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Finally got my first client...

webdev: reddit for web developers - Thu, 01/17/2019 - 02:06

Got my first client and first meeting tomorrow so this whole day I want to impress my client with the work I can produce. I know HTML, CSS and JavaScript. And now just want to up my game and challenge and improve myself and my work. My client is a personal trainer, and while I think I know what my client wants on his website such as Instagram feed, testimonial section, about me section, image carousel section, contact me section/footer, etc. I don't know should I start this work on PHP? Have never used PHP but might use this excuse to start my coding on PHP as it I feel like this is what my client would like, what do you think? I am not using Bootstrap 4, just CSS grid/ flex, some JavaScript work and that.

For this first experience (and from doing research) should I just work on this first client website on WordPress? I'm a bit optimistic on WordPress because I feel like I didn't do any work. No coding, which therefore I feel like I wasn't challenged enough. However, I can understand if it's first beginner website to start something simple before trying to over-complicate things. My client also wants a nutrition section as well!

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What are some good free wire framing tools?

webdev: reddit for web developers - Thu, 01/17/2019 - 01:21

I’m looking to make a wireframe for an app I’m going to work on and I’d love to know what people have used and love in terms of free wire framing tools/apps

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Mongoose vs Sequelize difficulty?

webdev: reddit for web developers - Thu, 01/17/2019 - 00:28

Hi, I'm learning NodeJs right now and all the relational database stuff that Sequelize does for you is super confusing (though I see how it's useful). Is MongoDb/Mongoose as hard to learn as SQL/Sequelize? Just wondering! Thanks

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Any good tutorial for built_value?

I heard a lot of good thing about built_value and want to learn it. However, the problem with built_value is that it is huge and required a lot of other 3rd party tools like codegen.

From the github's readme it seems that a lot of tutorials just like give you an example project and then that's it. I could not find a lot of tutorial with a good explanation and more step by step approach. I will admit that I'm not smart enough to understand what is doing on by just looking at example code alone. If you guys have some good resource please let me know thanks.

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How much math is needed to be a back-end web developer?

webdev: reddit for web developers - Thu, 01/17/2019 - 00:21

I am currently working on a back-end web development portfolio; but I've noticed that some articles and posts mention that math is very important to back-end development. I'm just curious as to the extent of math that is needed to become a back-end developer. What mathematical topics tend to come up for back-end web development?

Thanks in advance!

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Am I very old school for using DataTables.net and FullCalendar.io?

webdev: reddit for web developers - Wed, 01/16/2019 - 23:34

I'm using these two jquery plugin components in many of my web projects. But I don't know much about the modern "react" way of front-end development. Does react provide any better alternative to these two useful open source components?

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What CMS and API's should be considered for a community platform website?

webdev: reddit for web developers - Wed, 01/16/2019 - 22:23

Currently trying to create a community platform website(100 daily users initial to 1,000 in 1 year) with the following capabilities:


- social login services (google and facebook)

- calendar

- picture gallery

- e-commerce

Besides Wordpress, is there a better CMS that uses javascript?

I read about Netlify and Gatsby combo, but not sure if static webpages are the way to go for something like this.

Hosting options:
- WP engine (if i use wordpress)

- bluehost

- hostgator

- go daddy

Which do you recommend for starting out?
Any other API's I should be considering starting out for e-commerce?

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Looking for a WYSIWYG editor that will work to edit content within an iframe and in-line

webdev: reddit for web developers - Wed, 01/16/2019 - 22:10

I'm building a program where the user can create something and the result is displayed in an iframe. The way I have it now is I have a form on the page itself and the user can edit the text and such and submit it which will send an AJAX call to my back end and update the page being rendered within the iframe and refresh the iframe, so essentially it updates in real time.

However now I want it so that the user can actually edit the text in the iframe itself. And once they edit it how they want, they can click save and the same will happen. As for the editor itself, I want it to be free and include something to change the text color and content alignment.

I basically want it to work like the content editor in Wix or SquareSpace.

What's a free editor that will allow me to do this?

The hack-ish way I thought of was to have all the elements I want to be editable have a trivial class like "edit" and when the iframe loads I'd add contenteditable="true" to all elements with class edit, thus allowing it to become editable, but there's no actual editor to allow me to change font sized, color, etc. However one of the biggest things is I want the editor to have a small menu that only shows up inline where the text is selected/clicked unlike most editors I've looked at where the menu is open wherever the content is editable.

PS. If you have a better way of doing this that would prove a better UX, I'm all ears! Thank you.

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Wise\unwise to have dart as first code language learned?

Completely for personal use to develop mobile\web apps. I've had some ideas for a while and after some research I've come to the conclusion that I will want to use dart\flutter\firebase to publish some of my ideas into some apps.

Do you guys think it is a good or bad idea to attempt to learn dart as my first language for this purpose now that there seems to be a fair few resources to learn, or should I start with js or something more widely used?

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How Are You Monitoring Your Internal Services?

webdev: reddit for web developers - Wed, 01/16/2019 - 19:07

My company has many test environments for our web applications. We're looking for a centralized dashboard that will poll our servers and list information like version numbers, health, maybe last updated date.

We could build this ourselves, but there might be existing ones solutions paid or open source that will make our jobs easier.

What are you using?

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What is your daily site visit stack?

webdev: reddit for web developers - Wed, 01/16/2019 - 18:56

As a web dev we all know progress, change and new information is churning in the tech industry on a daily basis, web is no exception. With so much influx of information, lots of it can end up being noise.

So my question to you is, what websites, podcasts, forums, etc do you frequent or visit on a daily basis as a must. Reddit, Stackoverflow & Medium don't count. They to me are defaults.

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Help! GoDaddy lumping all of my sites into my Let's Encrypt SSL Ticket, breaking all the others.

webdev: reddit for web developers - Wed, 01/16/2019 - 18:33

I am at my wit's end here. I had a domain's Let's Encrypt SSL cert expire by mistake and it has been a nightmare ever since. This one domain(for example's sake: problem.com) is owned by another company, problem.com just directs to the site I am hosting. I used to do all of my sites in one certificate until this happened, I needed to update the others and couldn't do problem.com at the same time as all of the others. So all of the others were done and there was a few days delay between this company's team getting back to me so I could proceed with the certification. Now when I did problem.com and all of the subdomains for problem.com it worked fine then all of my other sites broke, because the SSL ticket referred to them too for some reason, even though I only processed the SSL cert for and (from what I could tell)only selected to install it on problem.com. Then when I did a new SSL ticket for the other sites, problem.com got lumped in there too.

Why would this happen?


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When does not having a degree become less of an issue?

webdev: reddit for web developers - Wed, 01/16/2019 - 18:06

I'm sure it will always be a small roadblock, but right now (going into my fourth year of actual industry experience) I seem to get instantly denied for jobs that I'm confident I'm qualified for.

Just wondering if this lets up. I figured that it kind of would by now but it doesn't really feel like that.

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Webdev Challenge - how quickly could you do this?

webdev: reddit for web developers - Wed, 01/16/2019 - 18:02

High level: create an API in any language, and deploy it to any platform of your choice. Then, create a decoupled frontend that consumes the API and deploy that as well.

Details: The API will have one domain model, e.g. a Person with name (string) and money (int) attributes. The API will provide the following methods: CRUD for a Person, a getAllPersons() method to display all, and a method to check if the user has enough money for something, i.e. pass in an amount and returns true or false if the person's money is greater. So 6 methods total, which the UI must support. The data should be persisted in a database (your choice). Both API and UI should be deployed publicly.

Those are the only requirements, no design parameters or need for authentication, no test coverage, etc.

How long would it take you to complete this? I feel like it should be achievable on a basic level in less than 2-3 hours, maybe an hour if you're really fast. I was originally thinking of this just as a fun thing to compete with my coworkers, but also thought it might be a good live coding challenge in an interview. It would be interesting to see the choices people make of languages/platforms/frameworks/etc... do they use an ORM? Do they use a framework on the frontend or vanilla js? I feel like you could potentially get a lot more insight into someone as opposed to those more theoretical white board quizzes. How would you react to receiving this as a live coding challenge? What if the requirement was just to get as far as you can in 1 hour, how much do you think you could complete? Would also be fun to just see the differences of how someone would approach this from a java/angular approach vs node/react, or whatever technologies you choose.

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How I’ve Been Using Notion Personally and Professionally

CSS-Tricks - Wed, 01/16/2019 - 17:53

I use Notion quite a bit, both personally and professionally.

In a sense, it's just an app for keeping documents in one place: little notes, to-do lists, basic spreadsheets, etc. I like the native macOS Notes app just fine. It's quick and easy, it's desktop and mobile, it syncs... but there are enough limitations that I wanted something better. Plus, I wanted something team-based and web-friendly (shared URLs!) and Notion hits those nails on the head.

Here's a bunch of ways to use Notion as well as some scattered random notes and ideas about it.

Workspaces are your teams

The word "workspace" almost makes it seem like you could or should use them as your top-level organization structure within a team. Like different projects would use different workspaces. But I'd say: don't do that. Workspaces are teams, even if it's a party of you and only you.

Pricing is billed by workspace. Team members are organized by workspace. Search is scoped by workspace. Switching workspaces isn't too difficult, but it's not lightning fast, either. I'd say it's worth honoring those walls and keeping workspaces to a minimum. It's almost like Slack. It's easy to get Too-Many-Slack'd, so best to avoid getting Too-Many-Notion'd.

Meeting notes

We have a weekly all-hands meeting at CodePen where we lay out what we've done and what we're going to do. It's nice to have that as a document so it can include links, notes, comments, embeds, etc.

Those notes don't disappear next week — we archive them as a historical record of everything we do.

Publishing and advertising schedules

I like looking at a spreadsheet-like document to see upcoming CSS-
Tricks articles with their statuses:

But that same exact document can be viewed as a calendar as well, if that's easier to look at:

There can be all sorts of views for the same table of content, which is a terrific feature:

Knowledge bases

This might be the easiest selling point for Notion. I'm sure a lot of companies have a whole bunch of documents that get into how the company works, including employee databases, coding guidelines, deployment procedures, dashboards to other software, etc. Sometimes that works as a wiki, but I've never seen a lovely setup for this kind of thing. Notion works fantastically as a collaborative knowledge base.

Public documents

I can make a document public, and even open it to public comments with the flip of a switch.

Another super fun thing in Notion is applying a header image and emoji, which gives each document a lot of personality. It's done in a way that can't really be screwed up and made into a gross-looking document. Here's an example where I've customized the page header — and look at the public URL!

I've also used that for job postings:

It's also great for things like public accessibility audits where people can be sent to a public page to see what kinds of things are being worked on with the ability to comment on items.

Quick, collaborative documents

Any document can be shared. I can create a quick document and share it with a particular person easily. That could be a private document shared only with team members, or with someone totally outside the team. Or I can make the document publicly visible to all.

I use Notion to create pages to present possibilities with potential sponsorship partners, then morph that into a document to keep track of everything we're doing together.

We use a show calendar for ShopTalk episodes. Each show added to the calendar automatically creates a page that we use as collaborative show notes with our guests.

It's worth noting that a Notion account is required to edit a document. So anyone that's invited will have to register and be logged in. Plus, you'll need to share it with the correct email address so that person can associate their account with that address.

Blog post drafts

I've been trying to keep all my blog post drafts in Notion. That way, they can easily be shared individually and I can browse all the collected ideas at once.

Exporting posts come out as Markdown too, and that's great for blog post drafts because it translates nicely:

Private sub-team documents

Being able to share documents with specific people is great. For example, we have a Founder's Meetings section on CodePen:

There are probably a million more things

Notion is simply documents with interesting blocks. Simple, but brilliant. For me, it can replace and consolidate things like Trello and other kanban tools, lightweight project management platforms, GitHub issues (if you don't need the public-ness), wikis, Google Docs and Spreadsheets, and even simple one-off public websites.

Here's a website dedicated to other people's interesting Notion pages.

What I want from Notion

I'd love to see Notion's web app links open in their desktop app instead of the web. I prefer the app because I have plenty of browser tabs open as it is. It's gotta be possible to do this with a browser extension. There used to be "Paws" for Trello and there was a browser extension that would open Trello links in that app, so there is prior precedent out there.

I'd also like Notion to explore a tabs feature. I constantly need more than one document open at a time and right now the only way to do that is with multiple windows. There is some back-and-forth arrow action that's possible, but it would be interesting to see native tabs or native window splitting somehow.

I'd love to see some performance upgrades too. It's not terribly bad, but working in Notion is so ubiquitous and important in my day-to-day that I'd love for it to feel more instantaneous than it currently does.

The post How I’ve Been Using Notion Personally and Professionally appeared first on CSS-Tricks.

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RSS News API - Free News

webdev: reddit for web developers - Wed, 01/16/2019 - 17:28

I recently created this project that I would like to share with you.


This is RSS News API. A free open source API for fetching news from wide variety of news articles.

I'm open for all feedback. Thank you and have a nice day!

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Website has A rating but over 60 second load time? Need help.

webdev: reddit for web developers - Wed, 01/16/2019 - 17:17

Website: Nurboutique.com





Website is using Wordpress with BeTheme and WooCommerce. I have optimized images before uploading and used plugin to compress them again. I used WP Super Cache Plugin to speed up the site also. It still has this load time which is ridiculous. I have never had this problem before. I have no choice but to use HostGator since that's the plan the client bought before hand. Any suggestions?

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