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My fear to start a potentially successfull web project -That someone could steal code and project idea.

webdev: reddit for web developers - Sat, 02/17/2018 - 23:44

Hello webdev, I'm not sure if this is the right subredit to post this. I would like to start a web project that could be very successfull and evolve in something great. This kind of project already exsists but I thing there's still some room for another good project like this. I'm trying to find co-workers that may want to join me in the project - but I may need more support, so I'm thinking about finding devs from abroad that would like to contribute. Thing is that I'm afraid of giving the idea to others and also some devs and that they could certainly take advantage from it and eventually steal "something" from the project. Even with my some co-workers. How can I get over this fear? How does people manage these kind of problems?

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Need help with adding ad to blog

webdev: reddit for web developers - Sat, 02/17/2018 - 23:03

Hello, I'm brand new to this sub, but reddit has always been a fantastic place for assistance so I figured I'd ask here.

I run a gaming blog with some friends and I've created an advertisement using Google Web Designer. I'm trying to figure out how to get my completed advertisement to display on our wordpress site. I've tried pasting the code from GWD into a widget, but it does not show any of the animations. Is it even possible to do what I am trying to do? Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Edit: wanted to add that I've spent a good amount of time looking for an answer online but I've not had luck


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love-hate relationship...where do I start?

webdev: reddit for web developers - Sat, 02/17/2018 - 22:26

I've been interested in programming since high school. I've dabbled in delphi, python, sql, learned some basics like simple sorting algorithms, data types, etc. I've been able to do some little scripts that I found helpful. It's been a while and I've never advanced much into any of this. I'm fascinated with web programming because of how versatile and cross-platform it is. I've been trying to do all kinds of web programming tutorials, but I end up getting extremely bored in the html and css sections. I really hate design. I hate having to come up with the right ratios or sizes or arrangement of things and typing it in by hand, checking what it looks like in the browser, going back to the editor, making adjustments, etc. I'd just like to pull objects around with my mouse and then take care of any functions in the background. Is there anything out there that would allow me to learn web programming without having to do much manual html/css work? I've gone through js tutorials and found them fairly easy, but I've never gotten to the point of actually implementing any js within a website, or connecting a website with a database. Any ideas on how best to advance despite my hatred towards html/css? Does anyone here have a similar attitude towards the graphical side? How do you deal with it?

TLDR: I want to do web programming without html/css. Is it possible? Are there tools?

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Looking for feedback on my portfolio (to be)

webdev: reddit for web developers - Sat, 02/17/2018 - 22:15

Working on a new portfolio. Haven't added the actual portfolio work items, so there's placeholder in there. But everything else is how it will be once I put it live.


Worried it's too generic, but I'm big on trying to make stuff clean. Let me know if anything jumps out as needing change.

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Feedback on resume and portfolio site

webdev: reddit for web developers - Sat, 02/17/2018 - 21:10

I feel comfortable to start applying for entry level front end jobs. But would like to get some feedback on my resume and portfolio site first.




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Really confused right out of the gate!

webdev: reddit for web developers - Sat, 02/17/2018 - 20:31

I asked around and all in all, the answer was, for my website, it would be best to use AWS and Wordpress for a blog.

Well, I used AWS and launched an instance and used the built-in Wordpress installer and, after a little grief then a nice youtube video, I installed Wordpress with AWS.

I synced it up to my domain and everything, I haven't done anything to it yet, but I am pretty proud of getting this far to be honest, but now here is my issue.

When I was initially doing this, a youtube video told me to download MAMP (I have a Mac) and I managed to successfully get to Wordpress through there too... both AWS and MAMP use the same credentials (username/password) for Wordpress but they give me completely different pages (I've made a few "test" posts on each one and named them differently-- the two Wordpresses are completely different). The AWS is completely synced up to my domain and I am about to start the (fun-part!) development of the actual website. Can I uninstall the MAMP part? or is there something there that I need to hang on to? Or did I basically do the same thing twice? Lastly, why don't the same credentials get me in to the same page?

Thank you to everyone who has helped me so far! Before this all felt so foreign, but here I am, two weeks in, and I am actually starting to understand what I am doing and how everything works! So excited for the next step!

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