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Need help with Project Euler problem 11 in Python.

Learn Programming - 2 hours 47 min ago

Problem 11 presents a grid of 20x20 numbers and the challenge is to find the greatest product of four adjacent numbers (up, down, or diagonal). I've been struggling with this one for a while and I can't see where I'm going wrong.

Here is my code

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Roadblock 1.5.12 - Content blocker.

MacUpdate - Mac OS X - 2 hours 49 min ago

Roadblock is a powerful and modern content blocker for Safari that lets you control your web browsing experience. Roadblock blocks annoying and unwanted content, protects your privacy and security, improves webpage load time, and reduces browsing data usage.

  • Block ads, tracking, social buttons and widgets, images, videos, scripts, and more
  • Create, manage, and share your own custom rules
  • Block and hide content visually
  • Create and manage multiple profiles with different settings
  • Access your profiles and settings from any of your devices (Mac, iPhone, and iPad)

Version 1.5.12:
  • Built-in rules updates and improvements
  • Bug fixes and general improvements Please open the app after updating it so the updated rules can be reloaded in Safari. It is recommended to have Safari closed when you open the app for the first time after updating it.

  • OS X 10.11 or later

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self-taught programmers, what do you do to interact with other programmers?

Learn Programming - 2 hours 58 min ago

I'm attempting to self-learn CS for a year since my parents are willing to support me financially and see where it goes. I may go to college or bootcamp after. Most likely college but I want to take a break from education for a bit. My only issue is that it gets frustrating stay in front of my laptop alone all day long. I know there are meetups and such but are there any groups out there where programmers meet on a consistent basis and just talk and work/learn together?

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Add menu and design menu in ASP Dot Net

Learn Programming - 2 hours 59 min ago

There is a process to start web development through ASP Dot Net, you can learn horizontal or vertical menu design. There is simple step by step process in Easy tips to add menu and design menu in

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SQLPro Studio 1.0.178 - Powerful database manager.

MacUpdate - Mac OS X - 3 hours 1 min ago

SQLPro Studio is the premium database management tool for Postgres, MySQL, Microsoft Management Studio, and Oracle databases.

  • Intellisense/SQL auto-completion
  • Syntax highlighting with customizable themes (including dark)
  • Tab-based interface for an optimal user experience
  • Context-aware database tree navigation, including quick access to tables, views, columns, indices, and much more
  • SQL beautifier/formatter
  • Database-wide searching
  • NTLMv2 supported (but not required)
  • Netbios support
  • Master password support for additional security
  • Supports the following database servers:
    • MySQL and MariaDB
    • PostgreSQL
    • Microsoft SQL Server (2005 and above)
    • Oracle (8i and above)

Version 1.0.178:
  • Sample connections can now be disabled.
  • Connections can now be searched.

  • OS X 10.11 or later

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PCDJ DEX - DJ software.

MacUpdate - Mac OS X - 3 hours 2 min ago

PCDJ DEX 3 is professional DJ Software for Mac and Windows that allows you to seamlessly mix music, music videos, and host karaoke shows. DEX 3 gives you full control over your media, allowing for more creative freedom while mixing than ever before. With our beat-grid-based automatic beat mixing it’s easy to blend tracks, allowing you to focus on the other aspects of your mix.

Since DEX 3 offers no-latency playback, loops, hot cues, and all playback features are ultra-responsive. Use DEX 3 with a keyboard or mouse, or use one of the 65+ supported DJ controllers for tactile hands-on control. So download DEX 3, import you tunes, and cue up your imagination -- DEX 3 is the complete DJ mixing software solution.

  • New setting: keep singers in rotation, even without songs
  • You can adjust the filler music player volume control independent of the karaoke player volume
  • Multiplex karaoke file support (mute/unmute background vocal for multiplex CDG files); usually in these multiplex karaoke files the left channel is instruments-only and the right channel is instruments+voice; to use this feature you need to use/select the karaoke skins (LYRX or LYRX12);
  • Custom video background (image or video) is now always displayed (even when there are no singers in the karaoke rotation list)
  • Included new karaoke-only LYRX skins (2 variations)
  • Several improvements to Hercules DJ controllers mappings/scripts
  • Fixed bug related to setting Samplers’ volume
  • Fixed some zip file issues
  • New skin actions: "filler_player_volume", "master_mode", "master_mode_text", "master_karaoke_mode", "master_karaoke_mode_text"
  • New script actions: "setFillerVolume", "setMasterMode", "setMasterKarMode"

OS X 10.6.6 or later

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[COREXY] Misaligned layers, only sometimes

3D printing news - 3 hours 4 min ago

So I printed this part for a Raspberry Pi case on PETG (260°C extruder/60°C bed). Some layers are shifted, but just a minimum amount, unlike all the skipping motors errors I've seen before.

Whole part

Close up

I've tried fastening the belts, make sure the pulleys are tight as well as raise the current to the motors (I tried holding the motors while it was printing to check it took some effort).

But here's the weird part. After printing this I (re) printed a calibration cube because that one came out perfect before.

A \"decent\" calibration cube

The edge isn't totally flat (tips on fixing that are welcome!), but nothing compared to the Pi case

Do I just need to print slower? The printer is a custom built Hypercube Evolution, and the filament is Inland PETG (from Microcenter in the US).

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Tesla's prototype Semi has a 'Mad Max' Autopilot mode

Engadget - 3 hours 9 min ago
You didn't think Tesla's Semi truck would go without a Ludicrous-like software setting just because it's meant for work, did you? Sure enough, it exists. Elon Musk has revealed that the prototype electric cargo hauler has a Mad Max mode. No, this...

What does it take for an OpenAI bot to best Dota 2 heroes? 128,000 CPU cores, 256 Nvidia GPUs

The Register - 3 hours 15 min ago
And a lot of smart machine-learning coding, of course

OpenAI's video-game-playing bots are getting much better at mastering sci-fi strategy war game Dota 2, seeing off semi pro players with ease.…

OpenAI bots bash human pros in Dota 2

The Register - 3 hours 15 min ago
AI team is set to enter major annual comp in August

AI bots are getting better at playing Dota 2 but can’t quite master the whole game to beat top professional teams yet, according to research from OpenAI.…

<$1000: Lenovo Yoga 720 13", Asus Zenbook UX330UA, Asus Vivobook S, or Acer Swift 3?

  • Total budget and country of purchase: $900, USA. I could go up to $1000, but I don't feel the need to go over.

  • Do you prefer a 2 in 1 form factor, good battery life or best specifications for the money? Pick or include any that apply. Good battery life, specs, and build quality

  • How important is weight and thinness to you? Important but I'm flexible. I want less than 4 pounds.

  • Which OS do you require? Windows, Mac, Chrome OS, Linux. Windows

  • Do you have a preferred screen size? If indifferent, put N/A. 13-14". I would be fine with 15" if it's a much better computer or deal.

  • Are you doing any CAD/video editing/photo editing/gaming? List which programs/games you desire to run. Possibly light gaming (Dota 2), but this is not essential

  • If you're gaming, do you have certain games you want to play? At what settings and FPS do you want? Dota 2, 40+ fps on whatever settings. Again, gaming isn't that important.

  • Any specific requirements such as good keyboard, reliable build quality, touch-screen, finger-print reader, optical drive or good input devices (keyboard/touchpad)? I want great build quality and a good keyboard. My current laptop's hinge just broke, and I don't want to have to deal with a laptop breaking again.

  • Additional Comments There seems to be not a lot of information about the Vivobook S, but it seems good. Acer Swift 3 has everything on paper, but I've heard some say the screen is so bad it should be avoided. The UX330 sounds great, but maybe these other options have more to offer. I don't know much about the Yoga.

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Ok for real, how does Android compare to recording "professional audio with external equipment. Because I keep hearing people demand I get an iPhone or iPad if I want to do that...

Android - 3 hours 20 min ago

By professional audio, I mean connecting mics like shotgun and Lav to your phone. It's not an h4n of course, but when you're on the fly and don't have a recording studio and aren't shooting a feature film.

I decided not to argue because he was kind of my boss in the situation. But I was discussing recording with this voice actor. He basically explained in voice acting, when there are auditions that show up, you gotta record immediately on the fly and send them off because it's so time sensitive. So basically, outside of the studio when he can't get to it immediately he has his mic connected to his iphone under a blanket in his car. But then he straight up said. "Do you have an iPhone or iPad. You NEED that if you want to do this"

I didn't want to delve into it because in the past that is some risky territory, and I have no intent on dropping a ridiculous amount of money for a phone that I don't like. I know I'm probably biased for asking it on here, but I would really like to know if people have objective answers to this. Because you can connect a mic to your andoird phone, with USB-C or the jack, and record 44 kHz audio. So honestly, whats the difference other than thunderbolt??

I apologize if I'm just ignorant. I'm not an audio engineer. I know audio quality can make or break a video but I'm still more experienced in filming and post-production. Can anyone enlighten me whether Apple products are legitimately better, or if this is just a biased opinion driven by another person's unconditional love of Apple products? I'm not looking to voice act, just to have external audio for some videos when I can't connect mics to my DSLR, but I've heard this opinion in multiple places and I don't understand what the difference is and why it's so much better...?

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G-Force 5.8.2 - Visualizer plug-in for iTunes.

MacUpdate - Mac OS X - 3 hours 23 min ago

G-Force creates bursts and blooms of psychedelic color. Use it as a screensaver, a music player accompaniment, or a standalone display.

Take in mind-bending visuals while listening to iTunes. Create a bright, morphing backdrop for your next party. Or replace your played-out slideshow screensaver with something bold and beautiful. Get G-Force, and enjoy the show.

  • Endlessly unique. G-Force creates millions of combinations of booming colors, fluid textures, and dreamy shapes. You've never seen a visualizer like this.
  • Easy installation. Simply download G-Force and click to install. A world of visual splendor awaits you.
  • Try it and see. Experience G-Force for yourself -- download the free trial today.

The published price is that of G-Force Gold. Additional pricing information can be found here.

Version 5.8.2:
  • Added setting 'Prevent Display Sleep'.
  • Improved compatibility with Windows screensavers.
  • Addressed JRiver Media Center crash.
  • Major updates to Windows no longer require G-Force reinstallation.
  • Working-around iTunes for Windows issue causing freeze/lockup.
  • Fixed OpenGL/Direct3D toggle setting on Windows.
  • Fixed Mac OS screensaver reverting to main display only mode.
  • G-Force Toolbar now 64-bit on macOS.

  • OS X 10.6 or later

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In any way is it possible to display a Callout when tapping a MKOverlay?

iOS Programming - 3 hours 23 min ago

I'm still digging on the surface of iOS dev, sorry if this seems too obvious but can't find it anywhere.

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Just completed an online course on Python, what's the next step?

Learn Programming - 3 hours 24 min ago

hey all.

i just started learning python/programming for a little more than 3 weeks, and i have just completed the edX's Introduction to Computing using Python online course, so i only know the very basics of what python actually does.

but i'm willing to keep learning and eventually becoming fluent in the language.

i'm curious what you guys think should be the next logical step to continue my learning?

i've heard online courses are not as good as books, but i've also heard books are not as good as building random projects using websites such as leetcode.

so which source of learning materials would you recommend?

thank you so much!!!

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What do people mean when they say learn to program and not just copy?

Learn Programming - 3 hours 28 min ago

Majority of the things that I do when learning I copy.

I am going to give you the last example that I faced.

Json response was a topology object to draw a map. I had no idea how to convert the topology object into d3 chorpleth map. I tried writting my own functions, but it took to long, so I checked google how to draw choropleth by d3.

The first response was to use topojson from d3 and I drew the grid in 1 minute. I copied the solution to use topojson. I didn't create my own topojson or use only official documention to learn that topojson exists.

Now another chart is treemap diagram. Am I allowed to see an example of how treemap diagram is created with d3 to still program or do I need to come up with my own solution.

I have value. I think I can make the size of each rectangle correspond with said value, but I don't know how to set them into a grid so that the grid will be uniform (rectangle, not polygon).

I don't think it's even possible tbh.

Let's say you have n*m size grid. You also have x values, with value being a number from 0 -> z. Does there exist scale scale() so that result from scale(x_i) return n_i*m_i and that no n_i*m_i overlaps and n*m is entirely covered and n_i*m_i only inside n*m

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