New Google Camera with Portrait Mode on Front Camera working

Android - 6 hours 33 min ago



B-S-G Settings:

Model: Pixel XL

Config Camera HDR+: Nexus 6 HDR+ Auto

HDR+ Parameters: Default

Portrait Mode on all models: ON

Developer Settings:

camera.faceboxes: ON OFF

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UK's Just Eat faces probe after woman tweets chat-up texts from 'delivery guy'

The Register - 6 hours 38 min ago
ICO to investigate allegations of driver delivering side order of creepy

A customer of takeaway delivery firm Just Eat has alleged a driver from an eatery used her phone number to ask her for a date.…

unable to assign unix permissions to mounted drive.

My job just started using a Netapp as a file storage system and for some reason I am unable to assign group permissions (chmod/ chgrp) on the folders. I have the folders auto mounted so I can reach them but for some reason when I try and change the ownership of the folder it doesn't recognize the groups/user. I'm not sure if this is on the netapp side or linux side. Thanks in advance

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Comic book creation

Linux - 6 hours 49 min ago

So recently I converted some jpg files I scanned into a zip file, with a sensible ordering, renamed cbz and it works as a comic-book format. It was remarkably simple. I've looked for information on how to get pages to display dual so I don't have to push a button every time the viewer launches.

Any tips?

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New Linux on Azure Training Course Addresses Demand for Skills - 6 hours 52 min ago
Title: New Linux on Azure Training Course Addresses Demand for Skills16 JanLearn more

[Dev] [Huge Update] End procrastination w/ Get Off Your Phone v3.0r

Android - 6 hours 55 min ago
Get Off Your phone

is useful for everyone, anytime anywhere. Control time with this simple app that locks down your social apps for a specific chosen period !


  • Support all apps with an App Selector, no limit whatsoever !
  • Up to 4 lock times: 30 minutes, 1, 2 & 3 hours.
  • Automatic Update check
  • Minimal Permissions needed ( Check below )
  • Timer lock screen every time you open one of the locked apps to know how much left for unlock
  • Shake detection to check ETA till your apps unlock
  • Beautiful minimal design

How to install:

  • Download from PlayStore. Link below.
  • Install
  • Give usage permission.
  • Select Apps, Select timer, Done !

Download Link:

-Google Play Store

Change Log:

v3.0r (16.1.2018): -Added new timer ( By Request of multiple users ), enjoy the 30 minutes ya'll ! -Separated About me & Recent Changes buttons in Drawer -New Algorithm for Apps Selection, now you can select whatever you want ! -Add Splash screen on launch, no more white screen -Cleaned useless resources -Added new library Multi selector in Libraries Used v2.4r (12.30.2017): -Bug Fix v2.3r (12.30.2017): -Disabled license check until further fixes. v2.2r (12.30.2017): -Fixed new license check, sorry for inconvenience. v2.1r (12.30.2017): -New Libraries screen -Added Signature & License check for the upcoming ad-free version, stay tuned ! -Added Piracy check, because why not ? -Bug Fixes v2.0r (12.29.2017): -Whole new UI -New functions and methods to avoid crashes -Bug Fixes -New SnackBars -New HELP ShowCase view -Removed old API levels that crashed the app. Sorry, the app is now supporting API level 22 to 26 only -Added new button in drawer to check installed apps -Added new apps to the lock-down, YouTube & Reddit -Added PlayStore link in AboutMe page -Changed notification logic, now you can dismiss it using a button v1.1r (12.24.2017): -Added Shake detection to see ETA for your apps to unlock v1.0r (12.24.2017): -Initial Release


  • Update component usage statistics

  • Receive data from Internet

  • View network connections

  • Full network access

  • Prevent device from sleeping

Discord Server:

  • Link here ,Join if you want to interact with me !
  • Please use this post or PlayStore feedback section to post bugs, reports, crash logs or even new features !

  • The app supports 5.1 lolipop+ Only !

  • The App needs to restart twice on first install/Update and once when you set the lock timer !

NOTE FROM DEV: I will be more than happy to guide you, reply to your issues or whatever you have regarding the app. The only reason i actually post here is to see what more bugs/Crashes you guys can get, if you want more features, fix the app or remove a feature. Thanks in Advance ! submitted by /u/XerXesKay
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Anyone here use LuneOS?

Linux - 7 hours 24 min ago

I found out about this mobile OS when I was checking out Anbox's FAQ. Anyone here use this, or have heard of it?

Last update is October, 2017. Is this project abandoned?

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Xiaomi the money: China's latest IPO star tastes of bubble tea

The Register - 7 hours 25 min ago

Analysis Xiaomi's rush to go public is as much a sign of a speculative bubble as Bitcoin mania. Will it have a happy ending?…

Same tasks at several places


I am trying to start to configure Tasker ; I would like to do this :

I have got my parent's home, my home, my parents in law home,...

I would like to have the same set of actions for the same contexts : for example, turn on wifi in all these places move to do not disturb mode in these places during night,...

Is it possible to say "this profile is active when place A or place B or place C ?"

What is the best way to manage this ?


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Why don't companies work closer with the WINE developers?

Linux - 8 hours 2 min ago

I appreciate that due to it's relatively small desktop market share most companies focus on Windows and MacOS clients. But if they were to work with the WINE developers to get their app working under WINE then it would be a win for everyone; although we wouldn't have a native client the company would get the Linux market for relatively little effort and cost while WINE would constantly improve.

It just strikes me as odd that more software developers don't engage the WINE team directly. Surely it's a cheap and quick win for them?

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In depth Galaxy S8 Active (T-Mobile) review

Android - 8 hours 6 min ago

I left similar review on T-Mobile's site but thought I give you guys more in-depth review coming from LG G5 and my last Samsung phone being the S3!

First off I got sick of LG's quality. I gave it another chance after the G3 but what could've been a great phone was completely ruined by constant GPS issue even with a temporary fix, the screen burn-in issue that LG should just be sued for like many have said and of course the hardware just isn't up to par where the power button eventually failed within a year; not even a new power button fixed the issue and failed right away where spending nearly $100 for a logic board did not make any sense. Luckily I was able to just upgrade to the S8 Active without having to pay rest of the balance.

The #1 reason why I went with the Active after debating to go with regular S8, S8+ and Note 8 was the battery and rugged design. My primary phone usage has been for productivity, scheduling, running music in the background while having Waze during my commute and occasional gaming and Facebook.

Compared with the S8+ and Note 8 especially, it makes the Active look very generic. But also the curved edge-to-edge infinity screen also just wasn't doing anything for me. Rep also told me he gets numerous complaints about the screen protector falling off as it doesn't cover the entire screen and accidentally trigger the screen while on phone call. So I went with this phone instead.


Overall Design
I did notice right away the phone that looks like it already has a case isn't as grippy as I hoped. I bought Spigen slim case that was identical to what I had on my G5 for $10 on Amazon which solved the issue. It felt like I was putting a case on top of a case but it doesn't feel that much bigger.

I love the rounded radius on all four corners. One review about LG V30's horrible corner was true (on Verge that I couldn't believe how ugly it was that it too bothered me to the point of ignoring the whole phone because of it. The S8 Active overall has a very minimalistic yet beautiful design overall. It doesn't feel big at all and surprised the phone actually has 4,000 mAh battery inside.

The screen is very bright and better saturated than my G5. G5 looks very muted as soon as I got the Active. With the OLED no issues reading the screen outside during the day.

I run NOVA launcher prime with gained one row extra coming from the G5. I run 10 rows with 6 columns to maximize the space. I've gone bigger but the icon does get a tad bit small...


Camera...WHOA low light hello!*
I've been a photographer (like everyone out there) for about 12 years now. Smartphones never really had the advantage of being able to shoot in low light without having the software crank up the ISO in the worst way possible.

Shockingly, the S8 Active takes really good photos in relatively low light indoors. I've yet to try shooting the sky at night which I do plenty of during summer with my Canon 6D (one summer I had the Nikon D610 which this photo was taken with near Saco Lake in northern NH: If you have the original 6D you know it's still one of the low-light King especially if you pair it with a nice fast lens.

The S8 Active focuses fast in low light as well! I was shocked! Indoors it was shooting at ISO 6400 and it wasn't all that grainy. I'm sure software has something to do with it but it had plenty of details and was surprised a smartphone can do this now. This is the first phone that seem to auto focus relatively quickly and not miss a ton of shots of my daughters. It's actually fun for once to use the phone like a serious secondary camera.

The overall dynamic range on the phone is really good with the HDR turned on. There's no severe dark spots and bright as long as you're not taking a photo in a mid day mixed with heavily shaded objects.

Obviously it won't replace my DSLR any time soon. We're talking apples and oranges. It'll never give you that background blur (at least with today's technology) unless done by software render and melt the background with like my Canon 135 f/2L lens nor be able to utilize flash and other photography gear.

But the technology of being able to have a phone with a camera that's more than adequate to take great photos and print them for wall size photos is possible. Not to mention being able to record 4K videos and solid 60 fps videos in smaller resolution also makes the days of buying HD camcorders and separate system (unless you're doing serious video production) a forgotten thing. It's an 'everyday' type of camera. This obviously doesn't mean you can suddenly become a headshot photographer or real estate photographer taking every picture of anything and call yourself a pro...(I hear this too many times people with DSLR's).

You won't be disappointed with the quality of this camera overall. And that's just the stock photo app that comes with the phone. I've yet to try any app that utilize manual control yet.


Battery Life Heavn
In the past I'm constantly charging my phone. It didn't matter which brand or model unless I had an extended battery like I did with my old LG Optimus S (but it was still a battery hog then). Without the LG G5 connected, I could drain 10% battery running Waze with GPS on within 10 minutes.

My S8 Active is running at the factory default optimized performance with mid resolution (though setting it to maximum didn't really make all that much difference?).

I'm at the point where I don't have to worry about my battery life. Last night while watching a movie, I was browsing Reddit, some Facebook, played a bit of a game for FOUR hours. Battery life? Only lost 15%! 15% in four hours! I remember having to take my 10,000 mAh battery bank if I traveled with my G5 in case the battery ran low. I could easily eat up 25% if I played heavy gaming within couple hours with the LG. This morning alone, with my screen on 100% brightness, I ran Waze for full 30 minutes WITH Google Play running in the background and lost only 6% without charging!

The S8 runs really cool temperature wise! I have yet to feel the phone get warm let alone feel hot like it did with the G5. After playing more 3D intense games like Need for Speed, my phone would get almost hot. This phone almost runs near cool temperature no matter what I throw at. Probably explain also why the battery life is even better on top.

Obviously, because of the battery size, 4,000 mAh does take a little longer to charge using my Aukey 3A wall charger. I have not tried wireless charging so I cannot comment on that right now. With the USB generic 500 mAh charging, it charges very slow. With the wall charger from 50% battery life it takes roughly an hour. So I'm assuming it takes full two hours from 0% to 100% is my best guess. Not bad at all.


Rugged Design
The phone feels good. There's a point where being 'light' could backfire and drop it easily like I did with my old phones. Not too heavy, not light but just right. The ergonomics with the phone being taller than wider still feels natural. It didn't feel all that different from G5 with the spec of the width being so similar. I was a little afraid but but knowing it's IP68, I tried using the phone in a steady rain outside last week. This was before I put my case on and seems like it handled it just fine. Not that I would put any water under a faucet but being able to just take it out of my pocket, not worry about getting it wet and use it like those old Nextel flip phones is actually a really nice feature! Technically I can use this phone in the tub and even if I accidentally drop it it won't ruin the phone...not something I would've attempted with other phones obviously.

I haven't dropped the phone yet and hopefully it doesn't happen any time soon. We'll see how long this screen lasts (waiting on a screen protector at the moment).


Not much to complain nor explain here. Crystal clear phone calls, and loud speaker output. It's louder than the G5 and can play with full volume and still hear it just fine while taking a shower. I couldn't do that with the G5.

S8 Active also comes with a nice AKG earbuds! I did not see this in some of the unboxing videos; perhaps it's exclusive to T-Mobile, I do not know. While I use my Bose QC35 the earbuds are a nice backup or during summer when it gets too hot for me to be wearing the QC35 outside or when I'm in my woodshop.


The GPS locks in FAST. Maybe coming from G5 that even on a brand new state it took 10 seconds. Waze pretty much connects within seconds as long as you have the high accuracy mode turned on. Google maps and anything GPS related also has the same result. Good stuff right here.


Network is Faster?! Gigabit LTE!
At least for T-Mobile this is one of only two phones on the market right now that will eventually take advantage of the 600MHz T-Mobile they bought awhile back for increased signal (that can penetrate walls better they say). People in Maine I know will be able to really take advantage of this down the road.

With the Gigabit LTE technology This phone at least on my T-Mobile takes advantage with the speed almost tripled even behind walls seems to be better either way. While I was topping out at 20-25 MBps where I work, it's hitting nearly 80 Mbps! The upload is always capped around 10-12 Mbps.

One of the reasons why I moved to T-Mobile after years of waiting patiently with Sprint for them to upgrade their LTE towers that just weren't happening...not even almost 10 years later there are dead zones everywhere. I have about 95% coverage now where I drive frequently and between many rural towns around New Hampshire. Not having voice for emergency was an absolute deal breaker for me with Sprint so I sucked it up but was happy to pay the extra $25/month now with T-Mo.


Some Con's
No phone is perfect and the S8 Active doesn't get a perfect score either. At least for me it's been the Bluetooth. Once in awhile I have to disconnect/reconnect my Bluetooth through the phone in the car. Otherwise the songs would have this odd skip that happens no matter what app I'm using to to play music (Google Music, YouTube, etc). It seems like a known issue but the disconnect/reconnect seem to help.

Bloatware isn't terrible. Some can be disabled but Samsung's health apps are pretty neat so I've been using that as well.


Speaking of sensors, the barometer can be utilized for altitude and other measurements (?). The fingerprint sensor while it feels smaller than the G5's round button integrated with power, it's responsive and makes unlocking and logging in (especially) to secure banking and other sites a breeze. If there's anything great about the fingerprint technology is that! Combine with LastPass or any password manager app, it's rare that I ever have to manually enter the credentials on any sites these days.

The heartbeat sensor, stress measurement (not sure how accurate they are) and the pedometer that runs in the background. I'm wayyyy below average as far as my daily walk. I barely get the 6,000 steps on a good day (I heard Amish people get 35,000 steps a day on average!).


I actually have not used this feature; on the G5 since I rooted, it automatically disabled it per Google apparently. It'll be useful but to use NFC payment you need the lock screen on of course so I haven't bothered testing it out.


Root = NO Bueno
While I was bummed to find out after I got the phone this phone likely will not see root like other Active series, it runs smooth and enough that I don't feel root is necessary. I can still run Tasker and run most of the profiles like I did with my rooted G5. The only thing I started seeing of course were ads in apps. I couldn't believe how much ads were in these apps! Again not a deal breaker but do miss having root in many ways especially for running Xposed and customizing the phone and screen further.


Other Miscellaneous Items
The flashlight by default isn't too bright and didn't realize from the drop down you have to select the actual text to adjust the brightness. Even then I noticed this phone doesn't have a super bright LED's like it did with the G5. Not a huge issue though. The light seems more spread out like a flood type than spot.

Other shortcuts and features I like is the swipe with the palm to take a screenshot, hand gesture to take a photo and many features that aren't exactly new either.


So this phone is definitely a phone I'm in love with. I've yet to find anything that sticks out that bug me or regret my purchase. And hope that this will be a beast of a phone but with the amazing battery life at least for the next couple years. It's a workhorse phone; it's not some flashy flagship phone nor the latest and greatest yet underneath what seems like your everyday phone has hidden gems underneath with enormous battery life, performance and network speed. If you're aiming for functionality more so than aesthetics, this is definitely the phone for YOU.


Summary of Pro's and Con's
* Gorgeous screen
* Amazing battery life
* Rugged with IP68 waterproof design
* Crisp audio and loud speaker
* Fast camera and low light shooting capability
* Insane network speed even behind a wall
* Responsive sensors including heart rate monitor

Con's * Occasional Bluetooth issue
* Bloatware
* No Root
* Minimalistic and almost a dull design

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DXC execs: Here's ANOTHER deadline for skills profiling

The Register - 8 hours 24 min ago
Staff got until 26 January to load bullets on employment gun

DXC Technologies' employees still reluctant to upload their "skill profile" onto a company database they fear will be used in the next big redundancy rounds yesterday got a ticking off from top brass.…

What are the minimal learnable units, the LEGO blocks, I should be starting with in Android Development?

Developing Android Apps - 8 hours 49 min ago

So, I'm trying to deconstruct Android Development into manageable, learnable blocks--the blocks of knowledge and know-how needed to make a successful, user-delighting app.

(These blocks may be, for instance, Activities, Fragments, Adapters, Intents, etc.)

To anchor this question to the real world, let's consider this specific project. It's an app for factory supervisors that automatically positions people based on their training. This means I need to learn to properly use:

  • Activities
  • ListViews
  • Adapters
  • Databases
  • RNG's

And there are things I'll need when developing other apps. Like maybe something on fragments, or ways of using the Android Studio, or major methodologies required to work with the Java, the XML, the Android Manifest, etc.

So, I'm wondering if you can answer the question: What are the minimal learnable units, the LEGO blocks, I should be starting with in Android Development?

I'm sure covered some of them, but I'm positive there's stuff I'm missing. I'm really looking to build apps for a living. So, it's important to get these identified, so I can work on and master these things now, as well as over the long run.

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Widdling Frenchman comes eye to eye with horror toilet python

The Register - 8 hours 55 min ago
'I could very well have been bitten in a sensitive place, if you know what I mean'

A lucky Frenchman has narrowly avoided having his todger bitten by a python that crawled up his U-bend.…

7 Open-Source Serverless Frameworks Providing Functions as a Service - 9 hours 16 min ago

With virtualization, organizations began to realize greater utilization of physical hardware. That trend continued with the cloud, as organizations began to get their machines into a pay-as-you-go service. Cloud computing further evolved when Amazon Web Services (AWS) launched its Lambda service in 2014, introducing a new paradigm in cloud computing that has become commonly referred to as serverless computing. In the serverless model, organizations pay for functions as a service without the need to pay for an always-on stateful, virtual machine.

Swipe features on Android are lacking.

Android - 9 hours 17 min ago

First of all I would like to say that I just switched back to android after about 3 years on ios and im really satisfied. I do however have one question. Why are android apps so reluctant to use swipe features? Ios apps seem to always have some that make things so much smoother. Here are some examples:

Spotify: swipe to queue. You can queue multiple songs so quickly just by swiping a title to the side. On android you have to long press a title and then press queue song, and tbh ive misclicked sooo many times so far and accidentally changed the song.

Whatsapp: swiping right or left either shows message info or quick reply to a message from a friend (a blessing in group chat btw) the quick reply on android is kinda quick as well tho, so thats just a minor nitpick. The info button however is awful, first you long press and then you press the info button up top.

Reddit App Narwhal: Hoooly shit I miss this app so so much. I honestly dislike all other reddit apps aftrr using Narwhal. Swipe right to save, long-swipe right for more options, swipe left to upvote, long-swipe left for downvote. Everything is just so fkn simple and elegant. Reddit is Fun is alright but its just not the same level of elegance and simplicity.

So I guess what im wondering is if there is a reason for android not using these features for ease of access. Is there something in the android programming that makes it hard or has it just not been introduced by anyone yet?

PS: I just want to stress that I am in no way unsatisfied with android, i love it. This is seriously the only thing that is bothering me about android, otherwise im cool as ice.

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