Any experience deploying a Unity cardboard project to the ZenFone2?

Developing Android Apps - 4 hours 7 min ago

Hey everyone, I know this is a long shot.

I am trying to build a cardboard application using Unity for the ZenFone2 (client has a number of them for classroom use). It works on other devices, but displays in mono on the ZenFone. I've looked at various threads about the issue, and nothing seems to have been updated for nearly a year. Any insights?

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$25k Linux Journalism Fund

Linux Journal - 4 hours 16 min ago

Linux Journal's new parent, Private Internet Access, has established a $25k fund to jump-start the next generation of Linux journalism—and to spend it here, where Linux journalism started in 1994. more>>

Oracle Linux, just put Intel Microcode back into package?

Am I reading this right, they pulled the new "update" microcode_ctl from RH stream and then PUT the code that RH pulled out ... back in? That's what I'm reading here in the changelog right? Just looking for a second/third pair of eyes on this.

Running Oracle Linux btw isn't not my choice.

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[HELP] Using a button remapper tool to make the home button run a task?


I'm trying to get my background to blur when I open my app drawer.

I've followed this tutorial and it works quite well, only issue is that if I press my home buttom rather than Back my background stays blurred as Tasker doesn't detect me getting out of my APPS screen.

Is there a way to have a the home button be detected as a change of screen? Maybe using a button remapper to send that info to Tasker?


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Getting more hardware vendors to support Linux

Linux - 4 hours 33 min ago

Hello all,

For x-mas I built myself a Ryzen 7 1700x PC with the full intention of running Linux on it (the bare metal not a VM). PC Partpicker link =

My issue is that many of the hardware items don't have any Linux support beyond what the Linux community has created. For example, the Asus motherboard comes with a nice suite of utilities/drivers (temperature monitoring, overclocking, etc.) but they are only for Windows 10. MS announced that it will not even support Ryzen on Windows 7. I would love to have the Asus Ai Suite, Asus Real Bench (benchmarking tool), and other motherboard utilities/drivers/goodies as native Linux applications. Sure I installed Windows 10 and the utilities/drivers to verify my new hardware was working properly but that install will be wiped. I already have Manjaro KDE 17.1.1 installed and working properly on it, although I haven't tried anything fancy with the gSkill keyboard. All of my hardware was detected in Manjaro without any issues or extra effort.

I think we need the Linux community to be way more proactive in speaking up and asking for native Linux support. We can't exactly force HW vendors to give us what we want but if paying customers ask/demand/show interest it creates an opportunity for vendors to step-up and answer the call from the market of paying customers or risk losing business to their competitors.

I made a post in the Asus RoG (republic of gamers) forum asking for those juicy utilities/goodies to be ported to Linux. Link to my Asus RoG post =

Asus isn't the only vendor we need support from. Its Intel, AMD, gSkill, EVGA, Thermaltake, Corsair, Razor, etc.

What are your opinions/ideas?

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DigitalOcean cuts cloud server pricing to stop rivals eating its lunch

The Register - 4 hours 39 min ago
Faces up to AWS, Google with future per-second billing plan

Faced with a customer base being lured away by cheaper cloud compute services at its competitors, DigitalOcean has cut prices and increased RAM and SSD storage for its users.…

Ubuntu Touch Install video 2018

Linux - 4 hours 41 min ago
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How do I learn to make GTK theme?

Linux - 4 hours 53 min ago

As title, I want to learn to make a simple GTK theme. I try to mod some popular theme but I feel not enough. Can you share some resources?

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Home Office admits it sent asylum seeker’s personal info to the state he was fleeing

The Register - 5 hours 5 min ago pays £15,500 in damages after failed fact-check

An asylum seeker has won £15,500 from the UK’s Home Office after it blabbed confidential information about his persecution in his home country - to authorities in the state.…

I got a new, white + blue payment screen when using Android Pay for contactless today. Possibly part of the new Google Pay rebrand?

Android - 5 hours 5 min ago

See this screenshot.

Looks different to the old one, which had a dark grey background with the Nexus greeny-blue accent on the tick circle. This one is a white background with the Pixel blue colour as the accent on the tick (plus black status bar icons).

There's also a really slick animation on the tick when it appears. Overall I think it looks really nice!

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SYN packet handling in the wild

Linux - 5 hours 33 min ago
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Man who tweeted vulnerable adults' details prosecuted

The Register - 5 hours 34 min ago
Kent bloke 'threatened' the ICO that he'd release more

A man from Kent has been prosecuted under the Data Protection Act for leaking sensitive information on Twitter.…

Purism Progress Report, Spectre Mitigation for Ubuntu, Malicious Chrome Extensions and More

Linux Journal - 5 hours 48 min ago

News briefs for January 18, 2018.

Purism, the group behind the security and privacy-focused Librem 5 phone just recently published a progress report highlighting the latest developments and design decisions to its crowdfunded project. Changes include an even faster processor. more>>

Linear Raid Array on multiple encrypted disks

Hi everyone,
I need to create a linear aray (no RAID-X, just a concatenation of disks, JBOD) on some luks-encrypted disks on Linux.
This is the main idea:

1) Have N disks
2) Encrypt each disk with LUKS
3) With mdadm create a linear array (no raid-x, just concatenation) to see it as a single drive

These are the important requirements:

  • Files must not spread across multiple drives, a single file must be contained on a single disk
  • If you extract a single disk, we should be able to extract data on said disk, after unblocking the drive with a luks passphrase

Can this be done?
What happens to the array if I remove a disk?
Can I recover data from all the other disks If I remove a single drive?
Are there any particular mdadm flags I should set?

Thanks in advance

EDIT: I understand that disks have to be unlocked one by one

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