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AutoInput beta - Turn Screen OFF or ON immediately.


There's a new AutoInput beta, and it includes an new action to turn the screen on or off without locking or un-locking it video demo.


This is extremely useful for Tasks that require the display to be on to function, and when the Task is finished - to have Tasker turn it right back off again. It seems like a simple thing but up until now it needed all kinds of workaround including Java calls that worked on some devices and not others. Also you can use Join/AutoRemote/etc to remotely control the screen status.


Another new beta feature added is that when doing a "UI Query" - a new array has been added to the return data that contains the x/y coordinates of every element found on the screen :)


You can download the beta from here and leave any technical feedback (errors or bugs) on the AutoApps G+ and/or here as well.


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Sad-sack Anon calling himself 'Mr Cunnilingus' online is busted for DDoSing ex-bosses

The Register - 53 min 7 sec ago
Electronics tutor's taunts come back to haunt him

An electronics technician pleaded guilty on Wednesday to orchestrating distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks on a former employer and other organizations – and to unlawfully possessing a firearm as a former felon.…

Getting Started with ncurses

Linux Journal - 54 min 23 sec ago

While graphical user interfaces are very cool, not every program needs to run with a point-and-click interface. For example, the venerable vi editor ran in plain-text terminals long before the first GUI. more>>

(Advice Request) How to build my skill set and leverage it to get a job.

Sysadmin - 1 hour 17 min ago

I've been a computer geek for a long time (>20 years) and have picked up a number of disparate skills pursuing various interests over the years. I had done a small stint as internal support ~18 years ago, but then my career went in a very different direction. Now I'm very interested to come back into the fold and seek a sysadmin job (I always wanted to be a sysadmin), but I'm unsure about how to do so.

Here's a quick list of the type of skills I'm starting with: Linux - I've always had some flavor of linux running. I started with RHL 5, tried a bunch, and have been with Slackware for the last 10 years or so. I don't keep up on anything new (I've not even adapted to systemd), but I could tackle any challenge thrown at me. I can solve any dependency issue.

Debugging - I've spent a whole lot of time over the last few years playing with debuggers in a windows environment. I started with OllyDBG doing crackmes and cheat engine. Reading asm and hunting down bugs is second nature in a windows environment. I know how viruses work. I hack the shit out of games.

Programming/Scripting - I've done some person projects that required me to pick up Perl, Python, and C. However, I just learned what I needed for each project so I'm no developer. I don't consider myself proficient as a programmer but I am familiar enough to learn anything quickly.

So, if I want to start building a useful skill set on top of what I listed what should I study up on? Also, what can I do to turn my knowledge into something I can put on a resume? How can I approach recruiters or hiring managers without any real experience?

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GPS Tracks 1.3.3 - Create and edit routes.

MacUpdate - Mac OS X - 1 hour 22 min ago

GPS Tracks allows you to edit and create routes. Sync all of your saved tracks from GPS Tracks to the app for editing and reviewing. It's also perfect for editing GPX or KML files.

  • Sync all of your saved tracks and waypoints to and from GPS Tracks for IOS
  • Edit tracks created from GPS Tracks or imported from a file
  • Delete selected points from a track
  • Merge tracks
  • Split tracks
  • Cut a selected path from a current track to create a new track
  • Create routes to follow manually before you start your track
  • Create routes from a set of waypoints
  • View Track statistics
  • Export tracks to GPX, KML, KMZ, or CSV
  • Export multiple tracks into one file
  • Add or edit waypoints saved to the app
  • Create waypoints from map searches
  • Customize each waypoint with a pin color
  • Convert between four sets of coordinates (Decimal, DMS, MGRS, UTM) anytime
  • Add MGRS Grid overlay to map
  • View and replay saved tracks
  • View interactive statistical graph for each track
  • View each waypoint saved with each track

Version 1.3.3:
  • Various speed improvements and bug fixes

  • OS X 10.10 or later

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Office365/Exchange Online finally bringing Login filtering by Country

Sysadmin - 1 hour 34 min ago

This morning, Someone at my company got successfully Phished (cliams they didn't) Prompt Login from Nigeria. They made rules to block NDR's and replies... Then mass mails entire contact list a fake "Docusign" approval document.

Checked audit logs, Clean for the last 3 months - Strictly today, and only from this one country.

I block all traffic from certain high risk countries via firewall, but since this is 365 it never went through our network and was successful.

I opened a ticket with microsoft asking for best practices in an event, also asked if I could restrict number of outgoing messages per hour/minute and lockout if it exceeds that, etc. (They'll get back to me on that one)

But one bit of GOOD news I got is that they're currently testing Per Country Login filtering.

For someone determined/knowledgeable, this won't stop them, but in this case (and most cases), it would have prevented my morning of hell.

Just thought I'd share that tidbit -

TLDR: Per Country access filtering is coming to O365/Exchange Online in the next 8 weeks. It'll be under Client Access Rules.


Thinking about it, It must suck being I.T. in Nigeria, particularly for an international company. So many people just auto-block traffic from that entire nation.

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iFinance 4.3.7 - Comprehensively manage your personal finances.

MacUpdate - Mac OS X - 1 hour 38 min ago

iFinance allows you to keep track of your income and spending -- from your lunchbreak coffee to your new car -- in the most convenient and fastest way. Clearly arranged transaction lists of all your financial resources from your debit account to your credit card and cash show you exactly what you spend your money on - the first and most crucial step in getting your finances on-track. iFinance lets you know how your assets perform. Have it analyze your finances and the available charts and reports will show you instantly what your biggest spending items are and where there's potential for savings. The convenient budget feature helps you review your financial goals. How much money can you spend today if you want to stay within your budget? How much more income is needed to achieve your monthly goal?

It supports several different banking file formats, such as CSV, QIF, OFX, and mt940. Import your data by using one of these formats or retrieve your bank account transactions via OFX direct-connect. Please note that not all banks support OFX direct-connect. Please check out our free demo version if you are unsure about your bank’s online features.

Keep iFinance up-to-date on all your devices using iCloud or the enhanced WiFi-Sync feature. Once you establish a WiFi connection, Sync takes all new entries that you made on your Mac at the office or on your iPhone while you were on-the-go and merges them into a single, up-to-date version. WiFi Sync allows multiple users to manage the same database. This may become useful, for example, if you are in charge of a club's or association's finances, or if you manage a bank account with another person.

Version 4.3.7 (4.3.8):

Note: The downloadable demo is at 4.3.8. The version available for purchase on the Mac App Store is version 4.3.7.

  • Bug fixes

  • OS X 10.10 or later

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Odd vSwitch showing up after windows 10 update

Sysadmin - 1 hour 41 min ago

I have a few PC's in my domain that started to add virtual ethernet switches after a windows 10 update. They are causing socket timeouts on a few network based applications that we use so i went to get rid of them but they can't be deleted. Did some research and it looks like it was part of the fall creators update. Has anyone had any luck with any sort of work around to get rid of them? When I try via powershell they go away until the PC is rebooted. I have a picture below showing them.

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TimeTag 6.02 - Time logging for freelancers, professionals, and contractors.

MacUpdate - Mac OS X - 1 hour 45 min ago

TimeTag is a time management tool designed for on-the-go freelancers and people who want to track their time quickly and easily.

The app intelligently organizes and groups all your time records so you can see how your time was spent at a glance. Exporting is simple, and generates spreadsheets and reports that can be used by other apps and services.

  • Effortless time recording with a simple 1-click start and stop button
  • View accurate time stats down to the second
  • See how your time is spent through tags and categories, which are like tasks and projects
  • Save time by automatically generating Excel and Numbers compatible spreadsheets with the click of a button
  • Spend less time tracking your time and more time focusing on what matters most to you: your life!
  • No limit to the tags, records and categories you can create
  • Don’t stress about forgetting time records or leaving a timer running too long - all records can be edited easily, or added in after the fact.
  • Support for full screen and split screen mode
  • A simple filter tool to total and export only the records that matter most to you

Note: This application contains in-app and/or external module purchases.

Version 6.02:
  • Performance updates, especially if you have thousands of records. Thank you to the users who helped out with this!
  • Other minor fixes

  • OS X 10.11 or later

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Performance Review Permissions on Windows File Server

Sysadmin - 1 hour 46 min ago

Has anybody come up with a good and easily manageable permissions methodology on a Windows file server for performance management type data or similar? Basically any data that follows an org-chart top-down type permission flow where the CEO (and HR) have access to everything, then each manager has access to their own data and their direct report's data (and potentially their direct report's direct reports and so on) and the direct report only has access to their own data and not their peer's or manager's data. It becomes kind of a management nightmare breaking inheritance and using explicit permissions to achieve something like this. There's obviously dedicated software solutions for this sort of thing (which sounds like a dream come true by the way), but I'm not looking for recommendations for those just yet.

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Microsoft Office 2016 16.9 - Popular productivity suite.

MacUpdate - Mac OS X - 1 hour 49 min ago

Microsoft Office 2016 - Unmistakably Office, designed for Mac.

The new versions of Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook and OneNote provide the best of both worlds for Mac users - the familiar Office experience paired with the best of Mac. If you already use Office on a PC or iPad, you will find yourself right at home in Office 2016 for Mac. It works the way you expect, with the familiar ribbon interface and powerful task panes. Mac users will appreciate the modernized Office experience and the integration of Mac capabilities like Full Screen view and Multi-TouchTM gestures. With full Retina display support, your Office documents look sharper and more vibrant than ever.

Office for Mac is cloud-connected, so you can quickly get to the documents you’ve recently used on other devices and pick up where you left off. New, built-in document sharing tools make it easy to invite teammates to work on a document together. When sharing documents, you won’t have to worry about losing content or formatting, as Office for Mac offers unparalleled compatibility with Office on PCs, tablets, phones and online.

Note: an office365 subscription is required.

Version 16.9:

Note: Subscribers can updated current installations of Office 2016 to 15.41 using Office 365.
Note To install this update, you must be running OS X Yosemite 10.10 or a later version, and you must have a valid Microsoft Office 365 subscription. Additionally, see more information about Office 365 Subscription options. If you already have Office 2011 for Mac installed, you can run Office 2011 and Office 2016 side-by-side.

  • Features Updates
    • Edit with others in real time: Thumbnails in the upper-right corner of the window show who else is working with you in a shared document. Flag icons show where others are working and you can view changes as they type.
    • We save for you! Changes are saved automatically for documents, worksheets, and presentations stored in the cloud, and you can see others’ updates in seconds. Need to roll back? Check the version history for a list of changes and access to earlier versions.
    • Quickly access your sites and groups: Quickly find presentations stored in your frequently used sites and groups in the Open menu.
  • Security Updates
    • CVE-2018-0792 and CVE-2018-0794: Microsoft Word Remote Code Execution Vulnerability
  • Collaborative editing: Work with others at the same time in your workbook. Thumbnails in the upper-right corner of the window show who else is viewing or editing the file with you.
  • We save for you! Changes are saved automatically for documents, worksheets, and presentations stored in the cloud, and you can see others’ updates in seconds. Need to roll back? Check the version history for a list of changes and access to earlier versions.
  • More charts: Use new charts, such as funnel, sunburst and histogram, to transform your data into professional visualizations, or use the new Map chart type to transform geographic data into a map with just a few steps.
  • More functions: Shorten the formulas you write using the new logical functions IFS and SWITCH.
  • Quickly access your sites and groups: Quickly find presentations stored in your frequently used sites and groups in the Open menu.
  • Better support for PivotTable charts: Change your filters in a PivotTable, and the chart you created will automatically adjust to show exactly what you want.
  • Multi-threaded calculation Formulas are updated faster when values are changed, because Excel uses multiple processing threads.
Power Point
  • Edit with others in real time: Thumbnails in the upper-right corner of the window show who else is working with you in a shared document. Flag icons show where others are working and you can view changes as they type.
  • We save for you! Changes are saved automatically for documents, worksheets, and presentations stored in the cloud, and you can see others’ updates in seconds. Need to roll back? Check the version history for a list of changes and access to earlier versions.
  • See what's changed: Slides that have been modified by others while you were away are highlighted.
  • A quick start to your research: Starting from scratch is hard. QuickStarter automatically creates an outline for your topic of choice with suggested talking points and designs that make your presentation pop.
  • Trim media: Remove unwanted content from the beginning or end of an audio or video clip.
  • Quickly access your sites and groups: Quickly find presentations stored in your frequently used sites and groups in the Open menu.
  • Laser pointer in Slide Show: Use your mouse as a laser pointer to draw attention to certain parts of your slide.
  • Features Updates
    • Archive or delete with just one swipe: Save time organizing your Inbox by swiping left with two fingers across the touchpad to archive an email or swiping right to delete it.
    • Support for Google Calendar and Contacts: No need to move between apps! Manage your Google Calendar and Contacts without leaving Outlook.
  • Security Updates
    • CVE-2018-0793: Microsoft Outlook Remote Code Execution Vulnerability

  • OS X 10.10 or later

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LanScan 5.0 - Simple network scanner.

MacUpdate - Mac OS X - 1 hour 55 min ago

LanScan is a simple and efficient IPv4 network-scanner that discovers all active devices on any subnet--local or public--that you configure.

  • Auto-detection of configured interfaces: airport, Ethernet, virtual interfaces, etc.
  • Scan the IP range you like, from 1 IP to the whole IPv4 address space!
  • Scan your local network with ARP packets
  • Scan public IP network ranges with Ping / SMB / mDNS packets
  • Display the IP address, MAC address, hostname (4 max) and vendor associated
  • Discover the SMB domain if any configured
  • Hostname resolution: DNS, mDNS (Apple devices) and SMB (Windows devices)
  • Custom hostname edition
  • Custom comment for each device
  • Export results in CSV files
  • Hide/show each column
  • Align each column as you want
  • No limitation on the number of devices found

Note: This application contains in-app and/or external module purchases.

Version 5.0:
  • New "Live Scan" feature: LanScan indefinitely scans your network for new devices
  • Enhanced "One Time Scan": LanScan v5 returns more results in one single scan than v4
  • New notification on IP address change: user can reset all results and update IP in LanScan
  • New icons

  • OS X 10.7 or later

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WeChat 2.3.8 - Simple chat app.

MacUpdate - Mac OS X - 2 hours 3 min ago

WeChat allows you to communicate with all of your friends personally and in group chats on your Mac just as you would with your mobile device. It's really easy to setup, simply scan the QR code or enter your WeChat ID and password to log in and all of your chats will load into WeChat. WeChat allows you to send emoticons and photos just as you normally would with WeChat.

Version 2.3.8:
  • Fixed some minor bugs.

  • OS X 10.10 or later

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Anyone have a good source for cheap low capacity USB's?

Sysadmin - 2 hours 6 min ago

Work in a medical practice, and from time to time we may be required to furnish a patient with an electronic copy of their medical record via USB or CD. Initially, for cost purposes, we were thinking CD's are clearly the way to go, but I feel like USB's would be less headache for all parties concerned.

Anyone have a good supplier for bulk dirt cheap low capacity usb flash drives? Technically this cost gets passed on to the patient requesting the record, but we have to supply the record at the time of request and the patient could stiff us.

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Sonos 8.2.2 - Control software for the Sonos Music System.

MacUpdate - Mac OS X - 2 hours 9 min ago

Sonos (formerly Sonos Desktop Controller) allows you to control software for the Sonos Music System.

Music in your house.
When it comes to playing music, we believe all rooms should be created equal. That's why you can put ZonePlayers in absolutely any room where you want music - either connected directly to speakers or to your home theater and stereo system. With Sonos, no room is off-limits and you can add music to practically any number of rooms: the bedroom, the backyard, even the bathroom.

Music in your hands.
Sonos puts the control of all your music and all your rooms right where it should be -- in your hands. With the touch of a finger you can find and play a world of music, whether it's streaming direct from the Internet or stored on your computer. Tune in to your favorite radio station or browse through your entire music library. You can play the same song in every room or choose different songs for different rooms. It's up to you. And so is which Controller you use - the dedicated Sonos Controller, Sonos Controller for iPhone, Sonos Controller for Mac or PC, or a combination of all four.

Version 8.2.2: Features:
  • Pandora on Sonos: Sonos is the best way to listen to Pandora at home. Play music from the Pandora app straight to Sonos. Enjoy Pandora, Pandora Plus or Pandora Premium out loud all over your home.
  • Play music from the Pandora app straight to Sonos. Send the music from your headphones to your home sound system with a simple tap. You can also let friends with the Pandora app DJ on your Sonos. The Sonos app and Pandora app work together. Control the music from any phone using either app. Start listening with the Pandora app and pick up with the Sonos app.
  • Get voice control for Pandora with the new Sonos One or when you connect another Sonos speaker to an Amazon Echo or Echo Dot. Start the music, skip songs, change stations, pause and resume completely hands-free.
Also in this release.
  • Wake up to your favorite songs, radio stations or playlists with the enhanced alarm feature, now with the much requested snooze function. Tap the More and Alarms in your Sonos app to set a time and specify what plays and where.
  • We made some small improvements to My Sonos, making it easier to play the music you love most. Organize all your favorites in My Sonos. Add playlists, radio-stations, podcasts, albums or songs from more than 50 music services.

  • OS X 10.10 or later
  • Internet connection for access to Internet radio stations and online software updates
  • Sonos Multi-Room Music System

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Allscripts Cloud hit with Ransomware

Sysadmin - 2 hours 18 min ago

Allscripts Cloud hit with Ransomware. We have clients down... that use this, the account manager just called to inform us.

Just incase anyone is wondering why it has been down since 6am EST

Posted on their client central

For affected Allscripts Pro and CCDA clients:

In the overnight hours of January 18 we became aware of a

ransomware incident that has impacted a limited number of our hosted applications in our Raleigh and Charlotte, NC data centers. Specifically, users of Allscripts Professional EHR services as well as CCDA functionality that are hosted in the Company’s Raleigh and Charlotte data centers are currently unable to access the application.

In addition, the Company’s EPCS service hosted in those data centers is also unavailable.

We are working diligently to restore these systems, and because of our robust backup systems, believe we will be able to restore services in short order. Most importantly,

we are working diligently to ensure our clients’ data is protected.

Although our investigation is ongoing, there is currently no evidence that any data

has been removed from our systems. We will update you as our investigation progresses,

and regret any inconvenience caused by this temporary outage.

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Pinegrow 4.2 - Mockup and design webpages faster (was Pinegrow Web Designer).

MacUpdate - Mac OS X - 2 hours 30 min ago

Pinegrow (was Pinegrow Web Designer) is desktop app that lets you mockup and design webpages faster with multi-page editing, CSS and LESS styling, and smart components for Bootstrap, Foundation, Angular JS, and WordPress.

Version 4.2:

Note: Now requires OS X 10.9 or later running on a 64-bit Intel processor.
Note: Pinegrow 4 is a free upgrade for those having purchased a license in the last 12 months. View pricing information.

  • Foundation 6.4 - Pinegrow now supports Foundation 6.4. Not only that, all new visual tools like column resizers, page libraries, and grid/column overlays are available for Foundation 6.4 projects as well.
  • Image overlay guides - Use “Image overlay” in the Visual helpers menu to toggle and set up the image overlay that is used as a visual guide for implementing your design. Select the image and set the X and Y coordinates to place it in the correct position over the page. The image overlay is shown on top of the page. It doesn’t affect the page itself in any way. Use Opacity and Grayscale settings to make the overlay distinguished from the page.
  • Other improvements:
    • Faster Page code editing, especially noticeable on large pages
    • Save Partial action accepts a relative path as well.
    • Support for remote stylesheets with the integrity attribute
    • Many bug fixes and small improvements

  • OS X 10.9 or later

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tTV 2.4.1 - TV-show tracker.

MacUpdate - Mac OS X - 2 hours 33 min ago

tTV is a TV-show tracker. It tracks your favorite shows so you can see when they will air, but you can also get information about the show, its episodes, its stars, and if the show has ended, you will see this as well. It organizes its content into Airing, TBA (to be announced), and Ended Shows so you can easily and quickly get the info you want. It also has a Taskboard for those who use streaming portals, so they can setup a Web link to the show, and once it aired, it will appear there and with a single click, be able to switch right to the Website in a browser to watch.

Version 2.4.1:
  • Fixed an odd bug with Events Window and Dock Clicks
  • Fixed the issue Episode Preview Window did't close properly
  • Improved the Events Section (the Bell on the top right side):
  • Now the newest notifications are on top which prevents duplicates
  • The messages now scroll instead of ... at the end
  • Other minor bug fixes
  • Most important: tTV comes now with a Crash Reporter, so whenever a crash occurs, you're able to submit the logs directly to the developer, please use this, simply click the Send Button on next launch
  • Added a "What's new" window for updates if anything is new that is more noteworthy than just a Mention in the changelog

  • OS X 10.11 or later

Download Now]]>

Actian Transforms IoT With Next Gen Embedded Database Platform

Actian, the hybrid data management, analytics and integration company, today announced new multi-platform editions of the industry leading Actian Zen Embedded database solution family designed to address the demanding scale-down and scale-out requirements of data-centric IoT solutions. This innovative offering provides the industry with the first enterprise-ready embedded database solution that works across gateways and edge devices, giving developers a seamless experience when moving data from edge to edge across the enterprise. ...(read more)

Canonical brings Slack to the snap ecosystem

Canonical, the company behind Ubuntu, today announce the first iteration of Slack as a snap, bringing collaboration to open source users. ...(read more)