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Why gearbest printers are so much cheaper than other chinese market places?

3D printing news - Thu, 12/21/2017 - 17:00

I know they are fucked up, but I on't think that explain how they manage to get such low prices

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2 weeks with no google services on Paranoid Android with the Sony Xperia X Compact

Android - Thu, 12/21/2017 - 16:56

Recently I sold my Nexus 6 and bought a used Sony Xperia X compact, because I wanted a smaller phone. It got me thinking, can I install a ROM, and get along without google services? I've never tried this before, so I thought I'd give it a go.

First thing I did was pick a ROM. Luckily, the phone came with TWRP already installed, so I didn't have to go through the trouble installing that; just had to flash a new ROM. I had planned on using LineageOS, but there was no build, so instead I chose Paranoid Android.

I flashed it, along with supersu, and started up the phone without google services, knowing that if I wanted it, this is where I'd have to install it.

The first things I did were (after activating my service, Mint Sim) install an app store. I immediately installed F-Droid, then from there installed Yalp. Yalp is a cool app that allows you to grap APKs from the Google Play store, immediately solving a lot of issues with not having google services. I can access any app I want through the store without issue.

With yalp, I grabbed firefox, and some apps I use often: CBS sports, Memrise, Doze, Greenify. I also installed GBoard, which surprisingly has no issues running.

Email was easy to set up, using the default email app. I still think this app (just named Email) is great and feel no need to grab K-9 mail or another open source client.

Where I thought would be a problem is apps that require google services (in the Yalp app, it will state whether an app needs google services or not). One app I use a lot is ESPN fantasy sports, which states that it does require google services. So, I downloaded it, expecting to be disappointed. Opening the app, a popup states that google services are required to run this app, but after clicking ok... it works! Not sure why it does that. After this, a couple of apps have this same behavior, but run anyways.

A few games that require google services to save progress don't allow me to save. For instance, golf clash requires me to start as a new random player. Games that don't rely on google services run just fine, like World of Tanks Blitz.

My only real complaint so far stem from the ROM itself (Paranoid Android on the X Compact doesn't have functioning bluetooth, nor can I use the camera button) and from a good maps app. Although I installed OsmAnd~, I long for the simplicity and neatness of google maps.

But besides these, it has been smooth sailing. I can get 2 full days of battery life on moderately heavy usage. Thanks for reading!

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Looking for new options for web developing

Learn Programming - Thu, 12/21/2017 - 16:55

hey, so i have almost 3 months since i started developing web stuff, i know for web css, html, javascript, mysql on a medium level and basic php, and i have like a year of experience of other programming languages like C, C++, C#, python, JAVA, etc, i work mostly on front-end stuff and i want to improve in other areas, so im looking for some new languages/frameworks to learn to improve my range on developing web apps, web pages, etc, currently im looking to learn SASS, Ruby on Rails and ASP.NET and improving my PHP skills, what do you guys recommend to learn? im focusing more on web stuff but anything worth learning is good too

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help with rsyslog and duplicate entries

(Debian 8) I'm trying to redirect all of my dhclient logging messages to a specific file /var/log/dhclient.log I've since got that working, but now what I have is dhclient messages in both daemon (common log file) and dhclient.log. How do I tell rsyslog to only put those messages in dhclient.log?

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