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Bridging the Gap Between Programming within Console and Building Actual Apps

Learn Programming - Sat, 11/17/2018 - 12:22

So there is no shortage of guides for all languages teaching the fundamentals of variables, loops, functions, etc. There is even an abundance of websites that provide challenges that require creative use of these methods to solve complex algorithmic problems.

I've gone through the process of learning these fundamentals in several languages, but I find once I've completed the introductory material and various challenges, there is this massive gap to writing actual usable code.

In my experience, after the fundamentals, there is this leap right into setting up IDE's and virtual workspaces, downloading and employing various libraries, establishing strange folder hierarchies and required files.... It's all very overwhelming!

I've given it my best effort to look for myself, but it's hard as a beginner to distinguish between which guides are providing a straightforward basic approach to building your first web app (working with Python at the moment) and which are incorporating too much stuff at once because they assume you're just new to a LANGUAGE and not to the entire concept.

So, does anyone have any recommendations for someone with basic HTML/CSS/JS and Python (no clue how servers, hosting, etc works) skills to follow a tutorial to set up a basic website/app that I can slowly add more and more features to and play around with?

An example project I would like to make is something simple like a website that my roommates and I can use to keep each other updated on whether or not the dog has been fed, when it was last let out, etc. A simple responsive web app that loads fast and is easy to use.


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Starting my first ever commercial project(C#/MVC) - What are some general tools/services that are essential for projects that you use?

Learn Programming - Sat, 11/17/2018 - 12:15

I've started my own company with a friend of mine who has previous dev experience but will do the admin side of stuff so technically I am the lead developer. I've always done small projects but never really used source control on them or done any task tracking.

My list so far:

  • Jira/Confluence - Commerical Experience
  • BitBucket - Commerical Experience
  • Postman/Fiddler
  • Evernote/Google docs
  • Vis Studio
  • Resharper
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Ask Engadget: Is it OK to buy a tech toy for someone else's kid?

Engadget - Sat, 11/17/2018 - 12:00
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