 08/24/2018 - 10:15

Am currently at a hostel. We have a limit of 1 GB per day for the wifi. They know our Mac addresses and they block it after the usage exceeds the limit. Is there anyway to unblock it?

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Keep It 1.4.6 - Store notes, web links, and documents in one place.

MacUpdate - Mac OS X - Fri, 08/24/2018 - 10:12

Keep It is for writing notes, saving web links, storing documents, and finding them again. Available on Mac, and as a separate app for iPhone and iPad, changes are automatically made available to all your devices with iCloud. Keep It is the destination for all those things you want to put somewhere, confident you will find them again later.

  • Create, edit, view and save:
    • Notes with styles, checklists and attachments that look good and read well on all your devices
    • Web links with live previews, or saved as PDFs for offline viewing
    • Rich and plain text files, and Markdown documents
    • Add any other kind of file, and see previews for most images, documents, web pages, and more
    • See summaries and thumbnails in the list for most files
    • Use the Recents list to see things you’ve added or viewed lately
    • Share items with iCloud
  • Organize:
    • Folders let you organise things hierarchically - select a folder to see everything it and its subfolders contain
    • Use bundles to gather items into one place - items can be in more than one bundle at a time
    • Use labels to color-code items for quick visual recognition
    • Add searchable tags and comments
    • Make items favorites and drag lists to the Favorites Bar for quick access
  • Search and Filter:
    • Search everything in Keep It: names, tags, file contents, dates, kinds and more
    • Choose suggestions as you search to create complex searches with ease
    • Use keywords and natural language for dates while searching
    • Save searches for later reuse
    • Use the Tag Filter to see all items with a tag and any other relevant tags; choose another tag to drill down further
  • Use Keep It with other apps:
    • Compact Mode reduces the app to a single column, ideal for using alongside other apps
    • Drag pretty much anything to Keep It
    • Copy clickable links to items in Keep It
    • Share extension can add links, text, images and other files, and append text to notes from within other apps
    • Save files to Keep It’s folders to automatically add them to the library
    • Use a bookmarklet to add links from web browsers that don’t use Share extensions

Version 1.4.6:
  • Fixed an issue that would prevent more than 750 items being added to the top-level or Deleted Items folders in iCloud libraries.
  • Fixed an issue where indexing or extracting metadata from files could get stuck.
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when the format bar is set to show a word count, but the bar is hidden.

  • macOS 10.12 or later

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IP Camera Recorder 6.43 - Video surveillance for IP cameras.

MacUpdate - Mac OS X - Fri, 08/24/2018 - 10:08

IP Camera Recorder 6 is a video surveillance solution for Mac, PC and iPhone.

It lets you keep an eye on your home and business. Monitor one IP Camera or dozens installed at different sites, seamlessly. Review recorded video and incidents effortlessly using one-click replay. Use companion iPhone app or a Web Browser to monitor your place from anywhere. Download free trial to see why users say "extremely easy to use" and "no other Mac program in camera management comes close".

  • Monitor IP cameras from many manufacturers (Axis, Foscam, Panasonic and many more).
  • Record video on your Mac from up to 20 IP cameras simultaneously.
  • Watch multiple cameras on the same screen.
  • Visually create camera groups and different layouts to quickly switch between your home/office cam groups, etc.
  • Auto-detection for many camera models, so you do not even need to know the address of your camera to add it.
  • Records video always or on schedule or only when motion is detected.
  • Records video on internal hard drive, or any attached or network hard drives.
  • Visually shows when video was recorded. You can see all motion events in the time line.
  • Advanced iPhone/iPad app lets you control the recorder, receive motion events, and more.
  • You can connect to the Recorder from another Mac, from a PC, or from iPhone/iPad. HTTPS is available for secure connections.
  • Advanced HTML5 Web client allows you to connect to your recorder remotely without installing any software/plugins.

Version 6.43:
  • Improved audio playback
  • Improved support for H264 cameras

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Code42’s data security platform reduces user downtime and costs for Windows 10 migrations

(IN)SECURE Magazine Notifications RSS - Fri, 08/24/2018 - 10:07

Code42 announced enhancements for Windows 10 Device Migration. Designed to help organizations reduce risks and costs related to data loss, user downtime and lost productivity, Code42’s data recovery solution gets files back into users’ hands by prioritizing the migration of files created recently. The new restore-priority capability maximizes the efficiency not only of Windows 10 OS migrations, but also device replacements and tech refreshes. “At a critical time when IT teams have to put other … More →

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Two Bit Circus Took The Tech We Love And Built An Amusement Park

Hack a Day - Fri, 08/24/2018 - 10:01

Carnival games are simple to pick up, designed to provide a little bit of entertainment in exchange for your game ticket. Given that the main point is just to have some silly fun with your friends, most game vendors have little reason to innovate. But we are people who play with microcontrollers and gratuitous LEDs. We look at these games and imagine bringing them into the 21st century. Well, there’s good news: the people of Two Bit Circus have been working along these lines, and they’re getting ready to invite the whole world to come and play with them.

“Interactive Entertainment” is how Two Bit Circus describe what they do, by employing the kinds of technology that frequent pages of Hackaday. But while we love hacks for their own sake here, Two Bit Circus applies them to amuse and engage everyone regardless of their technical knowledge. For the past few years they’ve been building on behalf of others for events like trade shows and private parties. Then they worked to put together their own event, a STEAM Carnival to spread love of technology, art, and fun. The problem? They are only temporary and for a limited audience, hence the desire for a permanent facility open to the public. Your Hackaday scribe had the opportunity to take a peek as they were putting on the finishing touches.

Midway is the section where we find games that most closely resemble old-fashioned carnival games. Every one is easy to pick up, fun for a few minutes, and designed for a group of friends to enjoy themselves together. Game play ranges from two players head-to-head to cooperative all-hands-on-deck. Some of us look and see machine vision, vibration sensors, and encoders at work, but most people will just enjoy the games whose complexity is hidden behind their own novelty.

Story rooms offer a longer experience, each room is a unique narrative for participants and a distinct blend between digital presentation and tactile physicality. Science fiction fans will love “Space Squad in Space“: a starship bridge crew off to boldly explore strange new worlds, new life and civilizations… if they can keep the ship running.

Blowing Away Bar Trivia

There’s plenty of potential for content in “Space Squad” alone, different missions to keep things fresh without changing the set. This content platform concept is applicable across multiple attractions, but the biggest experiment will be Club 01: A room with over 20 tables each with two networked touchscreens. It’s a platform for game shows with ~50 players. All tables face the front of the room where there’s a screen for video projection and a stage for an Emcee to run the show.

One of the launch titles for this system is an implementation of bar trivia night. A different program turns wine tasting into a group activity. Instead of a sommelier telling the room what they should taste in each wine, people submit individual experiences. That’s then tallied and results projected to show how crowd consensus compares to the “right” answer. There are more ideas in the pipeline for fun things to do in Club 01, both within Two Bit Circus and in collaborating with others.

The collaboration aspect may end up being the most interesting part of the whole space. While the headline attractions are original Two Bit Circus creations, some items on the floor were created by other entertainment startups and that will continue as the facility evolves. They want to invite artists, software developers, builders and hackers who want to turn their interactive ideas into reality. Then, push their creations out onto the floor for immediate audience feedback. This is going to lead to some really inventive hacks, but for now, that has to wait. Two Bit Circus understandably have their hands full leading up to opening day.

Your Rube Goldberg Cocktail is Ready

There’s still work to be done, like fine-tuning the robotic bartender ‘Gearmo del Pouro’, a Rube Goldberg contraption mixing drinks with a side of theater. Public performance will involve staff interacting with the robot using the shiny box on the left. The screen on the right, with numbers and graphs is for debugging and will normally be out of sight.

Naturally there’ll be VR headsets, lots of them. Many of which are connected to multiplayer experiences like these tank commander pods for Battlezone VR. And yes, that’s an original Battlezone arcade console nestled in between pods.

There are many other attractions we don’t have space to cover here. If you’re in the Los Angeles area, it’s worth a stop to check out what Two Bit Circus has put together using the kind of technology we love to play with. We wish them success! And we hope some of their audience will make the journey from “How did they do that?” to “I could do that!” and join our worldwide ranks of hackers.

New Spotify UI - A/B testing?

Android - Fri, 08/24/2018 - 09:41

I just received a new Spotify UI. The layout of the app seems to be the same but the current song UI is different as seen here:

The + sign to add songs to your library is now a heart. When you add/remove a song it gives you a quick message in the dialogue box at the bottom of the screen.

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Idea Thread: notifications should all go to the bottom while the notification menu is pulled down, and reset to proper order after menu gets pulled up

Android - Fri, 08/24/2018 - 09:35

There's actually been a bunch of times when I go to swipe away a notification but a new one shows up in its place, so I can still see the old one I tried to swipe but I have no idea what I just dismissed. If new notifications always went to the bottom of the list while the list is open this wouldn't happen at all, and after closing and reopening the menu they could reset to the proper order.

Anybody else have this issue?

I suppose notification history would also solve this.

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Netadmins: Grab a plate and wander down <i>El Reg's</i> network buffet

The Register - Fri, 08/24/2018 - 09:25
Broadband Forum standards, ZTE drags down optical market, and more

The Broadband Forum has dropped the first open-source code in an access interoperability project designed to support cloud-based access infrastructure and services.…

Trend Micro simplifies advanced threat detection and network analysis

(IN)SECURE Magazine Notifications RSS - Fri, 08/24/2018 - 08:31

Trend Micro introduced advanced analytics capabilities for its network security solution, Deep Discovery. Now in addition to detecting and analyzing threats on the network, customers will be able to streamline investigation and response with automated analysis and correlation of network events, while maximizing organizations’ limited IT security resources. Organizations today are being squeezed on both sides, by a cybersecurity skills shortage and determined threat actors, driving a fear of missing new threats. They need a … More →

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Keep yer plastic, says analyst: eSIMs aren't all they're cracked up to be

The Register - Fri, 08/24/2018 - 08:30
IoT-oriented tech has few advantages for consumers

Interview eSIM-enabled phones are a solution to a problem that doesn't exist – and consumers are better off without it, according to analyst Dean Bubley.…