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What are the standard procedures of using GIT

webdev: reddit for web developers - 12 hours 31 min ago

I'm fairly new to GIT and I would like to know how professional developers use them. I've seen people comment things like 'push directly to production' and have no idea what it means.

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Eternal question

webdev: reddit for web developers - 13 hours 5 min ago

To use WP or not for a CMS? I have a new project and for the 101st time I am deciding should I use it or not?

Local community website with multiple post-types, galleries pages etc. I tried roots.io stuff and _underscore in previous projects and while they certainly make life easier I still don't like WP at all.

Is there any help or customer experience with the admin panel of WP wins over every con and I should go like last 100 times?

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MEAN Stack App to Upload Photos?

webdev: reddit for web developers - 15 hours 4 min ago

I want to build a web app that allows a user to upload photos from their computer to a database that another user can view. I feel ok with CRUD requests, but it has always been with numbers and strings, I am not sure how to access and upload files from the user's computer and filter by file type.

I am in the planning phase, so I want to know if using the MEAN stack is a viable option? If so what sort of considerations should I take? Any resources or suggestions are definitely appreciated!

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Javascript problem/practice set resource?

webdev: reddit for web developers - 16 hours 48 min ago

Hello I am learning Javascript and while I read and study from Eloquent JS, I want to have more practice and solve problems that don't take a long time but it enhances my understanding of the important concept. Is there any good resource for my purpose? I would say my level is intermediate, and I have background knowledge of Java and OOP programming. Thanks in advance!

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Rant about browser storage api

webdev: reddit for web developers - 17 hours 41 sec ago

Whoever designed the spec for the storage event in browsers should never be allowed to write a spec again. What possible reason is there to, by spec, NOT fire the event inside the window where the storage key was changed?

What kind of braindead implementation is this that I can't create a fool proof implementation of making sure that changes to storage from any source are properly propagated throughout a web app?

I can't figure out any truly safe way to actually make a storage service that properly informs subscribers to any state changes that happen in storage.

I can trivially make a service that properly notifies listeners of changes when they go through the service but since the stupid event doesn't exit in the window where the change was made I can't figure out any method that will still notifies listeners if (when) someone else comes along and just does


What's the point of having an event only for other windows and not the one the event happened on?

By off chance has anyone got a solution to this that doesn't involve monkey patching storage.setItem?

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Question regarding the structure of a node app

webdev: reddit for web developers - Wed, 01/17/2018 - 23:32

I'm currently working on a Node Express app and I've been following the MVC pattern as best I can but I'm having trouble figuring out where to put certain code.

One of the functionalities my site has is sending out Discord messages to users and specific servers. So my question is, where would someone put the relevant code for doing this? I can't add it to my models/Users.js file because it doesn't just send messages to registered users, and I also don't think it makes sense to put it in controllers/ because it isn't directly linked with any of my routes.

Is there some other directory I should be organizing this stuff into? Are there any resources I can use to avoid running into this sort of roadblock in the future?

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Quick question: Why can some hosts purchase domains and why do prices flux so much?

webdev: reddit for web developers - Wed, 01/17/2018 - 23:29

Just wondering -- purchased a domain for a client to build a site on and the client's host couldn't get the domain, while Namecheap (my own provider) had no problem.

I get the feels it's kind of a Wild West when securing/purchasing domains, are there any simple explanations as to why pricing/procurement ability varies so much?

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I'm not a dev, but I own a business and I'm thinking of switching developers, but unsure. E-commerce - making 720k-1mm rev this year

webdev: reddit for web developers - Wed, 01/17/2018 - 22:40

Hello r/webdev:

I wanted to run by a scenario and get the opinions of the community here. I started an e-commerce business early last year, and we're on pace for roughly ~720k-1MM annual revneue this year. We built the website with a suite of Lithuanian developers, who have been fantastic in getting us set up, as we run a pretty custom website selling customized products.

Right now me and my business partner have two differing opinions on whether or not we should switch developers. Our current two developers in Lithuania charge us roughly ~5k USD a month for 110 development hours + project management, and we have a great relationship with them. For 2018 and beyond, they want a 25% profit share on top of their 5K USD a month salary. So at 1 MM revenue/yr, they would want roughly ~35k as a bonus to stay incentivized (on top of the salary of 5k/month). We have a lot of things we want to accomplish in 2018, including introducing new products and features to the website. For now, we have 2 products, and our initial website was only built to support 1 product. Our 2nd product is a hacked-together version. So we need to re-do our entire website probably and another possibility is for us to get on Shopify asap.

We have been in referred to another development agency from Amsterdam, who has performed a full investigation of our website, and is willing to re-build our frontend website from scratch onto Shopify for $6k, and utilize the custom-code on the backend that was developed by our initial developers. Their monthly development fee/maintenance cost for the same number of hours is roughly ~4-5k/month as well, but they don't require a profit share, and they would have a few more developers on the product (one lead and 2 junior guys). We've liked everything we've heard from them so far. The problem is, we don't know how good these guys are. We've had chats with them and they seem to know what they're doing and talking about, and after investigating our website they're confident they can handle our maintenance + new features we want to build out - and my referral has said they are top notch, but still, how do you compare?

We are nervous and have different opinions on whether or not to switch. We've built a valuable relationship with our Lithuanian developers, but they do want to charge us quite more, and the business is still new that we need to save as many costs as possible. We don't know if the grass is greener on the other side, by switching developers, and our current ones know our product very intimately. With that being said, we also believe the new guys could possibly ramp-up and be able to handle our product as well, and getting it on Shopify would be a plus for us - more stable, easier to sell the business in the long-run, and ability to have other developers work on it who would be completely new to the product.

Our website Backend is in PHP, Laravel framework, OctoberCMS; Then we have PhantomJS, and our Frontend is HTML/JS/jQuery/Blade templating.

What would you do if you were in my shoes? Any opinions are appreciated.

TL;DR : Unsure of whether to switch developers. Current developers are good but want to charge way more + have a profit sharing scheme. New developers also seem to be good but unsure of transition.

Thanks in advance, I know it was long.

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Installing npm packages

webdev: reddit for web developers - Wed, 01/17/2018 - 22:10

So I recently started using Gulp and what nots, I'm wondering whether or not there's a good and better way to install the packages which we use for our projects..

Right now every time I start a new project I would have to re-install the packages again one by one..

Perhaps there's a shorthand on how to install all packages that're installed globally into a project locally? Or is my understanding of using npm is still wrong?

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Flair Feedback & Annual Review of /r/webdev

webdev: reddit for web developers - Wed, 01/17/2018 - 21:33

Moderators have received several suggestions to implement flairs for /r/webdev to use for both topics and users.

For topics, we would have preset options and in order for your post not to be removed, you would have to set the topic after submission. Tell us your thoughts about this.

For users, would you prefer to have a preset list of titles or for you to fill out flair on your own? Tell us your thoughts about user flairs, as well.

We'll take into consideration the comments posted here and make a decision that we feel is best for the community.

Also, while we're here, let us know if there are things you would like changed. What went well this past year? What could be improved? Just to save you some time, we're not redesigning the subreddit, so you can leave that suggestion out!

Look forward to hearing from you.

P.S. We have two new mods. /u/nefs and /u/KorgRue, let's welcome them!

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Running a script to serve dynamic image on request

webdev: reddit for web developers - Wed, 01/17/2018 - 21:06

Basically, I want to run a script to generate/overwrite an image from HTML content whenever an image is requested from the server. It should then return that newly updated back to the user.

I'm not really looking for any code examples and I'm language agnostic (this is just for learning purposes), but if anyone could point me in the right direction of a framework or library that would facilitate this sort of process I'd really appreciate it!

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Which should I get?

webdev: reddit for web developers - Wed, 01/17/2018 - 21:05

I can’t seem to decide which to get.. A 2017 Macbook Pro (256GB SSD) or a Gaming Rig (PC) which costs as much as the 2017 Macbook Pro?

If I get a Macbook Pro, I can work with a powerful tin-can mobily, not to mention its’ outstanding display. If I get a Gaming Rig, I can play the games of my dreams, I can even livestream them, plus I can work in it (although not mobile)

What’re your thoughts?

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