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Is there an "advanced" community?

webdev: reddit for web developers - 11 hours 39 min ago

Firstly, please forgive the "elitist" chime that the title makes. I hope I'll get the message in the correct tone without offending anyone. I want to put it right here, in a plain way, so that it's very hard to misunderstand: I don't think that beginners are stupid, dumb, incapable, incompetent, or whatever. I just think they're beginners. There's nothing wrong with that -- you have to be a beginner at some point.

Heck, you can be a beginner all your life and that's fine too. I'll always be a beginner/noob/newbie in music production, and I'll also probably never learn to properly render a 3D scene. I'm interested in these concepts, I'm browsing those topics, and asking questions that have been probably asked ten thousand times before. I'm directed to complex explanations which aren't fun for me anymore, so I never learn the basics and just enjoy the hype of imagining that one day I'll create a music piece or a Blender animation.

I don't have a problem with the fact that vast majority of people are beginners -- it simply makes sense from statistical point of view, especially in development: it's in high demand, there's good money and the only thing you need to get started is a PC, which everyone who even thinks about pursuing development career already has. Web development in particular is even more reachable: a browser and a text editor. Easy to start. So many templates, so many libraries, all free, waiting for you to download them and thus, in three minutes, you're a developer.

Except you're not: and that's perfectly fine! I'm not an animator because I animated a 3D cube, nor a music producer because I mashed two songs together and added a kick/snare combo all the way. I'm also not a chief because I can make a sandwich. Nor a singer when I do drunk karaoke, and certainly not a dancer when I make a fool out of myself in a nightclub with friends.

It's perfectly fine to be a beginner and it's perfectly fine ask questions. You should ask a lot of questions. (Occasionally I'd prefer beginners would ask Google before reposting on Stack Overflow, but all right.) I enjoy helping these people, when I see that they really want to learn.

But I can't do it all day. I need a place where I can discuss more advanced topics. And as ellitist as it sounds, I want it not to be interrupted by an overflow of people asking the same beginner questions all over again. (Of course, it's difficult to draw a line between "beginner" and "advanced" -- as you advance, more and more things seem trivial.) Basically, I'd like to have a place where I can discuss things with people who love what they're doing, who are confident in their skill set but aware of things they don't know and who've been in webdev for at least a few years, professional or not. I'm not saying that beginner-oriented courses/forums/articles should cease to exist -- they're essential. I mean, I have some terrible downvoted-to-hell question on SO from 5 years ago. Having those questions was necessary to get where I am now.

Stack Overflow is too popular for its own good. It's swarmed with questions are formulated as "debug this for me please". Then a guy with 100k+ rep answers with a single line of code and gets 10 upvotes by people who say "oh yeah I knew this too!". I have an answer where I helped someone use Taylor expansions in order to build trigonometry functions in Sass, so that constructing carefully calculated slopes between sections would be easy to do. I devoted at least 2 hours to answering, learned a lot, had a fun time, and got just two or three upvotes. It was a miracle I even found the question, because whenever I refresh the feed all I see are questions about centering in CSS or using Bootstrap.

Quora is just plain ridiculous. "What's the best framework in 2018?", "Will React win?", "Is Vue good?", "Why does Angular suck?" and "React vs Angular vs Vue: Who's DA BEST" is asked few a times per hour, over and over again. If it's not that, it's a question about which library to use where 95% of answers are just people posting links to their own "top 10 xxx" sites, without even addressing the question.

On Twitter, barely anyone from dev circles mentions development anymore. Everyone is talking about diversity and women in tech -- and throw in different skin colors for more retweets. While these topics are not to be hand-waved, it feels like it's becoming more of a competition of who'll get more likes by saying a profound statement about it than serious discussion. Furthermore, more often than not, it's a fiesta or fabricated issues that don't exist, which unfortunately put the real issues in bad light at times.

Tech-specific official forums and chatrooms are inevitably swarmed by beginner questions that can be answered with "read the tutorial again, it answers exactly that in third paragraph", or are completely dead.

So, what's left and are there people here who share the same or similar feelings?

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I'm in dilemma, please help

webdev: reddit for web developers - 11 hours 57 min ago

So let me start by saying I have been into web development from past year. I started with node and from the start I didn't like working with it on the backend, I think js on front end is fine but I didn't enjoy working with it on backend. Meanwhile I started looking at Ruby and rails and it peaked my interest.

But I need a job or an internship. So my question is should I work with a technology I don't enjoy working with just because it has more jobs or start with a less popular language / framework like RoR which has less jobs?

Any help is appreciated thankyou!

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Is there anyway to (legally) pull data from a free ads website?

webdev: reddit for web developers - 12 hours 11 min ago

Firstly, the amount of listings of a particular product there are and secondly, how many people are searching for it?

I realise this will likely be different from site to site... So just hypothetically. I am only experienced in Wordpress so this is a bit out of my league.


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How do I integrate a .vue file with django

webdev: reddit for web developers - 12 hours 36 min ago

rookie here...My friend wrote a .vue file and I want to know how to render it using django. I was thinking of using django's template engine and render a html file through a view and somehow link the html file with the css and js file.. help

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Can right clicking a thumbnail image "save image as" the full rez link?

webdev: reddit for web developers - 12 hours 37 min ago

If so, how's it done? I can shrink my photos easily enough, but I want users to be able to simply right click the image and say "save image as" and get the full resolution version.

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Looking for possible mentor?

webdev: reddit for web developers - 12 hours 45 min ago

Good evening WebDev!

I've been tinkering with Front End Web Dev on an off since early high school (now 23). I've always had an interest in it and I feel like at this point in my life I really want to make a career out of it.

A little background on myself:

I am currently in my first enlistment in the military as an aviator. On the plane, I have plenty of free time to study and learn and I want to start putting it to use when I'm not furthing my knowledge of my current job. I love my job, it has brought me to 20+ countries since the beginning of the year, however, I've learned that this is a single person's job so I want a backup plan just in case I decide to get out in the next two years. This is where maybe you will come in. My problem is that I never maintain my education in web development and I'm hoping a mentor will help me. I'm looking for someone who is dedicated and passionate and willing to guide me. I don't expect you to be perfect, but hoping to just have someone to discuss my projects with, exchange ideas for improvement and ultimately help me become a better....coder? Developer? I have the drive, problem solvings skills and common sense to understand how and why things work the way they work, but I feel a mentor will step up my dedication to the next level.

So far, I have a working knowledge of HTML, CSS, and have been dabbling into JS, Ruby, and Rails. I'm currently located near Seattle and am willing to meet in person to discuss the vision of my future. I'll buy you a beer or coffee. Let me know. :D

Sorry for the wall of text.

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Namecheap has become so expensive since 1 year ago

webdev: reddit for web developers - 13 hours 32 min ago

I signed up my domain .com TLD 2 years ago. I renew every year and this year it has become AUD $17 to renew. For comparison last year it was $12.

Any reason to stay with Namecheap? Which other sites are doing free WhoIs guard as well?

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How hard is it to create websites? Can I do it as a hobby?

webdev: reddit for web developers - 13 hours 39 min ago

Can I make good websites eventually say in a couple years from knowing nothing about coding. Without eventually getting a job with a company? Is working for a company really that valuable compared to going on your own? I just want to learn web development as a hobby. And create websites out of the ideas I come up with. How possible is that? I'm planning to learn Front-End/Back-End with Node.js and Javascript. Learning through free code camp.

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Career Planning in Midwest (USA)

webdev: reddit for web developers - 13 hours 51 min ago

Living in the Midwest I noticed that most jobs are in C#/Java. I have a job that uses Ruby. In addition I consider myself relatively strong in javascript (Node). With that said, would I eventually need to learn C#/Java on my own free time to open opportunities for myself? Or would companies be willing to take chances and understand that languages/frameworks can be learned relatively quickly. What have your experiences been?

Edit: I am junior level in terms of experience and would like to position myself to be ready for other roles within a year.

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Are there any good webhosts that aren't on autopilot with just supporting wordpress installs?

webdev: reddit for web developers - Fri, 09/21/2018 - 21:53

Looking for a decent webhost (who isn't):

  1. supports simple, basic things like .htaccess, server-side includes
  2. allows multiple websites under same account
  3. allows third party SSLs
  4. works nicely with dreamweaver and maybe VS-Code

I'm not looking for cheap, nor am I looking for ruddy expensive. There seems to be a gulf between the crappy GoDaddy and Bluehosts of the world and the $50-$70/mo cloud hosts.

Good support is a must. No idiots who only know wordpress installs, and have no idea what an SSI is. This is NOT for serious programming/dev work, so a basic LAMP scenario would be fine.

Much appreciation... I've wasted days on crap hosts lately. Days...

- Zack

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Udemy or freecode camp?

webdev: reddit for web developers - Fri, 09/21/2018 - 20:25

I went through a bootcamp and had to drop out half way through due to life throwing a few haymakers at me during the course. I've taken a couple months off to get my health and house back in order and i'm feeling good for the first time in god knows how long. So i've started approaching web-development again, this time as a self taught developer. Problem is i feel overwhelmed with my options. I feel decently capable with git, js, node, express, react, sql. The bootcamp really taught me alot, but i struggle without the structure. I feel decently capable but not quite capable enough to build fullstack apps without more familiarity. Do you have any suggestions how to approach this? My goal here is to become a fullstack developer. I have a preference for backend but i'm still so wet behind the ears i could see that changing as i get more comfortable with front end. Atm i'm leaning towards starting with https://www.udemy.com/the-complete-web-developer-in-2018/

But i would love to get some more advice on the best path here. Whether that is hearing your story or suggesting a better udemy course. I need any and all advice please. Thanks and i apologize for the format of this post.

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Notepad++ Compare Equivalent for OS X

webdev: reddit for web developers - Fri, 09/21/2018 - 20:22

I'll preface this with i'm a network engineer with some coding experience. I'm posting here as developers typically have the most experience ustext editors. I'm looking to move back to using a Mac as my daily driver. When I used OS X in the past I would end up running notepad++ in fusion primarily due to the compare plugin and not finding anything that worked as well natively. Is there a text editing tool for OS X that can do side by comparison of 2 text files which also allows you to continue editing either text file in the same window after the comparison has been made? I remember trying Sublime and a couple of other editors which could perform a side by side diff and allowed for some merge capabilities but you would have to return to the main editor window to make any freeform edits. This is one feature that has made notepad++ a cut above the rest for me as it is externally useful when working with device configurations.

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Will someone be my mentor or help me 1 on 1?

webdev: reddit for web developers - Fri, 09/21/2018 - 19:12

I'm just starting to learn Javascript and web development but I don't know what are the best way to learn quickly and properly. I want to avoid all the common mistakes so I don't end up with bad habits in the future. If someone can be my mentor or even help me 1 on 1 with my code then that would be amazing. PM me if you're interested. Hope to hear from you :).

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What services should I use to develop my website?

webdev: reddit for web developers - Fri, 09/21/2018 - 19:01


What service should I use to host and develop my website? I've heard that I should use Bluehost and WordPress. I've also heard I can just use GitHub. I am pretty much a complete noob at web development, I've done a little html back in college but not much. Anyway I'm looking for a cheap and easy solution (who isn't right?).

Some background: I run a small handyman service company and I need a website for my company. I would like the website to basically be static and just show contact information and a portfolio of jobs that I have done, maybe some links or embedded YouTube videos. The only "dynamic" part of the website I would want is a submission page for potential clients to write down and send pictures of problems they are having or jobs they need done. This submission would them be sent to my email.

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Overworking - is it something I’ll just have to get used to?

webdev: reddit for web developers - Fri, 09/21/2018 - 18:51

I’m a career changer 3 months into my first front-end developer job.

One of the reasons I switched careers is for a better work-life balance - I used to work three jobs to pay the bills and still have a little fun, and find that in this field, I can do that by just working one.

However, I’m a consultant with 40 billable hours a week. Lately it’s been crunch time for the team, and even though I’ve been kicking ass and working my 8 every day, we’re still expected to work overtime.

The worst part about it is that it’s not even on me. I do my share, always, and then some. But due to mistakes and misinformation from leadership, there’s been times I’ve had to stay late, and not even do actual web development. They’re usually menial tasks - something that’s just delegated to the team because it’s too tedious for leadership to bother with.

Note that I’m not one of those devs (yet) that only wants to program 40 hours a week. I like building things, and I also freelance for a local startup. I just want separation and balance. Is it something I’ll ever get in this career?

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