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Using Information Theory to Identify Image Features

Hi All,

I've been working on applying information theory to image processing, and came up with a deterministic algorithm that appears to be pretty good at recognizing features in images. I thought it was interesting since it's entirely deterministic, and doesn't use regression or other traditional AI techniques, but instead makes use of information theory.

An informal summary of the algorithm, underlying theory, and code, is all here:

I believe it's polynomial in operations (specifically O( N2 )) as a function of the number of pixels in the image (N), but I confess I haven't done a thorough analysis yet. It is however (in its current form) reliant upon Octave's calculation of entropy, which I think might be a bottleneck in the algorithm.

Thoughts are welcome.

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Way too new to this, and way too lost - help me get started

Sysadmin - 57 min 41 sec ago

So my background is... Complicated. Suffice it to say: I've joined up with a relatively small company, the idea being that I train under the company's current sysadmin for about a year, then he switches to managing a different department and hands all sysadmin work over to me. I have no previous experience in IT. The most complicated thing I've ever done is set up a DHCP reservation.

Is this a horrible idea for the company? Yes, absolutely. But I'm determined to make this work, lost as I am. I want to learn, and I want to be good at this. I have the passion, just zero of the knowledge and zero idea how to get it.

The idea is for me to get training, but my boss is busy enough that it comes rarely and never feels comprehensive enough. So my question for all of you is: Can you just point me in the right direction for how the hell to learn how to be a halfway decent sysadmin? Obviously that's way too broad a topic to cover in a few Reddit comments, but are there any books, websites, or "system administration for dummies" type deals that you can send my way? Assume that I'm a total beginner, because that's sure what I feel like.

And believe me, I am googling this. A lot of the information I'm already finding seems built for people with more experience than me, which is why I'm turning to all of you.

Much appreciated.

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Anyone used OnForce for side work?

Sysadmin - 1 hour 3 min ago

I've read about and am looking into OnForce to do some sidework after my day job, but what I'm not sure on is what type of work gets brought to people. Is it Networking and telecom stuff mostly? Or are there actually any application/software work like e-mail server support, O365, etc?

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DNF and CNF problem

I am begginer at this and I have this problem that i cant solve DNF and CNF of (c xnor ~d) nand (b xor d), I know the result but I cant get to it in DNF I ended up at ~c~d + cd + bd + ~b~d and i have no clule how to get to CNF plz help me

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Hello, my boss asked me to create a wireless security plan

Sysadmin - 1 hour 47 min ago

Hello, I was wondering if i could get some pointers on creating a wireless security plan for my company. My boss wants to add bluetooth and laptop capability. We are an illustration company. Our data consists of client information and illustrative work

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Hi! Question about Computer generated Data Driven Models/ Time Series Models Research

So I just got accepted into a program to do a research project as a freshman in college with a graduate student as a mentor. He is interested in data driven models and time series models to forecast future events. He has a computer science degree and he expects me to use several languages to complete my project. Also, he mentioned an interest in modeling the effectiveness of sequential medical treatment, but he is open to mentoring a project of any topic.

Do you guys have any ideas of interesting data sets/ fields that I could look into and possible research for this project? Ideally it would be something unique with relatively easy to access data sets.


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Help with profile

Good evening to everyone,

First, I want to state that I'm a noob here, so bear over with me :)

Long story:

My wife just unintendedly threw her android phone in the trash can, and the way it works is, when trash is being thrown out, it falls down through a shaft, down to the basement where it is collected in big containers, so the sound isn't that clear down there.

I've tried so hard and wasted 2 hours locating it (relocating her path, visiting stores, ways she had walked ect.), with the help of various apps installed on her phone and google homepage, thinking it was stolen or lost.I was so close to giving up on a new phone when suddenly, all by curiosity, I had this Idea that maybe she was to stressed out that she had thrown it in the trash can since she worked a lot in the kitchen. I wanted to see if it was down in the basement where the trash is collected, and true enough, I heard a weak ringtone while I was calling the phone, heard it just enough, for me to locate it.

I found it in the big container, believe it or not, a completely new, smelly phone laying there to be destroyed.

The problem here was that the GPS was turned off. Had it been turned on, I would had located it real fast through my phone. One problem is that her phone is not rooted, since she just bought it (2 weeks new phone!).

I tell ya, she was really glad - while embarrassed - that I found her new phone.

So, I don't want to go through this pain again - and if she gets it stolen - I want to be able to locate it quickly and found out Taster was the right tool I was looking for.

I've glimpsed on wiki and Tasker homepage up and down trying to figure out this profile, (Locate your phone remotely by SMS, take picture of thief/surroundings and mail the picture to your inbox) but as stated earlier, I'm a noob at this and it looks quite complicated to set up, so I want to ask you guys for a little help. I've also tried searching google for walkthrough videos, explaining how to do it, but in vain unfortunately. I certainly don't hope you have to be a programmer to use this app :) Im in my late 40's so softwares is not quite me :)

Long story short or "TL;dr":

Want help to "install" a profile in Tasker, that remotely turns on GPS by receiving an text message.

Does anyone know how to install the profile ?

I would much appreciate your help.- John

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How to update Windows 10 offline?

Sysadmin - 2 hours 22 min ago

Is there a way to update Windows 10 to the latest version, offline? Not, an install, which is what the media creation USB tool does, but an update that keeps the files and applications installed?

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Better Blocker 2018.1 - Web privacy tool (was Better).

MacUpdate - Mac OS X - 2 hours 48 min ago

Better Blocker (was Better) is a web privacy tool for Safari on iPhone, iPad, and Mac. It protects you from tracking and behavioural advertising on the web by enforcing the principles of the Ethical Design Manifesto (

Better Blocker is developed and curated by - that’s Laura, Aral, and Osky - we’re a tiny two-person-and-one-husky social enterprise striving for social justice in the digital age. (Osky doesn’t code much.)

  • Blocks trackers and behavioural advertising.
  • We maintain our own block list based on our own web crawls to identify and block the most prevalent trackers. This makes Better’s block list lightweight and effective.
  • Improves the readability of popular web sites.
  • Easily contact us about sites that don’t play well with Better so we can fix it for everyone. (You can also add exceptions to turn Better off for certain sites until we’ve had a chance to fix things.)
  • Teaches you about trackers with encyclopedia-like entries.
  • Spotlights the worst offenders… Did you know that the worst site we found on the web had 172 trackers? Better blocks them all and makes that site 4× lighter and 15.8× faster!
  • Blocks blocker blockers (try saying that quickly a few times). Read our open letter to Wired in the app or on our web site to find out why blocking blockers puts people at risk on the web.
  • It’s open… anyone can help make Better even better.

Version 2018.1:

Note: Ready for macOS 10.14 Mojave

  • Simpler yet just as effective

  • OS X 10.11 or later

Download Now

Password Vault with 2FA

Sysadmin - 3 hours 10 min ago

I hope this is the right area to post this. We are looking for a password vault that will allow for 2fa. It has to integrate into O365 and Share Point. We have documents that are password protected on Share Point, internal and external sites as well.

We need it to be browser friendly (maybe a plugin?) and be able to store passwords locally as well.

Any ideas? You help is appreciated.

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Just became a Sysadmin, but not quite in the way I would’ve liked to have arrived here.

Sysadmin - 3 hours 28 min ago

Hello Everyone,

I’ve been a long time lurker here and have tossed in the odd comment here there. Recently though, I’ve taken over as my company’s sysadmin, network admin, and helpdesk guy as well as fulfilling my other duties and need to commiserate, vent, and formally join the community.

A little about myself, I started at this company a few years ago in manufacturing, have since moved to QA, and am now the Network and systems administrator. In February I took over administration of our public facing FTP server, shored up its security (to the best of my ability (its in the DMZ don’t worry guys, and really doesn’t hold anything more than customer pdfs)) and helped to fix a few Network and system faults here and there.

Fast forward to April . I emailed my company’s President asking if he wouldn’t mind me taking over some of the IT duties (he (a computer engineer, CEO, and all around awesome guy), and our facilities manager had been getting overwhelmed now by the growth in our IT needs at the company and had mentioned that we need to hire someone). I’d done system administration and helpdesk type stuff when I was in the Navy and figured I could help out in that capacity along with my regular QA duties (we’re a small small company and everyone wears a few hats, and us hourly guys head home as soon as we hit 40 hours, get a nice bonus, and can work a few extra hours if we plan on heading out to the lake or whatever).

Well, he said yes, absolutely and started to hand off a few tasks that were getting too much for him to handle and were outside of our facilities managers expertise.

Fast forward to June, He misses our customer training and we find out a few weeks later that he’s in the hospital with a glioblastoma. Another week goes by and we’re told he’s going to try treatment for the summer. In the meantime I’m offered the position of sysadmin and network admin as that what our president wanted and I took it with the 6% raise that it came with and began to turn over with him him on the few days that he could muster up the energy to talk.

Over the past couple months I’ve been mapping out our topology and gathering up what documentation we have and just figuring what is where and what vms perform what roles (still don’t have this 100% but everyone is extremely patient here).

Last week we were told that he’s stopped treatment, the tumor grew, and he’s no long talking or seeing visitors.

He’ll likely be gone soon. He’s an amazing mentor, a great boss, and he will be sorely missed. I chuckle reading through his comments in scripts, places where he said “this will email ‘President ‘ until it’s fixed” or the always popular “This works this way, it shouldn’t, will look into it”. He is always really excited about technology and the product we make. We’re going to miss him. He is one of those CEOs that had all of his fingers in everything (this is good and bad), but was extremely likable, hired exceptional people, and relished diversity both in skillset and who or what you are.

At this point our acting President is holding the company together real well and our previous president’s duties are being divided amongst everyone and everyone is doing pretty well at shifting around and finding new niches.

He (the previous president with cancer) set us up for success in a lot of things and I’m super grateful for that.

So here I am. I’m a sysadmin now, I’ve spent my last few Saturday nights patching servers with up times dating back to when he fell ill and getting backups going. He was in the middle of creating a systems restore plan for the servers and a disaster recovery for the worst case. Well, definitely not what I meant by “hey, can I help out a little in IT?”, but I’ll try my best, get the company up and running and likely move on after a few years of this (I don’t want to get burnt out and this position may be more suited for someone with much more experience, but I’ll do my best for now).

I’ll likely be coming here with more mundane questions and comments but after this week I needed to vent somewhere and hope this was the right place.

This week we our main Hyper-v had its NIC toggling up and down (so much for staying home sick on Monday) and we needed to upgrade our accounting software in the middle of the week to get HR back up and running. It was a bit stressful but we made it through. Thank you for sticking through this long rant, I’m trying to keep my humor, my sanity, and my footing so I’m trying not to work too many hours and just take this one day at a time.


PS. Monday I worked from home troubleshooting, and Saturdays I perform patching from home as well.

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Can someone help me find the hooks that you use to pin cable to a wall (without the screw type)

Sysadmin - 3 hours 37 min ago

Cot dang I worked at a place that had many of these hooks. They were u-shaped and basically you'd just push 'em into the wall...and you're done.

I gotta run some cable along the outside of my wall and I can't for the life of me find these things online. I keep finding the 100 packs of the ones where they're plastic and you need to nail in a side.

Someone gotta know what I'm talking about, right? I'm sure every admin has had to get their hands dirty at one point in their lives...

This would be the roughest of rough examples but this is large and galvanized. What I remember was small and probably zinc or soft metal. Where you'd just tap into the wall and keep moving. If the trim of these walls weren't so visible I'd just get some clear tape and keep it moving...

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Duo self service portal?

Sysadmin - 3 hours 55 min ago


Have any if you set up a self service portal for Duo? If so, did you do it all yourself or did you get a template? Like a website with a directory login and then brings you to the Duo page for updating devices. I know you can integrate self service into any other login page but want to set up a dedicated portal for it.

Something like this:

Edit: spelling

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[MDT] - I need help with sample boot.ini file

Sysadmin - 3 hours 58 min ago

Hello guys,

I am struggling with MDT, I am constantly confused with the variables in these files. Ideally, I would like to have my client to boot logged into the domain. Is the following variables correct? UserID's value doesn't have domain account as I assume it's a user account local to the client.






UserID=<User account(not in domain>



I recently tried deploying a client and got this error message:

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Help visualizing algorithms

Hi I just made this post to ask, how do you guys do to understand all those algorithms? I just struggle understanding what the pseudocode does and its very hard to try to make an image out of it. I feel like maybe Im not smart enough but I wanna understand and get better at being able to "see" what the code is actually doing and be able to replicate it. For example, I could not wrap around my head to understand the code in quicksort even after watching videos. Maybe Ill try again later but damn. Isnt there some math equation to make algorithms or something like that?

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How the hell do you fully remove shoretel communicator/agent/supervisor from a PC?

Sysadmin - 4 hours 9 min ago

So I have a PC where Shoretel simply stopped accepting user logins because fuck me I guess.

I've checked and changed the users credentials on CC directory and Shoretel director and still nothing, to make it worse, the client for the user prompts for logins but simply shuts down if you try to do anything else.

I uninstalled all shoretel programs and deleted every trace I could find but when I try to reinstall I says shoretel agent/supervisor cannot be installed over a newer version.

Any ideas?

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Anyone using a Storage Engine SAN

Sysadmin - 4 hours 30 min ago

Which SAN product are you using? What’s your experience with the product? What’s your experience with the company and their support? whats the size of your deployment and the type of work load being ran? What sector are you in?

Just trying to gather some community information as I'm about to do a SAN refresh.

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CPU Register Vs RAM . - 32bit vs 64bit


I was trying to understand what does 32-bit or 64-bit actually means. I am aware that 32-bit can have max upto 4GB of RAM and 64-bit can have in exabytes.

After going through few articles, I understand that 32 or 64 is actually the size of CPU register(Correct me if i am wrong)

Now my question is, How does the CPU register influences size of RAM? (Meaning why we have been told 64bit means more RAM)

May be i am missing something very basic. Can someone enlighten me?


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