Is FreeBSD faster than Linux?

Linux - Tue, 06/19/2018 - 13:50
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Event 'Phone Ringing' not working anymore?

Tasker: Total Automation for Android - Tue, 06/19/2018 - 13:32

Hey folks. Is anybody else having issues with tasker recognizing the phone ringing event on 8.1 (oreo)? I have a oneplus 5 running openbeta 11 firmware+modem if that makes any difference.

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With all of the iot devices using wifi, why does android make managing multiple connections so difficult?

Developing Android Apps - Tue, 06/19/2018 - 12:19

I have been working with these iot devices that create their own access points (not wifi direct compatible), and the android smartphone must connect to one of these access point to read data from the device. The problem is that I also need to access the internet for other parts of the application and should easily be able to do this over mobile data. This seems like something that should be super easy to do considering how many iot devices nowadays, but it is really difficult to find documentation on how to do these nonstandard connection setups. I'm not super experienced with android, so there may be something really dumb that I am missing, but it is truly frustrating how difficult it is to do something like this that seems like it should be easily doable.

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Implementing Gamepad Support

Developing Android Apps - Tue, 06/19/2018 - 12:17

I've been all over Google looking for some kind of tutorial or guide, but I haven't been very successful. I am trying to add gamepad support to my app. I want to be able to pop up a dialog where a user is prompted to press a button to associate with an app function. Of course, the dialog would ask for the next input until it's done.

I was hoping to find a library or tutorial that could help me out. I am lost. The most I've found is Android's little guide on it.

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Detailed thoughts from a GPM/Spotify user after 24 hours with YouTube Music

Android - Tue, 06/19/2018 - 12:13

I used to use GPM pretty heavily, but ended up switching to Spotify because I felt artist categorisation was much better, and wanted to give the other service a try. Since YouTube Music (YM) just released, I decided to give it a go as well. I spent around 7 hours manually transferring every song over, and rebuilding all my playlists, so I could give it a proper chance and gather my thoughts on it as a service compared to GPM and Spotify.

Verdict: After 24 hours of proper use, I feel it’s a promising service, and in some ways improves on both GPM and Spotify. I think with time and attention, it could well develop into a very worthy competitor to both. However, I can’t believe it was released in its current state. There are so many issues, some of which are huge, which really make it difficult to recommend YM at the moment. From poor categorisation, to big bugs in the app, to missing content, to playback issues. The app itself is lovely, but overall the experience needs some serious work to fix a lot of these issues. As much as I hope Google acts to fix these issues, their track record for product support is not great, and I'm worried they may not give this service the attention it needs to become truly great.

  1. The app is lovely to use.
    It’s fluid, it dynamically themes the player, and the navigation is much better than GPM or Spotify. It gives full, square album covers in the player too. On the now-playing screen, you simply swipe up to show the queue, and swipe down to hide it again. Swiping down again will hide the player and take you back to search/artist listings.
  2. In some ways, the artist categorisation is much better than GPM and more on par with Spotify.
    For example, in GPM, if you had ‘song name (Artist X remix) - Artist Y’, the artist for the track would only be identified as Artist Y. If you went to Artist X’s page, the song will not appear there. YM actually recognises multiple artists in a song, which is a big improvement in my eyes.
  3. High-quality song versions are easy to identify.
    When you search for a song, it subdivides results into “songs” and “videos”. Songs are the original high-quality uploads, likely ported over from GPM. The “videos” are ones from YouTube, which carry a lower video quality. It’s good that it’s easy to distinguish.
  4. Queue management is lovely.
    I always hated how Spotify does queue management. YM has an “add to queue” for adding stuff at the end of everything queued, and a “play next” to play the song immediately after. In Spotify if you start a playlist and “add to queue”, it’ll put that song next, and put any other songs you queue after that. There’s no way to add it to the end of non-queued stuff that’s already playing.
    YM also shows your queue history, which I love - in Spotify, once a song finishes, it disappears from the queue, and if it’s one you added to the queue, pressing the “previous” button doesn’t even play that song again. In YM you can scroll all the way up to see everything that’s already played, swipe away stuff you don’t want, or simply drag to re-order.
  5. Suggestions are much better, IMO, than Spotify.
    I’ve always preferred the stations and suggestions in GPM, and YM is similar in that regard. I find it gives much better suggestions than Spotify does.
  6. Pricing is pretty reasonable.
    I have a GPM family plan, and YM is included in this at no extra cost. This means 5 of us are getting YM for just £15/mo, which I think is a very reasonable price. Having said that, the service is far from finished, so I don’t think the price is quite justifiable yet (see cons below).


  1. YM integrates with regular YouTube playlists, which is just awful.
    This means when you save an album to your library, it adds it to your YouTube account as an individual playlist. This means if you save, say, 50 albums from different artists, that’s an extra 50 playlists on your YouTube account! It’s a HUGE amount of clutter, and pretty inexcusably bad for library management. Likewise, all your YouTube playlists appear under your YM playlists (even those with no music in) - this means I have loads of playlists in YM titled “Funny Videos” or “Interesting Videos” from my main YouTube, but going into them it’s just filled with entries saying “not available”.
  2. The service has a lot of big, very irritating bugs.
    For example:
    1. If you’ve liked a song and then unlike it, sometimes it stays liked. If you then re-like it, sometimes it doesn’t re-like.
    2. If you connect to a cast device and hit shuffle on a playlist, the whole app completely breaks and skips through the entire playlist, flashes up a load of “playback error” messages and if you’re using a Google Home it starts yelling about problems with playback.
    3. If you connect to a Chromecast to play a playlist, it only loads 25 videos into the queue (and if it’s a longer playlist than that, the rest just get ignored). When you reach the end of the 25 songs, it doesn’t add more, and playback just finishes. This means you literally can’t play a long playlist on a Chromecast at the moment.
    4. For some reason, the “Bluetooth” process crashes constantly when I use my Bluetooth headphones with HD audio turned on in settings (AAC codec). Literally every 20 seconds or so the headphones disconnect, the music pauses, and I have to wait for it to reconnect and then Bluetooth crashes and has to be closed. The only way to avoid these crashes is to turn off HD audio in Bluetooth device settings.
    5. Album art and song information sometimes just doesn’t show on the now playing screen.
  3. The categorisation needs some serious work.
    1. I found quite a few song tags that were just completely and inexplicably wrong. For example, a song called “CamelPhat & Elderbrook - Cola [Robin Schulz Remix] (Official Audio)” - when I add it to my library or play it, it plays the correct song but inexplicably changes to be called “I Believe I’m Fine (Nick Martin Remix) - HUGEL & Robin Schulz” which is the incorrect title. It shows up correctly in search results, but incorrectly when you play it, which is just bizarre.
    2. There are many duplicate listings for songs. For example, “Innerbloom (Sasha Remix)” was a nightmare to find - there were about 3 different versions listed and they all said the song-length was around 4 minutes, whilst I knew the song to be 11 minutes. However, when you actually play them, they’re all either 10 or 11 minutes, but for some reason are incorrectly recognised as such in search results. Also two of the listings for this song were actually the original, and not the Sasha Remix, so were incorrectly labelled. 3 listings for the same song, and they were ALL wrong - pretty ridiculous.
  4. There are lots of songs/artists missing.
    Many people have already mentioned that there’s basically no Radiohead on there, and I found similar with lots of artists. There are lots of missing songs, albums, etc, which is a real shame. Fortunately if there’s no official version of a track, there’s almost always a YouTube video you can add, but the sound quality in those is not as good and they lack proper album art / categorisation.
  5. There are also lots of duplicate songs.
    Sometimes I found as many as 4 or 5 different listings of the same song from the same album in search results, and it’s hard to know which to use. Because of this I sometimes ended up adding the same song to a playlist multiple times - normally the app will warn you if you’re adding the same song a second time to a playlist, but because these are technically different listings, these weren’t picked up.
  6. Search is terrible!
    Really bizarre for a company like Google, but search does not work well. Sometimes things just don’t show up at all in search, leading you to conclude those songs must not be on the service. But if you navigate to the artist page and go through their albums, you can often find the song! For example, I wanted to add “LUST. - Kendrick Lamar”. I tried all kinds of variations of it, in caps, without caps, with and without the fullstop, and it didn’t show up at all. It gave me “Lust - Kraux”, “Lust - Tormention”, “Lust - Vagora” but nothing from Kendrick. Yet if I navigate to his artist page, I can find the album “HUMBLE.” and right there, in the middle, “LUST. - Kendrick Lamar”. Why does this not show up in search?!
    Likewise, I often found searching for a song name would yield results which weren’t a direct match before those which were. For example, I searched for a song “Frankfurt Main - Stimming”, and the top results were “Frankfurt am Main”, “Ein Gruss aus Frankfurt am Main”, “Quellkartoffel und Dupp Dupp”, all from different artists. If I added the artist “Stimming” to the search, only then would the song show up. Why does searching “Frankfurt Main” bring up a song called “Quellkartoffel und Dupp Dupp” before a song which is an exact match for the search term?!
  7. Playlists do not carry over from GPM
    Yeah, this one is a bit ridiculous. I wanted to give the service a proper try, but had to spend around 7 hours total manually reconstructing all my playlists from GPM and Spotify. I feel like transferring these over should definitely have been available at launch.
  8. Videos on YouTube do not integrate well with the official song listings.
    One of the big selling points of the service is the fact you can toggle between just audio and the video for songs you listen to. However, this only works if you add the YouTube video listing for a song to your library (with lower sound quality as a result). For example, I searched for “Breezeblocks - alt-j” to add to my library. I found the song listing (with categorisation, album art, and higher sound quality) so naturally added that to my playlist instead of the official video on YouTube. The two are not linked, so there is no video associated with the song, even though there is a music video on YouTube. This feature therefore only works if you opt for the lower quality versions of songs, which seems like a pretty poor implementation to me. The official song audio uploads should be associated with their respective YouTube music videos, and they currently are not.
  9. The adaptive icon in Android 8.0+ is pretty ugly.
    A white YouTube play button inside a red circle surrounded by a white circle inside a larger red circle inside a white circle. Really, Google?
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typedArray.getWhatever() will actually never return a default value. Is it flawed?

Developing Android Apps - Tue, 06/19/2018 - 12:11

There is something I don't understand when I want to obtain the values of styles defined in styles.xml. Either this is a bug or I have missed something.   

My issue is that I have created a library in which you can style a view by making a style in styles.xml and its very important that the library falls-back to the default values if users haven't used a particular attribute in their style. So if colorBackground attribute hasn't been used, then colorBackground should just fallback to another default value. 

Which is what you think will happend when using this line typedArray.getColor(R.styleable.TextViewAttr_android_colorBackground, Color.BLACK); 

But it won't ever return you Color.BLACK instead you will get the colorBackground from the App theme returned!  

Let me reproduce the issue with some small code snippets for you.

1) Create an attrs.xml file:   <resources> <declare-styleable name="TextViewAttr"> <attr name="android:colorBackground" /> </declare-styleable> </resources> 2) in your styles.xml create a style:  

We wont actually use the attribute, thats why it commented out. We are demonstrating here that if the values is not found or defined then we hopefully get the default value returned

<!--<style name="TextViewStyle">--> <!--<item name="android:colorBackground">@color/colorAccent</item>--> <!--</style> 3) Obtain values fom the style TextViewStyle  @Override protected void onCreate(Bundle savedInstanceState) { super.onCreate(savedInstanceState); setContentView(R.layout.activity_main); TypedArray typedArray = obtainStyledAttributes(, R.styleable.TextViewAttr); //Now lets get colorBackground defined in our style. //If not found we should logically have Color.BLACK returned instead int backgroundColor = typedArray.getColor(R.styleable.TextViewAttr_android_colorBackground, Color.BLACK); TextView textView = findViewById(; textView.setBackgroundColor(backgroundColor); typedArray.recycle(); } submitted by /u/mxxxz
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Open Source Skills Soar In Demand According to 2018 Jobs Report - Tue, 06/19/2018 - 12:10

Linux expertise is again in the top spot as the most sought after open source skill, says the latest Open Source Jobs Reportfrom Dice and The Linux Foundation. The seventh annual report shows rapidly growing demand for open source skills, particularly in areas of cloud technology.

Key findings of the report include: