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Questions regarding my assignment for a job

webdev: reddit for web developers - Sat, 06/23/2018 - 10:34

I got 1 call and 1 interview the next day I applied to some jobs and both gave me an assignment, both are pretty easy outside of few things I'm not clear about. Both are pretty similar and include psd files. I just assumed I needed to copy the design but one description said "Make 2 pages from .psd template", is that just looking at it and making it the same or the process is different since I've never done that before. Also one says to use some kind of templating engine, I never used one and project seems simple enough so what is the most simple/easy template engine to use?

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Tips to keep remote team on schedule.

webdev: reddit for web developers - Sat, 06/23/2018 - 10:15

Guys hi,

We have small team of remote developers, and use trello(Kanban board) for managing tasks.

5 rows: Backlog>Specify>ToDo>Test>Done

Works good, and we are very happy with team we've assembled. Problem since their schedule changes from week to week (they have main jobs and work only part), often there are delays, sometimes big ones.

I think the problem is that I don't set deadlines, and there is no feeling of urgency or schedule at all. That's my mistake. Basically now i just put tasks in backlog, and expect them to move.

At first i was thinking that deadlines/schedules are bad and will make team feel pressed, but now i think there is no other way around it.

After reading this old post from Joel Spolsky, i learned one important tip

Only the programmer who is going to write the code can schedule it. Any system where management writes a schedule and hands it off to programmers is doomed to fail. Only the programmer who is going to do the work can figure out what steps they will need to take to implement that feature. And only the programmer can estimate how long each one will take.

Often i was trying to motivate them

hey, guys let's do it ASAP, we need it to be done by Thursday, etc ...

But seems like it's wrong approach.

So basically my plan now is to make it as a practice once developer took the task that he analysis it and set's the

hour estimate

date&time deadline (according to his availability this days/week)

This why i hope they will be motivated to meet the deadline they set.

Please advise/critique.

p.s. We develop only for our own project, and at the moment are too small to hire full time. So we have 4 guys who are available 10-20h/week. Have been working with them 2 for 6 months, added another 2 2 months ago. Quality is much better than working with agencies/outsourcing, but often there are delays.

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World Cup Site

webdev: reddit for web developers - Sat, 06/23/2018 - 07:59

I'm a self-taught, beginner web developer. I came up with a little project for the World Cup. Wanted to have a site where you could quickly and easily browse each group table and some basic information about how each country was doing. Appreciate any feedback, good or bad. I'm sure I could use some design tips to make it a big nicer experience. Thanks in advance.


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What does it take to get closer like those who made their own framework (Vue, Laravel ....)?

webdev: reddit for web developers - Sat, 06/23/2018 - 05:52

I sometime want to give up and keep thinking how dumb am I. From day to day I keep improving myself but the topics is huge. I wish I could master only one language like Javascript but sadly no I need to learn other languages and design pattern just to do my job for living. It's been a year but I still has the feeling of the more I know the more I feel dumb and I still feel dumb till this day. I've take a look at webpack, vue, react source and it make me feel bad in a way that I can't write something that's so good and intuitive. Let alone trying to make something like that, I can't even understand their source code.

What kind of motivation does it take to reach those level beside having years and years of experience? Sorry, English is not my first language.

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Can't workout why the row is overflowing horizontally

webdev: reddit for web developers - Sat, 06/23/2018 - 04:49

I'm making a site for my mate and having one issue right before I start cleaning everything up. The row is overflowing when on mobile (for all of rows in the body) - but there's no content there, just the body's background image. I've commented out "overflow-x: hidden;" in the CSS in the link below because that doesn't work on android and you can still scroll, so to demonstrate the issue, that needs to be off.

Due to the way the site is setup, this is only an issue on mobile/small width window, as the the mobile version is completely different to desktop. If you've got a few minutes, would love an opinion on the desktop version though :)

Here is the site, I'd really appreciate some help if anyone knows what's gone wrong.

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Car listings API?

webdev: reddit for web developers - Sat, 06/23/2018 - 02:33

Hey dudes,

I've been working on a project for fun that I'm calling StarterCar. It's basically just a website that connects to database of cars- Make, Model, year, description, etc., that someone looking to buy their first car can browse through as a kind of guide.

Here's a quick little demo to show you what I mean: https://youtu.be/aXPS4Lc_IYA

I was looking to add local listings to the page for each car, but I can't seem to find any open APIs that will provide me with this data. Craigslist RSS feed links might work, but it looks like anything other than personal use is against their policy.

So, any suggestions on how I could go about pulling local car listings from another website? Something a little more legit than sticking an iframe with a link to a cargurus search, which is about the best solution I have in mind right now

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What should a "good" or "intermediate level" web dev be able to do?

webdev: reddit for web developers - Sat, 06/23/2018 - 02:23

If I told you that I was an intermediate level web developer using PHP/MySQL/JQuery/JavaScript/HTML/CSS/Apache, what would you expect me to be able to do? What features/capabilities should I be able to put into a website? Thanks.

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Need help displaying an SVG file inline in Drupal 8

Drupal - Open Source Content Platform - Sat, 06/23/2018 - 02:18

I've displayed my SVG file inline in Drupal 8, but can't seem to display it the way I want to. Right now I have copied and pasted the whole SVG code into my site's system branding block twig file (block--system-branding-block.html.twig), but I want to make it more elegant since the code block is huge. I read here that you can display an SVG inline by using a twig include variable, but when I tried adding the line of code into the content area ( {% block content %} ) it did not work. Any suggestions?

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Project manager won't give me a good reference

webdev: reddit for web developers - Sat, 06/23/2018 - 01:20

I need some input on this one..

I asked "can I put you as a reference for future work"? She advised me to ask others, because she obviously won't give me a good review. When asked, it was because of our past conversation about communication. What?

I definitely know that I get no confidence from the project manager.

I'm furious, and hurt. This came out of the blue. How could I not have been told earlier? Knowing what I've put into that project, I know I've done at least 80% of the work by two people.

I may slack in the communication department, but I try my best- I say everything I know and advise on what I think is the best technical approach. Otherwise I'm friendly and when two freelance developers on this project heard I'm quitting, one wants to recruit me and the other wants me to join her freelance company. They see the work I do and the code I'm committing.

When others consistently disagree with my decision I let it go and work towards their solution. I do regret this sometimes, but I want to be easy to work with.

Things that have gone wrong in one project:

  1. Deadlines has been posponed almost every time, we've failed to deliver fast enough
  2. We've had to ask for twice the budget we originally planned.
  3. Myself has failed to prioritise and communicate what expectations were realistic. Instead working 60 hour weeks to meet the deadline, and still come short. This is a first and not happening again. This is my first project working with a team.

Late delivery are mainly because of clients slow, limited virtual desktop and user permissions taking ages. A freelancer having 15 years experience said it was the worst he's ever experienced. I also assume it's been estimated too low.

Other things to note is my co-worker is a snake. He says he makes stuff I've made, he's been slacking off the first three months and doesn't finish tasks. He speaks negatively about work I've done and praises his own. He always speaks for the listening ear. Difficult to work with. I do think he would have gotten a good review- I'm not sure though.

I've told the project manager that I've done most of the work and that we both need to work if deadlines are to be met. I don't want to totally blame my co-worker and show his previously non-existent commit history because it makes me look bad.

I'm just puking out all these reasons to understand why.

But I'm still shooked to be honest.

All my past employers has been great references.

Why haven't I seen the red flags?

Working harder leads nowhere? The past week, 12 hours every single day- no one else does that (on this project).

I reaaaally need to know why. I can't continue doing what I've been doing- I obviously need to make some changes.

Thanks a lot for any input !

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Is Node.js or Python the ideal backend language to develop web applications in 2018?

webdev: reddit for web developers - Fri, 06/22/2018 - 23:47

Given a non-trivial business application of several modules (like say an accounting, payroll or ecommerce app), which backend language is better between these two? I'm familiar with both Flask and Django frameworks, and a little bit about Express too though I haven't worked extensively in it.

Python's one benefit is the wonderful pip package management tool which makes deployment and packaging very easy and seamless, but I think npm is also equally good and you need that anyway for fron-end work (like bootstrap theming and all). Also, Python's standard library and third party ecosystem is also too good and time-tested, though I'm not so sure about Node's in that case as I'm not very familiar.

As a seasoned web developer, which one would you pick between these two?

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How to make sure that my web designer and my web developer will work well together?

webdev: reddit for web developers - Fri, 06/22/2018 - 23:28

So, I am creating a online platform and for the job I am about to hire a web developer for the software and a web designer for the design of all pages. What I need to know is: how I make sure that their results works well together at the end?

What should I say to both of them? Should I arrange a skype coference between the two?

Right now I am drawing all the pages in paper so both know what I will need in terms of function and design.

Thank you for the help.

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