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Need help looking at some hosting options for a small business image uploading site.

webdev: reddit for web developers - 3 hours 14 min ago

Hey, Novice/Intermediate dev here. I'm creating a webpage for a business, and I'm going to be adding an additional service that is accessible to employees. The service well allow employees to upload images to the server, and these images will be searchable by particular keywords. There's going to be probably about 30,000 images a year, and about 50 GB total per year. It's small business with about 7 people uploading and another 7 searching and viewing.

I'm looking at hosting options, and I'm curious what level of service/bandwidth/etc. I would need to suggest to comfortably run this service. Uploading would be the biggest issue, where downloading/viewing would take up less.

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Freelance Life

webdev: reddit for web developers - 3 hours 23 min ago

What's life like as a freelance web developer? Is it hard to find jobs? are they competitive? Is it your only job?

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Looking for web designer

webdev: reddit for web developers - 3 hours 37 min ago

Looking for someone/company to help me setup a site. Message me for my email and I will explain what it is I am looking for.

Include a portfolio if you have one when you email me. It will be a big job so only message if you have the time and commitment.


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Question for a simple notes making webapp.

webdev: reddit for web developers - 3 hours 46 min ago

I've used django framework and made a notemaking webapp. Can somebody please tell me how to make it such that i can edit and add notes on the same homepage without having to move to different urls? Like if i click on the note it should open an edit box with save functionality, something like that. Is it doable in Django? If not, then what concepts or framework should I learn? (I'm a novice in javascript)

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Web development as a DJ b or as freelance

webdev: reddit for web developers - 3 hours 52 min ago


I Have started learning web development form the past 8 months. Till now learnt html,css,js,jquery,bootstrap,php and mysql..need to learn laravel,ajax,json,seo and wordpress..I'm not expert in all these things..but i know how to get things done..should i start as a freelance developer or should i look for a job to begin with?

Thanks, Rahul

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Freelancers: what do you do on the side?

webdev: reddit for web developers - 4 hours 40 min ago

Other than web development, do you have any other freelance jobs?

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Help me make a quiz for my friend's Birthday!

webdev: reddit for web developers - 4 hours 41 min ago


My friend is an experienced full stack web developer - I would like to come up with a series of challenges for his birthday, that each give him a clue to the next puzzle eventually resulting in his present.

I have some non-programming ideas to put in there and thought about giving him a piece of text with Regex pointing to certain letters etc but i thought i would come here for ideas - please let me know if you can think of anything!

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How to deal with a huge traffic spike as a non-dev?

webdev: reddit for web developers - 5 hours 9 min ago

Hey /r/webdev,


I'm not a developer but I do manage a (poorly built) website for my start up. We're going to be featured on national television in the next few weeks and are expecting a big traffic spike- I would guess somewhere in the region of 10,000-20,000 concurrent users based on other people's experiences with the show.


There is no way our current website and hosting setup can handle that kind of traffic (I'll include details of exactly how it's put together below) so I'm looking for a solution that I can actually achieve with my limited technical knowledge.


Currently, my plan is:


  • Buy a similar domain (we're currently using the .com so I could grab the .co.uk)
  • Make a simple version of our site using a CMS like Squarespace
  • Set up a 302 redirect for the duration of the spike to send everyone who searches for us while we're on TV to the Squarespace site for the duration of the traffic spike.
  • Remove the redirect and go back to our usual site once our time in the spotlight is over


I've been reading around and as far as I can see the negatives of this approach are mostly to do with SEO and the kind of speed we can expect from Squarespace's server. But even if it's slow, I figure it stands a much better chance of staying online- besides our usual website isn't exactly speedy...


So /r/webdev, that's the plan- will it work? If you've got any suggestions about how I could deal with this better or there are any areas I'm being a real idiot about, I would really appreciate your advice!




Oh, and just in case this makes a difference, here's the current set-up:


  • Our site is built using the wordpress theme Divi, which is basically a drag and drop builder. I've used plugins all over the place so the whole thing is pretty slow and inefficient and could well fall apart at any moment...
  • It's hosted on a VPS at TSO host. 1x Xeon Core CPU, 768MB, DDR4 RAM, 20GB SSDStorage, 400GBBandwidth...whatever all of that means.
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Work Experience/Skills Visualiztion

webdev: reddit for web developers - 5 hours 14 min ago

Any suggestions for unique ways to visualize work experience/skills. I honestly hate those bar charts (what is the normalization for 100% CSS or javascript)...to me they seem meaningless. Any one have thoughts on a good way to visualize this?

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General Assembly Online Immersive

webdev: reddit for web developers - 5 hours 45 min ago

Can anyone who has been through GA's Web Dev immersive (or similar courses) online relay their experience?

I'm concerned with losing some value compared to being in person for the class. How do they replicate a classroom environment digitally?

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Drupal 8 Theme Guidance on bootstrap based theme

I am looking for advice on how people choose to start their custom Drupal 8 themes that include Bootstrap 3. I will want a setup with Gulp, that builds bootstrap from sass so I can include only what I need. I cruised Github and found a few starter kits, and noticed none of them are "subthemes" of the drupal.org/project/bootstrap theme. Which is what I originally was going to do, but now unsure.

I don't really know the pros/cons to using the Bootstrap project theme as a parent-theme OR classy for example.

Starter kits I found (I am looking to do something very similar) * https://github.com/alexandar87/d8bs * https://github.com/xenomedia/xeno_demeter * https://github.com/mlaroy/drupal-8-webpack-starter * https://github.com/kurtisdunn/Drupal-8-Starter-Gulp-SASS

What are the pros/cons to subthemes? I got burned in D7 when a profile maintainer abonded their Distrobution, and I can see the pros to a Vanilla Drupal install now :) So I want to start my theme out correctly!

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Could someone give me the lowdown on animating SVG's?

webdev: reddit for web developers - 6 hours 31 min ago

i've been out of the frontend game for a couple years while I focused on the backend. now i am back (to fullstack) and seeing that animated SVG's have become the new hotness but i'm having trouble understanding how this is accomplished. I understand the image is created with code but is it jquery or something that is manipulating the code to change the image?

take the logo on www.rubygems.org for example, when you mouse over, the shape surrounding the ruby spins around once. is there like every "frame" of this image's code stashed in a .js file that is being swapped out in fast sequence to accomplish this?

any ideas or tutorials to get me started down the right path would be appreciated. thanks in advance.

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Rendering props in React - best way to do it

webdev: reddit for web developers - 6 hours 36 min ago

Hello, So I'm trying to learn react and I've encountered an issue. I just started to implement Redux in my React project, I watched some tutorials and read some docs and I managed to work with the redux.

I'm fetching some json data with axios and I'm passing it down using props to my component. Here's some code from my container and component.

Store Container https://gist.github.com/dragosdydy/6ddbb787a3021666e6540d61f07175d5

Store Component https://gist.github.com/dragosdydy/7cf8cf3c2ca9fa48c0a4bca540a8b544

My question is that if checking for this.props.data.length is a good way to return my data or if i should do it different? If I remove the if statement, I get an error that this.props.data.map is not a function because it is empty.

Can anyone suggest a better way to do this ? I kind of hate this way because it just loads the <Loading> component for a small time before the data is rendered.

Thank you.

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