Fallover Friday: NatWest, RBS and Ulster Bank go TITSUP*

The Register - 3 hours 59 min ago
British banking public biffed again just a day after Barclays blunder

Online and mobile banking services from NatWest and its subsidiaries Royal Bank of Scotland and Ulster Bank crashed at around 5am this morning and remain down.…

My app doubles daily active users but admob reduced RPM to half

Developing Android Apps - 4 hours 19 min ago

I'm developping an App by my own (android only) and after 1 month on google play i grew the daily active users base from 100 to around 300 users.

The user avarage engagement kept around 15 minutes/day (those data come from firebase dashboard)

But on last days my admob revenue reduced to lower than half

I have 2 adunits in this app: 1 for a banner, 1 for video reward

During the whole month the banner got around 0.25 and video reward around 1.90USD RPM

all this changed to 0.11 and 1.11USD RPM respectivelly

Although the user growing happened slowly during the month... the admob revenue dropped at once, from one day to another

There was absolutelly no change in app that could explain this, the only thing that happened was I added some in-app products (and made few sales) and I connected the admob app with the play store link (I still dont know what is the point of that the only change i saw was the admob page now shows the icon of my app)

I sent some support requests to several google products all of them came with very stupid and generic responses most of all suggesting i should run an ad campaing to grow my user base

I was able to grew the user base during the month thanks to an ad campaing (ran out of google companies)

I made one spreadsheet with data from admob and firebase if someone can look the data and give me some insights

I really need help, on top of my mind the only thing I can think about this problem is like google has some kind of "special support" to micro apps in order to motivate them keep developing, once i reached the score to be classified as "small app" google removed any benefit or even injected some dificulties in order to force me use their services to keep growing

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Never mind Brexit. UK must fling more £billions at nuke subs, say MPs

The Register - 4 hours 33 min ago
New boats, decommissioning old ones, skills shortage...

The Ministry of Defence has too many too many bigshots and not enough grunts – or cash – to reliably keep Britain’s nuclear deterrent hiding beneath the ocean waves, according to Parliament’s Public Accounts Committee.…

Is there a linux shell with structured data?

Linux - 4 hours 54 min ago

I spend most of my time in the shell, using bash to manipulate the file system and run programs. I love the power of piping several small tools together to create complex behaviors with a few keystrokes.

But one of the things the bothers me is that everything is text. I know, it's the best supported format, but it's also extremely limited in its capacity to carry data.

I could use an actual programming language like Python, of course, and I'm often forced to, even for rather simple tasks. But what I would really like is a shell that supports structured data (say, like json) as the basic medium of communication between programs, but still gives me the brevity and simplicity of a shell.

For example: ls can return a list of dictionaries, each one representing a file. It will have a to_text() method that prints it nicely with colors and everything, but I can also choose to iterate over the files, without having to worry about spaces, null-terminations, etc.

Is there such a project? I'm fine with early stage code, I might even contribute. I'm just tired of linuxing like it's the 70s.

(inb4 anyone suggests fish, xonsh or zsh, they're great but not what I'm looking for)

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Head for sunny Nice to catch up with the fast-moving world of software development

The Register - 5 hours 43 min ago
DevOps World | Jenkins World makes its European debut

Promo A survey by analyst firm Forrester found last year that half of its developer respondents had already rolled out DevOps practices, and a further 27 percent plan to do so.…

Windows Studio/ Professional Software

Linux - 6 hours 23 min ago

Is it possible to run Adobe, FL Studio, CAD, or Maya on Linux? Or are those only for Mac/PC? I love Linux and I can't give up that software and I can't be wrong if I think it's possible to run anything through it because it just doesn't make sense to me if you couldn't. So many people use it professionally... It's on phones, it must be possible...I get more done on Linux until it's time to whip out the real ammo. No virtual box.

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You're an android developer that went to sleep in 2015 and woke up now, where would you start?

Developing Android Apps - 6 hours 27 min ago

Where would you start to get back up to speed on Android development now?

What tutorials, books you would check?

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