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Looking for a gaming laptop in the US with good display, refresh rate and cooling system. Budget 1300$

I watch a lot of movies and would really like one with a good display and refresh rate.

I'm not a hardcore gamer, mostly just games like dying light, dota 2, witcher 3, but I'd really like something that can maintain a high fps on most games like witcher 3.
I can stretch my budget a little if needed

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TSP variation: Only visit a specific fraction of the nodes

Computer Science: Theory and Application - Thu, 11/15/2018 - 18:56

I recently started implementing a small python framework that needs to solve (or get a good solution for) the Travelling Salesman Problem, until I realized what I want is not exactly a TSP.

The main difference between my problem and the actual TSP is that, instead of having a standard set of nodes, I have a set of triplets of subnodes like V={(A1, A2, A3), (B1, B2, B3), (C1, C2, C3), (D1, D2, D3)}. In this vertex set, we'll call 'A', 'B', 'C', and 'D' "node types".

And instead of having to find the shortest path going through all the nodes of graph, I want to find the smallest path that goes through one (and only one) subnode of every type present in the graph. For example, in a graph that would be made of my previously mentioned vertex set V, a path like A3->D1->B2->C3 is a feasible solution, but A2->B3->D1->B1->C1 is not because it visits two nodes of type 'B'.

Like the TSP, this is NP-Hard. My google searches remain unsuccessful about it. Is there any known problem that looks like that ? And in particular, do you know of any heuristic that solves this problem (or similar) ?

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Looking for a 2 in 1 Laptop with a Pen that can take phenomenal notes for college

Hey, all!

With Black Friday coming up, I've recently taken a look into getting a 2 in 1 laptop that I can use as my one-all machine.

I want this laptop to last me a good 4 years, since I do plan on spending a lot of money into it. I want a reliable device that is sturdy, but anyways, I will list out my requirements, in order of what matters most.

I did tons of research, but there was always something I disliked about something

  • Durability (I want it to last 4+ years)
  • PHENOMENAL Pen support that makes writing notes a breeze (the pen should have little to no latency and parallax) This is what I will be using the laptop for the most, so it is absolutely integral that the pen feels like a joy to write with on the screen. TL:DR The pen should be very accurate.
  • Should be able to convert into a tablet (either via 360 hinge, or whatever), and thus, can't be too bulky
  • 8 hours+ battery life
  • i5 or i7 8th gen processor
  • >FHD Resolution

I researched a few 2 in 1s, and came upon:

  • Surface Book 2 (I would instantly buy this, but I'm reluctant to since the port selection is 'outdated,' and I'm afraid it isn't future proof)
  • X1 Yoga 3rd Gen, Yoga 920, C930 - Like, legit, why does Lenovo have so many laptops that all seem to do the same thing, it triggers me so much.
  • XPS 2 in 1 15
  • Samsung Notebook 9 Pro (Doesn't have an 8th gen i5 or i7 option)

Anyways, if anyone has suggestions as to what laptop I can get that would suit my aforementioned needs, it would be a God Send, since I'm tired of looking at so many conflicting reports about every laptop I research about. The battery reports are all over the place, on site x the laptop has phenomenal battery life, on the very next review site its abysmal, like sheesh.

Price is more or less not an issue, but like, 2500 CAD(not USD) is my cap. I'll buy it during Black Friday, so the Prices should be lower.

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MacBook Air vs MacBook Pro

I’m considering buying a MacBook Air. I don’t use my laptop for anything that intense, but I’d like to store lots of photos and be able to play a couple of games. The only ones I really play are the sims and sims city. I don’t think I need a gaming laptop per se, will a MacBook Air be able to handle that?

The MacBook Air is obviously cheaper, but is the Pro worth an extra $150-$250 dollars? (my employer will pay for 50% of the computer)

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(Help!) Laptop for music video editing? (700 dollar budget)

Hello thank you for taking your time to read this, I am buying a panasonic g7 tomorrow and plan to shoot some music videos for some friends. I use premier pro CC and After Effects, Which tend to lag on my current PC which is an ASUS Desktop M51BC Series with an AMD FX Eight core processor and 12 GB of ram so i'm confused why it can't handle editing and masking and such on it... But I got it back in around 2014-15 so i'm wondering how a laptop will play out with what I need.. i'm not editing anything past 5 minutes just going to be using a lot of effects and transitions with masking and some LIGHT gaming maybe some world of warcraft or league of legends ..

Been looking at the Acer Nitro 5

and the dell inspiron 15 5000 5577

Please let me know!

* **Total budget and country of purchase:** 700 dollars, US Maryland * **Do you prefer a 2 in 1 form factor, good battery life or best specifications for the money? Pick or include any that apply.** Doesn't matter **How important is weight and thinness to you?** Not important at all **Which OS do you require? Windows, Mac, Chrome OS, Linux.** Any besides Linux * **Do you have a preferred screen size? If indifferent, put N/A.** N/A * **Are you doing any CAD/video editing/photo editing/gaming? List which programs/games you desire to run.** Yes music video editing and light gaming (Premier pro, After Effects, League of legends, World of warcraft, Overwatch) * **If you're gaming, do you have certain games you want to play? At what settings and FPS do you want?** Medium settings is fine and atleast 80 fps * **Any specific requirements such as good keyboard, reliable build quality, touch-screen, finger-print reader, optical drive or good input devices (keyboard/touchpad)?** Nothing specific just want to edit music videos smoothly * **Leave any finishing thoughts here that you may feel are necessary and beneficial to the discussion.** Will be happy long as I can possibly upgrade RAM and edit music videos or short 5 minute cinematic stuff easy and smooth. submitted by /u/Prvnce
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Benefits of headers or is it ancient?

Learn Programming - Thu, 11/15/2018 - 18:36

C and C++ have header files to write declarations of the implementation.

Newer programming languages have both the declarations and implementation in one source file. Rust is a systems programming language and i dont think it has header files.

Is there still a benefit of the c/c++ approach of having header files for a programming language/compiler design? Or is it considered ancient in 2018 and only unchanged for backwards compatibility?

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So I recently made a post to find a cheap gaming laptop and some laptops, I couldn’t buy due to reasons and another laptop I didn’t like, the Acer 5 Nitro has a backlit keyboard which is nice but the fact that W, A, S, and D were significantly brighter, I really dislike that to the extent of not even considering that as a suitable laptop. I currently am searching for a better laptop in a budget of 500$ to 850$ and hopefully a laptop that IS ON sale. I currently am deciding on an MSI GF63 for only $699.99.

I saw this HP gaming laptop with Acid backlt keyboard which was a 10/10 for me since I like the color but it only has 1 TB HDD which is not suitable well for gaming. Please anyone, if you can find a HP gaming laptop with the Acid green keyboard with SSD and Nvidia GTX 1050 Ti, that’ll be great. I’ve been trying to find alternatives but I’m not getting lucky.

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Good cooling with a 1060 GTX. US - 15-17 inch - ~$1,000

So, I've been looking around at the various upcoming Black Friday sales. It looks like there are some good deals to be had with the Lenovo Legion y7000/y530, Dell G5, HP Omen, or options from MSI. The thing is, with most of these laptops, when I look deeper at feedback from owners I find some kind of issue exists with the fan or cooling system.


I'm hoping to keep this laptop for a while, and so I'd like it to keep at fairly comfortable temperatures to stop it from wearing out (for the CPU/GPU. I don't care if my palms get sweaty). Is anyone aware of a laptop around this price range that has really excellent cooling and internal temperatures? After having my last gaming laptop (an Asus) die 10 years ago twice due to heat issues, I'm really keen to find a laptop that doesn't repeat this.




Other notes: Budget could maybe stretch to 1100-1200 if something really stellar comes up. Extra points if the display is 120 or 144hz, but not necessary. I've mostly been looking at 15" laptops, but a 17" could be good too.

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[advice] 3d skeleton tracking into 2d physical drawing

Learn Programming - Thu, 11/15/2018 - 18:27

For a college assignment (collab),

1) we want to let children draw themself.

2) record a dance (skeleton 3d tracking)

and map the dance on their drawing. (dancing drawing)

On the sheet of paper, we would put dots (stickfigure) for an easier recognition of their drawing.

We think kinect is the best solution for body tracking or are there better alternatives? I was also wondering if we could work with Spark AR Studio (full body tracking?).

The assignment goal is to explore technologies you didn't use yet. Any advice is welcome for our codeplan,
thank you!

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Any Python modules for making animated pop ups?

Learn Programming - Thu, 11/15/2018 - 18:26

You can make pop ups very easily using PySimpleGUI, but you can't animate them. Imagine those antivirus popups that slide up in the bottom right of your screen; how might I make one of those?

Any ideas are appreciated!

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How to create a String from two sets in Java?

Learn Programming - Thu, 11/15/2018 - 18:22

Hello guys!I have the following question.I have to represent a Teacher by a String that goes as follows("NAME" + "ID" + "COURSE1" + "DISCIPLINE1" + .. + "COURSEN" + "DISCIPLINEN");My Courses and disciplines cannot be duplicate, so they are stored in a Set.

A discipline is only connected to one Course. A Course can have multiple disciplines.When representing the teacher, I have to sort my Courses in alphabetical order and then my Disciplines from inside the Course in alphabetical order too.

My current implementation is only returning the first part and I don't understand why.I'm inside the class Teacher

public String complexToString(){
String firstLine = this.toString();
String finalString = firstLine;
List<String> listOfStrings = new ArrayList<>();
for(Discipline d : _teacherDisciplineSet){
listOfStrings.add((d.getCourse().getName() + "-" + d.getName()));
Set<String> mySet =;
for(String s: mySet)finalString += s;
return finalString;}

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Can you tell me where a good Java tutorial is?

Learn Programming - Thu, 11/15/2018 - 18:21

Can you tell me where a good Java tutorial is? I want to learn to create mods and learn java period but I can never find one that is detailed and has good reviews. Also I would like them to teach it inside intellij idea.

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Laptop, tablet or 2 in 1 for taking notes and text editing under $500

  • Total budget and country of purchase: $500 but lower the better

  • Do you prefer a 2 in 1 form factor, good battery life or best specifications for the money? Pick or include any that apply. Don't mind a 2 in 1 but would love to have better battery and lower weight

  • How important is weight and thinness to you? Most important factor

  • Which OS do you require? Windows, Mac, Chrome OS, Linux. Doesn't matter as long as I can do text editing and web browsing

  • Do you have a preferred screen size? If indifferent, put N/A. No but under 14"

  • Are you doing any CAD/video editing/photo editing/gaming? List which programs/games you desire to run. Nope

  • If you're gaming, do you have certain games you want to play? At what settings and FPS do you want? No

  • Any specific requirements such as good keyboard, reliable build quality, touch-screen, finger-print reader, optical drive or good input devices (keyboard/touchpad)? Preferably touchscreen with stylus support. If tablet, should have an option to add external keyboard.

  • Leave any finishing thoughts here that you may feel are necessary and beneficial to the discussion.

I have an eluktronics laptop which is a powerhouse. But it's too heavy for carrying daily to class. I need a simple laptop/tablet which can work well for taking notes, browsing web and also editing text. Would love to have stylus support. Thinking of iPad with a stylus and keyboard but all other options are welcome.

Can wait for Black friday sales and also eligible for student discounts. Cheaper the better.

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Tidal music streaming is now available on Amazon's Echo speakers

Engadget - Thu, 11/15/2018 - 18:16
Amazon's Echo speakers have been gradually improving in quality, and it looks like Tidal wants to seize on that opportunity. The streaming service is now available on all Echo devices in the US through a dedicated Tidal skill. Link your account and...

PyCharm - I am able to use a package in the shell, but when I import it in my editor (my .py file) it's not recognized

Learn Programming - Thu, 11/15/2018 - 18:15

I'm working in PyCharm, sorry that I don't have the correct terminology for these things.

When I'm editing my .py file and I try and do: import PySimpleGUI, I get the error saying "No module named PySimpleGUI".

However when I use the Python shell embedded into PyCharm and run "import PySimpleGUI", I can import it just fine and use the methods associated with it.

Note that I installed the module through the cmd embedded into PyCharm, using the command pip install --upgrade PySimpleGUI. When I run pip list, I see PySimpleGUI on the list.

Does anyone know what is wrong? I'm on Win10 if that makes a difference. Any help is appreciated!

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C Programming Matrix values getting corrupted??

Learn Programming - Thu, 11/15/2018 - 18:09
#include <stdlib.h> #include <stdio.h> int main() { int rows, columns, i, j, k, n; int matrix[10][20]; printf("Enter number of rows "); scanf("%d", &rows); printf("Enter number of columns "); scanf("%d", &columns); for(i=1; i<rows+1; i++) { for(j=1; j<columns+1; j++) { for(k=1;k<=1;k++) { n = rand() % 10; n = matrix[i][j]; } } } for(i=1; i<rows+1; i++) { for(j=1; j<columns+1; j++) { printf("%d\t", matrix[i][j]); } printf("\n"); } }

It keeps returning some random numbers like 35769 or some bs like that. Help? The matrix is supposed to fill with random numbers from 0-9 and be printed. Number of rows and columns specified by user.

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