Affiliates Connect Ebay

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Affiliates Connect Ebay is the Plugin to the Affiliates Connect Module. It provides the functionality to integrate the Product Advertising API of the Ebay so that the products from the Ebay can be imported to Drupal.

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Leadsquared Integration

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The LeadSquared Integration module is a basic CRM integration to Drupal form.


It helps integrate Drupal form with LeadSquared CRM to capture lead. Mainly focuses on Drupal form i.e leads are captured during :

  1. Registration
  2. Form Submit
  3. After Publishing/Payment/Update of content


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Weekly useful Drupal things to know thread

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What's a useful tip or technique or tool (or anything) that you picked up and think others should know about?

(Check out the weekly post schedule in the sidebar)

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Specbee: How Drupal & Blockchain are Changing The Perception of Decentralized Architecture

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There is a new Birdman in the town! An idea that has gripped the biggest institutions in the market. A technology, that enthusiasts believe, could change the world. "A truly extraordinary invention that does really mundane things", as told by Paul Brody, E&Y Global blockchain leader. Some see it go much further than the effect on "big stock trades". Further into cracking down on music piracy, child labor and a lot of other things around the world. Yes, I'm definitely talkng about Blockchain Technology. The idea that Drupal and Blockchain can work together to create a secure decentralized architecture is quite fascinating

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Hook 42: June Accessibility (A11Y) Talks - What's New with WCAG 2.1

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The June A11y Talk welcomed back Drupal Core Accessibility Maintainer, Andrew Macpherson. The “What's New with WCAG 2.1” talk discussed the new guidelines that were released in early June.

Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG 2.1) extends WCAG 2.0 and is intended as an interim until WCAG 3.0 is released. The new guidelines were needed due to advancements in technology and to fix some gaps and shortcomings in the earlier guidelines. Some of the new guidelines cover touch/mobile devices, speech control, and cognitive disability support.

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Entity Collector Notify

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Admin Css

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This module allows site builders to add CSS through the admin dashboard.

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Amazee Labs: Recap Pt.1: Drupal Dev Days Lisbon 2018

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Recap Pt.1: Drupal Dev Days Lisbon 2018

This year’s Drupal Dev Days took place in sunny (well, for the most part) Lisbon, Portugal. Over 400 people attended this year’s Dev Days, and I was one of them. I am fairly new to Drupal, and this was my first conference dedicated to Drupal. This was a week-long event, something that was unusual to me as I am used to attending one or two-day events.

Vijay Dubb Fri, 07/13/2018 - 14:26 Day one

Day one was all about Contribution at ISCTE. Let’s just say my first day didn’t get off to a great start. It took me over 30 minutes to find the entrance to the University, where the event was taking place, and I wasn’t the only one.

It also didn’t help that it was raining, but luckily I had my umbrella (being British I never leave the house without it). Once I found the place, I realised I’d left my adapter at home, so I headed out to get one. Luckily, there was a shop nearby. Along with my purchase, I headed back to help with contributing to some of the Drupal innanatives.

There, I met Ruben Teijeiro, who introduced me to several people and how to get started. I really wanted to contribute to the Frontend space, especially to the new admin UI. Setting up wasn’t the easiest (which I expected), as I use Windows for all my development. There I also met Christophe Jossart, a long time contributor to Drupal, who tried to help me with setting up the site on my machine, but to no avail.

By the end of the day with the help of installing WSL on my machine, I had managed to install the site, get it up and running, only then to be served with several errors, by which time I had called it a day. It might sound like all doom and gloom, but I made a lot of progress made throughout the day.

Day two Friction

The first keynote session of the week was given by Bojan Zivanovic. He spoke about the evolution of Drupal (version 7 to 8) and how Drupal has made several changes to Core using modern practices, making it a much better framework.

One interesting part was the adaption of  Drupal 8, which was a plus (40%), and the loss of Drupal 7 sites (11%), however, by putting them together Drupal actually lost over 35,000 sites in the last year. There were several reasons as to why this could be the case, including time spent installing Drupal and setting up the development environment, especially for those on Windows (like me :sigh:). It all relies on the community to help and improve what is already there, to make it easier for both new and current users.

“Sometimes our Drupal websites end up looking like this.” - Bojan Zivanovic (in reference to the above image).

Watch session

Overview of GDPR modules for Drupal

Another session I attended was a comparison of the top GDPR modules and how you can make your Drupal site GDPR compliant.

The talk covered many aspects - from rights of the user to form checking and security. It was apparent that there are several modules that help do this, so having a short list of the best ones made it easier. It also became apparent that to become compliant, you require more than one module.

One thing that came out of this session, which I totally agree with, was that site security was often neglected in the past but is now at the forefront of all sites.

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How to delight content editors with UX when building Drupal 8 websites

This session, given by Chandeep Khosa, was the last one I attended and was the highlight of the day for me. Adding features to the Drupal like Admin Toolbar, like a theme module to make it look nice, or even add help text, may sound rudimentary, but how many actually do so and make use of it? (No, really?) Most content editors are not used to the Drupal admin like developers are, so it was nice to hear what we can do to make it easier for them.

One specific module I found very interesting was the tour module, which provides guided tours of the site interface via tooltips, something available in core today. I didn’t even know this existed. One thing I took away from this was that if you don’t need it, hide it, why show something to users that don’t get used?

Watch session

Part 2 of my Drupal Dev Days Lisbon 2018 Recap will follow soon. Thanks for reading.

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Library Select

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Library Select

Module allow quick and easy insert CSS/JS code and files to Drupal. Library Select allow you create a field in your content type and Editor can easy select predefined CSS/JS Code.

This module borrow some code of module Asset Injector

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Running "composer install" behind company firewall, without access to https://packages.drupal.org/8 and Github

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My understanding is that "composer install" reaches out to https://packages.drupal.org/8, which in turn redirects to different Github repos for downloading the actual dependencies.

I'm setting up a Drupal server behind a (close to) airgapped environment. Would it be possible to sync all the relevant Drupal dependencies down to our local Git server, and then set up a local service to replace https://packages.drupal.org/8 and point composer to that one instead of reaching out to Github? If so, how could I go about setting up this?

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Which carousel script is fastest for Drupal website?

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Hi I have a drupal 7 website.

For my mobile visitors I want to use a carousel script?

Which carousel script is fastest?:

Slick Swiper Owl

Kindly advise Thanks!

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Flocon de toile | Freelance Drupal: Make a SQL query on multiple tables with Drupal 8

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Drupal 8 provides an API, with EntityQuery, which significantly simplifies writing SQL queries to retrieve and list a set of contents. Thus it is very easy to retrieve a list of contents according to complex criteria and conditions, without needing to know precisely the tables and their syntax for each field associated with an entity. But we may need to resort to more complex queries that involve associating data from multiple tables.
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Config Delete

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Delete configuration items from the UI.

You can delete configuration items on the following page:


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Editing Views html

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So, i need to edit a Views block html to make it unreachable trought keyboard navigation / tab focus. What came first to my mind was adding an attribute (tabindex=-1) to its first div or the anchors/buttons inside ( html4 do not support tabindex on divs), making this change directly to the html. Its possible? Would love some advice on this.


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Evolving Web: Drupal Association's Role in Growing the Community

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As you probably know, voting is currently open for the Drupal Association’s Board of Directors. The Board of Directors plays an important role in developing the Association’s strategic direction, and voting for the Board of Directors is an opportunity for members of the Drupal community to participate in shaping the Association’s future.

One of the reasons I’m running for this position is because I want to help grow the Drupal community into new areas, and to ensure that the Association’s strategic vision is representative of the needs of Drupal’s diverse community.

Although Evolving Web is a relatively small Drupal company, we have an incredibly diverse team, with our 15 employees coming from 11 different countries. Managing such an international team has broadened my perspective and made me think about the the Drupal experience in communities around the world.

There are several areas where I want to make sure that Drupal better serves the needs of its growing communities:

Toolkit for Drupal Event Organizers

Anyone who’s been to DrupalCon or a DrupalCamp knows that it’s an amazing opportunity to make connections with other developers and designers, to ask questions, share knowledge, and build a sense of community.

There are plenty of opportunities I see to create a toolkit that would allow for more and larger community-organized events. Already, the Association has standardized the branding for future DrupalCons, and provided a DrupalCon license that will be available so that the community can organize DrupalCons in Europe.

I think that it would be great to provide a more open version of this license, that would be a template anyone can use to organize DrupalCamps. For regions where the Drupal community is still small, and there are only so many people able to volunteer their time and effort, having an easily-adaptable format, planning procedures and best practices could make organizing a DrupalCamp a much less daunting prospect.

Similarly, this year we’re organizing the first ever Drupal Business Summit in Montreal. This is another type of event which could be replicated in other cities and regions, and could be a great tool for growing Drupal adoption along with community.

Promote Drupal Global Training Days

Drupal Global Training Days (GTD) is an exciting community initiative that I’m proud to be a part of. The idea behind Global Training Days is to introduce new and beginner users to Drupal. It’s a great way to introduce Drupal to regions where there are not yet large or active Drupal communities. It also provides a welcoming environment that can be less intimidating for non-developers or people just starting to explore Drupal.

Global Training Days are a great opportunity to expand any Drupal community, whether new or established, and can be used at the community level to promote Drupal. I think having more shared marketing tools to promote these trainings would be a powerful tool for growing the community.

Understand New Users’ Needs

As a trainer, I’ve had the exciting opportunity to introduce people from all over the world to Drupal and to see them on their journey toward using Drupal and becoming involved in the community. Over the past seven years, I’ve trained over 1,200 people from at least 17 different countries; across Canada and the US, at DrupalCon Munich, and at DrupalCon Asia in Mumbai.

Through these trainings, and my interaction with trainees, I’ve developed an understanding of how newcomers perceive Drupal, as well as an appreciation for the diversity of needs and priorities of Drupal users around the world. There’s an Admin UI initiative underway to improve the experience of content editors, which I think will go a long way to making Drupal feel more intuitive for new users.

+ more awesome articles by Evolving Web
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Screen reader only blocks

Drupal - Open Source Content Platform - Thu, 07/12/2018 - 13:39

I recently created a post about carousel acessibility, since im unable to make my boss understand how bad it is for acessibility, im looking into an alternative. The best one i came up with is taking the carousel out of the tab focus / keyboard navigation ( using tabindex=-1 or something like that) and using an invisible block with the links and informations of the original carousel only reachable by screen readers. Is this possible in drupal 7?


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Drupal core announcements: New provisional Drupal 7 maintainer: Pol Dellaiera

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I'm pleased to announce that Pol Dellaiera has accepted our invitation to be a provisional Drupal 7 core maintainer.

Pol is based in Belgium and has been working in the Drupal community for 13 years. He is working at the European Commission and is on the core team of the OpenEuropa Drupal 8 project. After being tasked to write a new theme that was going to be the base for all current and future Drupal 7 sites at European Commission, Pol wrote Atomium and Registry on steroids -- two of his last contributions.

Like many, Pol believes there is still so much good in Drupal 7 and is passionate about keeping it alive and healthy. You can read more about his background and thoughts on his blog.

Please join me in welcoming Pol as a provisional Drupal 7 core maintainer.

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This module allows you to create Javascript snippets for use on a site. It supports including either javascript code added to the text area, or a URL to a third party resource. Any snippet created will be wrapped in a Drupal Behavior, written to the public file system, and made available through Drupal's libraries system. Snippets are stored as configuration entities and are exportable to the site's code base.

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Domain Multisite Sitemap

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