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Made a little Wordpress site for friend, something's gone wrong

webdev: reddit for web developers - Wed, 01/17/2018 - 04:50

hey guys, thought I'd ask for your help on this as I have no idea what's happening. I created this site for a friend http://mollymaemua.com/ , it was in Wordpress with the Divi theme. This morning it's been brought to my attention that the site is not coming up properly, the styling is completely not working.

I don't know what the problem is, as last time i went on it it worked completely. I can't even login to WOrdpress. Any idea how this happened?

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Both Angular and React?

webdev: reddit for web developers - Wed, 01/17/2018 - 03:29

I’m branching out of learning vanilla JS and I am starting on an Angular based project right now and am enjoying that. My question is, which of the two (React and Angular) Would you say is best for me to focus my energies on in 2018 as a learning developer? Are there developers that work with both or is that too much of a headache?

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What is the current state of webcomponents ?

webdev: reddit for web developers - Wed, 01/17/2018 - 03:09

Is it worth learning it ?

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PSD to html/css online services

webdev: reddit for web developers - Wed, 01/17/2018 - 02:52

Can you recommend any website? I have an app to create but don't want to mess with css. I don't mean automatic service.

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Is there a way to write back-end code for my Bluehost website?

webdev: reddit for web developers - Wed, 01/17/2018 - 01:58

Hey guys, I'm a hobbyist game developer and I recently bought server space through Bluehost. I've got a little website going but now I want to start hosting online scoreboards on the same server for the html5 web games I have on the site.

I've been looking all over Bluehost forums and the only support I can ever find is for wordPress issues. I hate wordPress, my website doesn't use it, and the first thing I did when I got my website is uninstall it.

Anyway, I'm starting to think I made a mistake choosing Bluehost as it doesn't seem to give any control over the back end side of things, but if I'm wrong please point me in the right direction!

I'm also not quite sure if transferring the domain to a different provider is an option. I think I saw something about it in the forums but it wasn't exactly my main search focus so I don't really remember.

If I were to stop using Bluehost, what would be a good alternative that would allow me to handle back-end things such as ajax requests however I want?

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Basic CMS?

webdev: reddit for web developers - Wed, 01/17/2018 - 01:57

I’m looking for a basic injection CMS. I only know of CMS that control the whole scheme of websites. The ideal CMS for me would be one that would have text fields that would save to an output id and then show inside of the website as content-only. I feel that’s all most people want, and I just want something as simple as possible and free or close to free. Anybody know of anything related to this?

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Anyone else hate wordpress with a passion?

webdev: reddit for web developers - Wed, 01/17/2018 - 01:43

I currently have some wordpress work for a client and they keep asking me to do stuff that wordpress cannot do unless you go in and edit the php files or make custom styling. I mean it's supposed to be a CMS no? Why the hell do you create a wordpress site if you're going to hire a web developer to manage it afterwards??

The amount of time i've wasted trying to make something within the wordpress environment work for this person i could have built their entire website from scratch and not face those problems. Anyone else have experience with this? Clients who are under the illusion that anything is possible with a wordpress website, and if it's not, then you're probably not a very good webdev...

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Drupal Config Management: Multiple Developers and SVN

Drupal - Open Source Content Platform - Wed, 01/17/2018 - 01:05

Hi guys,

we're in the process of rewriting our old D6 site into a D8 site. The config management is giving us a bit of a headache.

  • Our team consists of developers and a Drupal consultant.
  • We commit our config to svn.
  • We use config_split to manage staging differences
Workflow commit (order of steps is important):
  • export config
  • dump relevant content (Things we consider configuration, but Drupal considers content)
  • svn up (This merges the svn state with the current local state)
  • Import the config and content to test locally
  • svn commit of relevant config changes and related code changes
  • Jenkins starts and tests config changes (Can the config be imported? Are there any error messages when opening pages?)

This process only works if everyone is very disciplined. Otherwise, it results in dozens of unnecessary changes to the config files that have to be sorted out. This leads to commits of unwanted changes or to commits that are incomplete. This happens a lot, especially to our consultant, who can't program at all (we knew this going in). At least once a week one of the developers spends 1-2 hrs cleaning up the committed config. Commits are time-consuming, because of this. Everyone knows to commit more often as that mitigates the changes and thus lowers the time needed. However, not everyone wants or can do this (some changes are bigger, but not big enough to warrant a branch).

Example 1: One developer swears he only worked on the feature he was supposed to but had inexplicable changes across all files. Names had been translated from English to German.

Example 2: Our consultant added new fields (e.g. recommendation and ISBN) to product entities and later deleted some of those fields (e.g. recommendation). Yet the commited fields contained references to the deleted fields (e.g. ISBN depended on recommendation).


The new configuration management works. It does what it is supposed to do. It's the process that we use that is to complex but how to change it?

In my opinion, the problem is that in symfony changing the configuration is a conscious act. Drupal obfuscates it to a degree (to make it easier to work with). I think that is part of the problem. In D6 we built a configuration management based on features. After a feature module was created we directly altered that, which made changes deliberate. We could alter the yml files directly (which some of us do already) and use config_split to bundle relevant configuration together. Something just does not feel right with that approach.


How do other teams handle this? Is there something we're missing? Most of the developers in our team are familiar with symfony and were hoping something as streamlined.

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Drupal website having browser issues

Drupal - Open Source Content Platform - Tue, 01/16/2018 - 23:47

So we are developing our Drupal 7 website.

Yesterday I tested out the test site and noticed with chrome browser I was not seeing design updates.

However I switched to incognito mode in chrome browser and I could see the updates!

Why is this so? I also tried clearing the cache and no success why?


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Does anyone have experience integrating BitCoin as an accepted payment?

webdev: reddit for web developers - Tue, 01/16/2018 - 23:30

I made a site with php where I sell clothes, and I’m looking into accepting bitcoin. Does anyone have any experience or stories to share?

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Are cookie warnings still required?

webdev: reddit for web developers - Tue, 01/16/2018 - 23:11

I half remember that cookie warnings were only required by EU, and that the law had changed.

Do we still need to add those annoying warning banners?

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PHP signup script throwing bad errors.

webdev: reddit for web developers - Tue, 01/16/2018 - 22:17

My signup script verifies if a field is empty, however everytime I run it reports empty. To make things worse, every time I remove the verification for empty fields I'm greeted with a bad email error. I know its probably something stupid.

Code: https://hastebin.com/egeyumayel.xml

this project is due tomorrow any help would be greatly appreciated

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What framework should I use for my school project?

webdev: reddit for web developers - Tue, 01/16/2018 - 21:57

I am going to start working on a project with some teammates for a school project; the project is a mobile application, however, most of my experience is as a web developer. I'm also the 'project-leader' and expected to make design/coding decisions that will help the other students learn how to develop better. I am wondering if I should go with a web-based stack or just stick to native android app approach.

I have a lot more experience with web (vuejs, react) and am able to assist them more if they need assistance. I am also interested in pursuing a career in web applications and I am fascinated by the PWA movement and tools like react-native, electron and weex making web the 'new native'. I think vuejs has a friendly learning curve so i'd choose that over react/other frameworks.

I am considering between native android, vue-pwa, and weex. Thanks for the help!

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Need advice for an interview

webdev: reddit for web developers - Tue, 01/16/2018 - 21:14

Hey guys, Long time lurker, first time poster.

I am currently in a 1 year new media and web development program and as part of the program I am required to complete an unpaid practicum. I just landed an interview that is with a big player in my city, and I'm pretty nervous. I feel like I have a pretty good knowledge of HTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP, and MySQL, but what I'm curious about is what kind of questions are asked at these sorts of interviews?

I have a portfolio and I'm going to make sure I practice presenting my projects over the next couple days in case I'm asked to show any of them. But any advice, tips, or just in general what I should prepare for would be helpful. I'm in Vancouver, BC, Canada if that is relevant.

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28 year old self-learner here. Wondering if a boot-camp is right for me. Long-winded rant inside.

webdev: reddit for web developers - Tue, 01/16/2018 - 20:09

Hey guys, I'd really appreciate some advice here.

28 years old with only blue-collar work experience and a high school diploma. Over the past few months I've been teaching myself HTML & CSS, and I've really been enjoying it. I'm looking for a career change anyways and would love to aim myself into the tech field, so, web development seems like a great choice.

So I'm really considering the option of attending a bootcamp, and (ideally) a part-time program. That being said - with a lot of these programs in the range of ~$10k, it's very hard to tell whether or not this is money well spent. I have done enough research to know that you guys are going to roll your eyes if I ask "are they good?", because it really seems like there's no definitive answer here. It seems like some just suck in general, and some are good for some and those can even be bad for others. Hard to tell, and impossible to tell to a stranger over an internet forum. I get it.

So, here are the facts. I have enough, between my savings and my current pension plan, to cash out everything and pay for a program like this. I'm currently way overpaid (as only a high-school graduate) and I can't stand my line of work, I have to get out. This job also operates on shift-work, as well - 2 weeks of days, 2 weeks of afternoons, repeat. I have tried and been denied any sort of temporary leave. This eliminates any and all possibility of juggling both this job and any sort of bootcamp, either full or part time. I don't lose much sleep over this fact - this job has made me more miserable in 3 years then I had ever thought possible, and I've lived very frugally to account for an opportunity like this. So I have the money to take a leap, but I only have 1 "all-or-nothing" shot to take. This workplace will not hire me back if things don't go well with this venture.

I have a borderline obsessive work-ethic. In the past few months I've done multiple-week stretches of 12 hour work days, 1 hour gym time, 1 hour coding time. I basically skipped high-school to play guitar for 11 hours a day (I did graduate, and I know this was stupid). I worked 7 days a week between 3 jobs for over 2 years to start my own landscaping company. This is the kind of guy I am. The point of all this is I have the utmost confidence that if I throw myself at something - a bootcamp, a college degree, a gym class, work, whatever - and truly dedicate myself to it, I will be successful at it. Even through blunt, sheer, repetitive force if necessary.

So, please. What I'm really asking for is just some true-blue, genuine, honest advice from some people in the industry. What is my best path to success here? Would a Bootcamp be right for someone like me? If so - what should I be looking for? Any particular "tells" or "signs" of a good or bad program? This would be based in the G.T.A of Southern Ontario, for what it's worth.

Or do you guys think I should take a more traditional route of a 3-4 year college degree?

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