How do I build an app with a server

Developing Android Apps - 17 min 56 sec ago

I am building a needs based analysis app for a non-profit organization in a developing country, and I need to know is it possible to store survey results on a back end server and then be able to access that data from a outside desktop? Is android studio enough for this? Another thing that the client wants is the ability to sync the data when the surveyors connect to wifi, is that possible? And how would I store the data offline? Any recommendations or tips would be helpful. Thanks

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AutoInput beta - Turn Screen OFF or ON immediately.


There's a new AutoInput beta, and it includes an new action to turn the screen on or off without locking or un-locking it video demo.


This is extremely useful for Tasks that require the display to be on to function, and when the Task is finished - to have Tasker turn it right back off again. It seems like a simple thing but up until now it needed all kinds of workaround including Java calls that worked on some devices and not others. Also you can use Join/AutoRemote/etc to remotely control the screen status.


Another new beta feature added is that when doing a "UI Query" - a new array has been added to the return data that contains the x/y coordinates of every element found on the screen :)


You can download the beta from here and leave any technical feedback (errors or bugs) on the AutoApps G+ and/or here as well.


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Sad-sack Anon calling himself 'Mr Cunnilingus' online is busted for DDoSing ex-bosses

The Register - 52 min 47 sec ago
Electronics tutor's taunts come back to haunt him

An electronics technician pleaded guilty on Wednesday to orchestrating distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks on a former employer and other organizations – and to unlawfully possessing a firearm as a former felon.…

Custom path cap on a Vector Drawable?

Developing Android Apps - 53 min 30 sec ago

Is it possible to have a custom cap at the end of a path of on a vector drawable?

If not, is there a way to find the location of the end of the path from the Vector Drawable so I can draw it myself? The vector drawable will be animated by trimming its path, so the value will be dynamic.


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Getting Started with ncurses

Linux Journal - 54 min 3 sec ago

While graphical user interfaces are very cool, not every program needs to run with a point-and-click interface. For example, the venerable vi editor ran in plain-text terminals long before the first GUI. more>>

I got a new dev machine with 40GB of RAM. Now how do I speed up my Android development?

Developing Android Apps - 1 hour 1 min ago

I've seen this doc:

I was wondering if someone had a guide on how to give more ram to AS, gradle, emulators and everything in between.

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Can one use Google Maps to navigate or display a route between two points, all within a third-party application?

Developing Android Apps - 1 hour 9 min ago

Hello everybody, I am an independent developer trying to create an Android application to help people navigate around my college campus. I was wondering if I could somehow embed Google Maps into my application, and have it display a route between two points, and the user's current GPS location. I understand that I can have my app launch Google Maps, but I would like the navigation to be contained within my application only. If this cannot be done with Google Maps, is there any other way to achieve this using another map? Thanks!

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Do I need to create a new Adsense Account?

Developing Android Apps - 1 hour 57 min ago

So I have a verified adsense account on my personal email (I used to show ads on my blog).

I'm creating a new gmail account to use as a shared account between me and my friend to upload apps to the play store.

Do I need to reapply for adsense through the new gamedev account? The payee (me) would be common for both accounts so i'm guessing thats going to be a problem since youre allowed only one account.

Is it possible (and allowed) to use my existing adsense account to show ads on aps uploaded using a new account?

I hope the question makes sense. Thanks

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Sili-spurned Valley! No way, San Jose! Amazon snubs SF Bay Area in search for HQ2 city

The Register - 2 hours 48 min ago
Bezos narrows down search for new base to 20 cities, mostly on East Coast

Amazon has trimmed its list of potential cities where it wants to build its second headquarters, dubbed HQ2. The Bezos Bunch says it has narrowed down a list of 238 proposals to 19 US cities and one in Canada.…

My app got 1-star reviews on google play from the same device but different accounts. What can I do?

Developing Android Apps - 3 hours 36 min ago

Hey guys,

I recently made an app and uploaded it to Google Play store. Few days ago, I started to receive 1star reviews from the same device, same country, same carrier, same android version (all based on google play ratings data). I don't think it's coincidence, and I believe they all come from the same person who has many accounts.

The app is new and doesn't have many ratings in total, so those 1-star ratings were able to bring my app down to 3-stars.

Has anyone had to deal with something similar? I wanted to contact google but it seems like the only way to do it is to "mark as spam" the rating.

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CLI only Debian VM

Command Line - 3 hours 56 min ago

I want to see just how far I can push my everyday computer use into the command line. I'm not a total noob when it comes to either linux or the command line, but I'm hopeless when it comes to building programs from source.

My questions are: How can I build vlc with framebuffer support, or should I stick with mplayer? What programs do you recommend? I've got irssi, screen, alpine, lynx, music on console, midnight commander, newsbeuter, rtorrent, vim and htop. Is it still possible to use irssi with facebook chat? And finally (for now), how can I get the menu based aptitude interface I know and love? I don't mind installing using only apt-get, but I like to be able to browse available packages to see if any tickle my fancy.

Thank you in advance to anyone willing to answer any of my questions.

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