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Veridium 2019 Predictions: Where the Security Industry will Consolidate, and Biometric Usability will be King

As the new year approaches, the executives of Veridium, a company that is helping to secure enterprises with the use of password-free, multi-factor biometric authentication, take a deeper dive into the industry trends we're set to see in 2019. ...(read more)

Local Reverse Image Search Software?

Sysadmin - 1 hour 11 min ago

Hi All

Recently the marketing guy at my job left the business and now whenever anyone wants images that falls on my shoulders... Unfortunately, these requests tend to come in the format of "can you give me a higher res version of this picture"

All the marketing guys materials are completely all over the place. No logical file structure at all. Meaning I end up spending sometimes hours going through different folders and checking thousands of thumbnails until I find the image in question.

Can anyone recommend a free reverse image tool that will save me endless amounts of time? Everything I've found thus far seems to be more for the sake of scanning directories to find ALL potential duplicates of ALL images in the directory.

I want to say; look at THIS specific image, does this image have potential matches, if so where?

Anyone use anything like this?


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Cologix 2019 Predictions: The Year of Hyperscale Edge

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Webinar: Moving to Multi-Cloud? Rethink how to Implement Private, Public and Hybrid

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ManageEngine 2019 Predictions: Automation, AI and Data Management Technologies Will Drive Business in 2019

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Druva 2019 Predictions: The Rise of the Cloud, Data Management and Compliance

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Vodafone signs $550m deal with IBM to offload cloud biz

The Register - 1 hour 29 min ago
Up to 750 staff transferring to Big Blue. Good luck people... you might need it

Vodafone is offloading its cloud and hosting unit to IBM in a $550m eight-year outsourcing deal that will include up to 750 staff packing their bags as they're sent off to new employer Big Blue, sources say.…

Enterprise IT Focused on Moving More Workloads to Cloud in 2019

NetEnrich announces the results of its 2019 Cloud Adoption survey on public cloud adoption in the enterprise. ...(read more)

Suddenly Word and Excel attachments are blocked from opening in Outlook

Sysadmin - 1 hour 42 min ago

Hi there,

This issue started yesterday and more and more of our users call in to report it.

Word and Excel attachments can't be opened by double clicing them in Outlook.

When you save them on your desktop, they'll still not be able to be opened.

Error message in Excel:

Error message in Outlook:


Saving the file locally > Properties > UnblockThen you can open that particular file

As a workaround, you can disable Protected View in Word And Excel:

File > Options > Trust Center > Trust Center Settings > Protected View > uncheck option "Enable Protected view for

The issue is not related to recent Windows Updates because my devices only received updates from December. Not yet from January.

The issue started yesterday where no updates were installed.

It is not related to the Office 365 ProPlus version.

I've updated Office on a particular device from 1803 (9126.2336) to 1808 (10730.20264)The issue persists.

It is also not related to the Windows version. We have devices with Windows 10 and Windows 8.1 with this issue.

What I have noticed:

Mails coming from external senders have these issues.
Attcahments in mails from internal colleagues can all be opened without problems.
If you forward one of those external mails to a colleague, he can open them. If he in turn forwards it back to you, you can open it as well.

Did anyone have a similar issue? Or an idea where it comes from?

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Some Thoughts on Open Core

Linux Journal - 1 hour 44 min ago
by Kyle Rankin

Why open core software is bad for the FOSS movement.

Nothing is inherently anti-business about Free and Open Source Software (FOSS). In fact, a number of different business models are built on top of FOSS. The best models are those that continue to further FOSS by internal code contributions and that advance the principles of Free Software in general. For instance, there's the support model, where a company develops free software but sells expert support for it.

Here, I'd like to talk a bit about one of the more problematic models out there, the open core model, because it's much more prevalent, and it creates some perverse incentives that run counter to Free Software principles.

If you haven't heard about it, the open core business model is one where a company develops free software (often a network service intended to be run on a server) and builds a base set of users and contributors of that free code base. Once there is a critical mass of features, the company then starts developing an "enterprise" version of the product that contains additional features aimed at corporate use. These enterprise features might include things like extra scalability, login features like LDAP/Active Directory support or Single Sign-On (SSO) or third-party integrations, or it might just be an overall improved version of the product with more code optimizations and speed.

Because such a company wants to charge customers to use the enterprise version, it creates a closed fork of the free software code base, or it might provide the additional proprietary features as modules so it has fewer problems with violating its free software license.

The first problem with the open core model is that on its face it doesn't further principles behind Free Software, because core developer time gets focused instead of writing and promoting proprietary software. Instead of promoting the importance of the freedoms that Free Software gives both users and developers, these companies often just use FOSS as a kind of freeware to get an initial base of users and as free crowdsourcing for software developers that develop the base product when the company is small and cash-strapped. As the company get more funding, it's then able to hire the most active community developers, so they then can stop working on the community edition and instead work full-time on the company's proprietary software.

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client VPN in China

Sysadmin - 1 hour 46 min ago

Where I work we have locations in the US, China, and Mexico. Our US and mexico users run the cisco client for VPN and they connect back into our network through in the US. For china they connect to a vpn device in country, we've ran like this for years.

Recently the team in china is telling us that they are getting letters from china telcom saying that because we us a domain name of that our domain name can not be found in the approved domestic domain registration organization, therefore the domain can not be applied for filing in China. They are being told the domain must be applied for in China.

I've talked to other local companies that have sites in China and they have not heard of this and us their .com for VPN.

Wondering if anyone else has ran into this? we don't want to get a .CN or use a registrar in China.


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Black Horse slowed down: Lloyds Banking Group confirms problem with 'Faster' payments

The Register - 2 hours 1 min ago
Friday morning is an ideal time for transfers to have a glitch, agree customers

Lloyds and Halifax bank customers have been warned not to make repeat transactions as the group grapples with a technical glitch with Faster Payments.…

Does putting Haskell and Common Lisp in my resume a good idea?

I'm an 3rd year CS undergraduate, and I have some projects in Haskell and Lisp (also in Java)

PS: I've worked through HTDP, SICP and PAIP

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Can't send outlook mail, OWA works

Sysadmin - 2 hours 17 min ago

Nobody in my company seems to be able to send mail through Outlook, but receiving works fine.

Sending and receiving both work in OWA.

Can't see anything relevant on the Service Health portal.

Anyone else having issues?

Edit: correction, they are going through, it just takes a minute or longer.

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RDS 2016 Farm Cached Web Credentials

Sysadmin - 2 hours 20 min ago

I have deployed a new Server 2016 RDS Farm with User Profile Disks. When a user signs into some kind of website, for example Office 365 portal, and chooses the “remember me” option, it works as expected and the session is remembered after closing/reopening the browser. However, when the user logs off the RDS session and back in, they have to log in to all their websites again. same behavior between Chrome and IE.

This doesn’t happen on our old 2008 R2 RDS Farm. Any suggestions on how to troubleshoot? I’m guessing something missing from the UPD. I have it set to save appdata and user registry settings currently.

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Need reg setting or PS to keep desktop in presentation mode

Sysadmin - 2 hours 21 min ago

Need to keep the screen on without screensaver or having it go dark. Tried all sorts of hacks without success. Apparently easier to do on laptops. Using Win 10 1703. Any help appreciated. Thx

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Reset windows on a reboot?

Sysadmin - 2 hours 28 min ago

Been googling about but guess my google-fu isn't as good today as usual.

Want the ability to give users quite a lot of access in machines but want the machines to reset to an image or something at shutdown.

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Finally got the green light to begin removing local admin rights from users machines, looking for advice

Sysadmin - 2 hours 38 min ago

Hi all,

I'm looking for any advice or "gotchas" from folks who have been through this process before, as of right now, every user is a local admin on their company issued device. We're putting together our plan and need to test things out on a few users for ~30 days before we're allowed to go ahead.

All machines are domain joined, and all buildings on our campus are accessible from one another. With that said, our "few test users" are going to be several members of a department that is several miles from our main campus. This building is connected to our LAN, so remote assistance is possible on our end but I don't think it would do any good due to the user no longer having rights.

Obviously there will be growing pains with something like this, just looking for a starting point.

Here are my thoughts, but I'm looking for feedback:

  • Remove Local Admin and Make Local Power User for 2 weeks, if there are no issues, Remove Local Power User rights and test as standard user for additional 2 weeks.

  • Remove Local Admin and Make Standard User with Help Desk technician stationed in office for the entire first day.

  • Remove Local Admin and Make Standard User, and preinstall some sort of application for Help Desk to "approve" installations. (We can leverage SCCM or install via KACE SMA Agent, but I'm not building remote install packages for hundreds of softwares?)

Don't know if I'm over thinking this whole thing, or if I'm justified in trying to protect our end users.

Thanks for any and all advice/criticism.

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Lords of the DNS remind admins about Flag Day, Juniper likes Watson and more

The Register - 2 hours 40 min ago
PING, PING, PING … it's your networking roundup for the week

Roundup To cure some persistent security, implementation, and performance problems in the Domain Name System, the lords of the DNS have proclaimed older implementations as end of life.…