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Microsoft certification advice

Sysadmin - 5 hours 5 min ago

I am thinking about doing the Microsoft Certifications for things such as Server 2016, Office 365 and cloud services, to improve my knowledge and for my CV. Can anyone who's done these courses answer a few questions I have below. To add I am a sysadmin at a small company and recently staretd helping other local businesses with setups but want to become fully qualified.

1) Is there any free online places to run through the course information?

2) To become fully certified in say Microsoft Server 2016 do I need to do each 3 of the courses? As in 70-740, 70-741 & 70-742 ?

Any other tips would be appreciated....

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O365 shared calendars randomly deleting two weeks

Sysadmin - 5 hours 28 min ago

I use O365 Exchange Online calendar to schedule my team. This month for two times now I had the following issue; Three coworkers (out of fourteen I open in outlook) their entire Outlook Calendar has been wiped up to two weeks in the past. Only reoccurring appointments are still in, and older than two weeks the appointments are still in. Also today and future appointments are still there. Just the past two weeks that are missing

First time it was person A, B, C, and D

This time it was person A, B and C, so the same three as before, but one less.

We use the latest outlook 365 client, and person A and B also use recent Android smart phones syncing using the Microsoft app. Person D used iPhone. Person C uses no phone at all.

The deleting happens in the evening/night. During the day all appointments are there, next day they are gone. And the deleted items do not show up in deleted items either.

Its very hard troubleshooting since the search terms are pretty generic. We do not use auto archiving or anything like that. The "victims" have the same setup as the other coworkers. Its no setting deleting "older than two weeks" from phone messing, since its the actually current two weeks, and not older that gets deleted. (and we don't use that option anyway). I am not using cache, so its not corrupt OST file I'm looking at.

Does anyone have experience with this "feature" and maybe know how to fix it?

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Selfmade Game-Stream Server

Sysadmin - 5 hours 40 min ago

Hey Guys,

I've a HP ProLiant DL380 G7 with quite a nice kit of performance inside. Do you think that it's possible to set up my own Shadow-like Game-Streaming Server? It would be cool like for LAN-Partys or sth.

Did anyone already have some experience with sth like that?

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How to consult Microsoft HCL

Sysadmin - 6 hours 17 min ago

I don't know how to access/consult Microsoft Hardware Compatibility List. For example how can I check Dell Optiplex 5060 is on that list? Or how can I find any desktop that is on that list? Any suggestions?

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Are you sure your disc drive has stopped rotating, or are you just ignoring the messages?

The Register - 6 hours 28 min ago
Did this story make you angry? Y/N

On Call Roll up, roll up, to On Call, your weekly instalment of fellow readers’ tech triumphs and frustrations.…

Toshiba BCP Setting Tool ESS ID

Sysadmin - 6 hours 30 min ago


We can not make a space in the SSID name, it can only be full words. Like in the screenshot for example, it is TOSHIBATEC, what we need is like TOSHIBA TEC. Can anyone help me?

Thanks in advance.

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Windows 10 can't turn of file content search

Sysadmin - 7 hours 4 min ago


I have problem with Windows 10. No mater if search file content marked or not, search finds keywords in file contents.

So we have too much results and cannot find what needed.

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Sub quality

Sysadmin - 7 hours 11 min ago

I‘ve been noticing a lot of really low effort posts here that would have easily been solved by a simple Google search.

Things like „how do I get RDP to listen on a different port“ or „I’m connecting to port X, do I also need to open port Y on the firewall“ should just not be in a sub for sysadmins.

I‘m sorry, but if you need someone to hold your hand for something as basic as this, then you shouldn‘t be a sysadmin. These kind of questions are what I‘d expect from a low level, unmotivated tech supporter.

A sysadmin has to be able to figure the easy stuff out on their own. Otherwise, how are you going to solve the really difficult problems that are tossed your way?

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Issue with Windows 10 build 1809

Sysadmin - 7 hours 15 min ago

Hello all!

I require some of your expertise..

So I am testing the rollout for Windows 10 Build 1809.

Now in WSUS I have two feature updates which I believe is 32 and 64bit updates like so:

Feature update to Windows 10 (Consumer editions), version 1809, en-gb x64

Feature update to Windows 10 (Consumer editions), version 1809, en-gb

Now all my laptops are installed with 1803 64bit

Question 1: Why was the 32bit update downloaded as I dont have any 32bit machines

Question 2: My laptop installed the following: Feature update to Windows 10 (Consumer editions), version 1809, en-gb

Could it be that the installation which was installed contains bit 32bit and 64bit?

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Watch an AI robot program itself to, er, pick things up and push them around

The Register - 7 hours 15 min ago
Why can't robots just learn to do things without being told?

Vid Robots normally need to be programmed in order to get them to perform a particular task, but they can be coaxed into writing the instructions themselves with the help of machine learning, according to research published in Science.…

Deactivated Active Directory Users Still In Global Address List

Sysadmin - 7 hours 23 min ago

Hi everyone

An employee has recently left our company, therefore I had to remove him from the Active Directory. I moved him to the "Deactivated" users. The user can't log in anymore, so that works, but there still is a problem. The user still shows up in the global address list, to the annoyance some of our users. Does anybody have an idea how to fix this or had a similar problem?


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What is an alternative open port to use RDP?

Sysadmin - 7 hours 39 min ago

Can I change RDP default port 3389 to connect through a different port?

I don't know if I'm suppose to change RDP default port 3389 on my computer or the remote computer?

On either my computer or the remote computer, wht is an alternative port to connect through? In other words I don't want to use port 3389.

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Looking to run tasks like a subscription

Is it at all possible for Tasker to receive have actions running in parallel?

I'd like to have different people text me and then receive a motivational text every day for a week. The idea is that each week long "subscription" would be handled by Tasker alternating the WAIT action (which I believe is handled by an alarm being set for Tasker to do an action, rather than an actual countdown) with a SEND SMS action.

It seems like the current set up works OK if only one person texts in, but a 2nd "subscriber" picks up the text stream at that point and the texts to the original "subscriber" stop.

I have set the collision handling to run both tasks at the same time.

It seems it is theoretically doable for Tasker to do this, but any help would be appreciated!

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Destroy scene not working.

I have a scene with a number picker and a button. The button runs a different task and is supposed to destroy the scene after it is pressed and run the task but the screen just stays up. I have tried changing the "display as" settings but that doesn't seem to help.

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Tasker standalone app runs task immediately instead of waiting for profile to trigger

I'm making a standalone app for my friend to help him download youtube videos.

I have a Profile with "Application > Youtube" and "Variable Set > %CLIP" as triggers which detects when you copy a link to clipboard while in the youtube app. When this happens it runs a task which brings up a menu asking if you want to proceed.

This works fine when the profile is running from Tasker but when I export a standalone app from the project and run the app, it just comes up with the menu straight away. I want it to run in the background and wait for the conditions to be met before bringing up the menu.

Can anyone help me?

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Most Facebook users aren’t aware that Facebook tracks their interests

Too many Facebook users aren’t aware that the company uses the information provided by them and their actions on the platform and outside of it to create a list of their traits and interests, which is then used by to target them with relevant ads. The survey According to the results of a new Pew Research Center surveys, which polled a representative sample of US-based, adult Facebook users: 88% discovered that the site had generated … More →

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Mining malware evades agent-based cloud security solutions

Cloud infrastructures are a growing target for threat actors looking to mine cryptocurrency, as their vast computational power allows them to multiply the mining malware’s effect. Keeping its presence from being noticed as long as possible is, naturally, a goal worth striving for and criminals are coming up with new ways to achieve it. One of the approaches, employed by a threat group dubbed Rocke, is to uninstall agent-based cloud security products before downloading the … More →

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Microsoft blue biz bug bounty bonanza beckons

The Register - 8 hours 25 min ago
Azure DevOps Services invites hackers to test its limits

There's more money to be made from bug hunting in Microsoft code after Redmond announced its 10th active bug hunting reward scheme, the Azure DevOps Bounty Program.…