Acquia Developer Center Blog: Experience Express in Chicago: Inclusion and Drupal 8 in the Spotlight at MidCamp

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Every time I leave the Windy City, I feel something pulling me back. This time, it wasn't the gusts that whip around the skyscrapers towering over Lake Shore Drive. Instead, it was the renewed excitement I could feel in the air on the heels of Wednesday's release of Drupal 8.5, and the mood at MidCamp, held at the Lincoln Park campus of DePaul University, was celebratory and animated.

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Provides Babel Polyfill as a drupal library.

Example usage


mylibrary: version: 1.x js: js/mylibrary.js: {} dependencies: - polyfill/babel
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Agiledrop.com Blog: AGILEDROP: Delivering value not just the solution

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When you are in the business of selling services or expertise, you will face competition. Nowadays a global competition where (y)our competitors take on various shapes and sizes. So when an organisation goes on the market looking for certain services, this organisation probably has a predefined set of requirements for the provider. These can change over time, but some basics are set at the beginning.    What is the client actually buying? There are at least three factors that influence the buying process at the organisation which needs a new website. The first one is the organisation… READ MORE
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CKEditor Hint

drupal.org - Modules - Fri, 03/16/2018 - 03:45

This module will create a CKEditor button to easily add hint message using CKEditor.

Adds a new button to Drupal's CKEditor which allows the user to create & display any type of content in an hint format.

The styling is minimal and easily over write-able by developers.

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Droptica: Droptica: Yoast Real Time SEO plugin

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Yoast SEO is a module that has everything you need to make your content visible to search engines. The plug-in that took the WordPress community by storm is slowly getting more and more traction in the Drupal community as well. What exactly is SEO? SEO is an acronym of Search Engine Optimisation, which basically means optimising websites for a search engine, which in reality translates into getting your website as high as possible in search results, and thus getting more and more people to visit the website.
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SMSBAO gateway for SMS Framework
SMS Framework短信宝网关
提供基于SMS Framework短信宝平台整合.

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Are there any large-ish ecommerce operations running on Drupal 8 + Commerce?

Drupal - Open Source Content Platform - Fri, 03/16/2018 - 00:09

Good examples seem few and far between.

I'm a Magento guy originally - which whilst it's awesome for transactional, is pretty poor for content. I can only see content being more deeply embedded in the customer journey going forward, which Drupal 8 is awesome at managing.

So are there any good examples of some medium - high profile sites running on D8 + Commerce?

I recall Lush Cosmetics being on D7 + Commerce, but any D8 ones out there?

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Coming soon....

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Drupal 7 or Drupal 8

Drupal - Open Source Content Platform - Thu, 03/15/2018 - 15:42

Looking at redoing a website and curious about the pros and cons of Drupal 7 versus 8. I know drupal 7 has been around longer and has more modules, but with Drupal 8 around I am concerned about support for bugs and security patches.

Not real familiar with either, so any help will be useful.

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Commerce cashpresso

drupal.org - Modules - Thu, 03/15/2018 - 15:08

This module integrates the cashpresso payment provider into Drupal Commerce, to allow payment by instalments.


See the modules README.md for information on installing and configuring this module.


Commerce Product Review module was originally developed and is currently
maintained by Mag. Andreas Mayr.

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Paul Johnson: Isn't it time your client created an organisation account on D.O?

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For organisations making a technology selection is rarely a trivial decision. Gone are the days where one stakeholder has this level of authority. More often than not a rigorous evaluation process is undertaken.

One early factor which can sway an organisation to evaluate Drupal as a candidate technology may be that respected organisations or industry peers have already achieved success with the platform. Whilst case studies are an excellent path to evidence this, they consume considerable time to author or may be impossible due to commercial sensitivity or privacy constraints.

Some time back I persuaded Greater London Authority (GLA) to create what is known as an Organisation Account on Drupal.org. In doing so GLA subtly signalled to peers that Drupal was of notable interest to government and public sector. In a small way they were contributing back, and that's how I persuaded them to do so. The more organisations we can convince to register on Drupal.org, the greater net benefit for us all.

In his recent blog post "My three mistakes in regards to the Contribute module and Drupal" Jacob Rockowitz expresses regret about not talking about supporting the Drupal community with his clients early enough. Indeed for him it was many years before it happened.

"We need to collectively start asking our clients to be contributing members of the community."

I wholeheartedly agree with this sentiment and encourage you to compel your clients to do so. There are 2 simple steps ideally your customers must take.

  1. Create an organisation account: Add an organisation (you need to already have a confirmed user account to do so)
  2. Support the Drupal Association: Join here. Starting at just $200 or €160 it is hard to justify why any organisation benefitting from the huge value Drupal presents wouldn't want to subscribe. Imagine how well funded the DA would be if we all got half our clients to do so.

Boosting the number of organisations registered on Drupal.org that are end user brings many benefits. I do hope that, consistent with the spirit of open source and Drupal that you consider encouraging your customers to start on this contribution path. Perhaps creating an account will start them on a journey to greater engagement with the project too?

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phpunit with code coverage and Drupal functional tests

Drupal - Open Source Content Platform - Thu, 03/15/2018 - 11:36

I'm trying to get code coverage to work on my functional tests. The problem is when I try to bootstrap drupal for testing with code coverage turned on, it goes so slow the tests time out. Without code coverage turned on they run fine. I did some logging and saw that it was indeed loading, just really really slow.

I'm guessing code coverage is trying to analyze drupal core, but I can't seem to figure out how to tell it not to consider these files for coverage. I tried using a <whitelist><exclude> in my phpunit.xml. Any ideas?

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Commerce checkout order fields

drupal.org - Modules - Thu, 03/15/2018 - 11:12

Commerce checkout order fields provides a new checkout form view mode on orders.

All fields exposed on this form view mode, are available from the Commerce order fields checkout pane.

This can be used to collect additional data during the checkout, for example:
- Order comments
- Shipping notes
- ..

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OSTraining: How to Change the Default Text Strings in Drupal 8

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Drupal 8.5 is available now, and we covered some of the key new features.

However, some smaller, but very useful features arrived with 8.5. For example, it's now much easier to translate the default text.

A few years ago, we explained how to translate the default text in Drupal 7. The process was painful! Let me show you how much easier it is in Drupal 8.5.

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Drupal Dev Thursdays: Post here with development questions or discussion

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This is the weekly thread for development questions or chit-chat that doesn't belong in the Monday Beginner Questions thread. All questions/comments/ranting about Drupal dev is fair game.

(Check out the weekly post schedule in the sidebar)

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Animate On Scroll

drupal.org - Modules - Thu, 03/15/2018 - 08:06

Animate On Scroll (AOS) library allows you to animate elements as you scroll down, and up.If you scroll back to top, elements will animate to it's previous state and are ready to animate again if you scroll down.This module provides integration with AOS library.

Animate On Scroll Library. (Check demo at: http://michalsnik.github.io/aos/)

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