Easy way to monitor Webservices (Soap)?

Learn Programming - Tue, 06/19/2018 - 11:48

We have multiple servers which host our webservices on them. Right now its becoming very hard to monitor its performance and when these servers going down.

Is there any easy way I can create dashboard with less programming to monitor webservices? like I want to keep the dashboard to show a simple chart with response time and act on it proactively.

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Export content/item pages into a .csv file?

Drupal - Open Source Content Platform - Tue, 06/19/2018 - 11:43

I've taken over an extremely dated Drupal page and have been hired to move everything (and I mean, everything!) over to a new WordPress site I've built. I have WooCommerce integrated already with the new site, and have the option to import products via a .csv file.

The current Drupal site has no commerce options installed as far as I can see, and all the products have been saved as 'item' pages in the content section.

I'd rather rather not manually transfer this all over if it can be helped, any advice appreciated.


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Great tutorials/textbooks for learning Assembly?

Learn Programming - Tue, 06/19/2018 - 11:40

I want to start learning Assembly and was curious what some of you guys could recommend such as tutorials?

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storing cumulative sum in the original vector itself using a void function

Learn Programming - Tue, 06/19/2018 - 11:38

When I use the following code, I just get the original vector 'vec' back and not the one with cumulative sum:

void sum(vector<int> vec) { int sum = 0; for (int i =1; i < vec.size();i++) { vec[i] = vec[i]+vec[i-1]; } return; }

Whereas obviously the following code gives me what I need. Why does the above code not work?

vector<int> sum(vector<int> vec) { int sum = 0; for (int i =1; i < vec.size();i++) { vec[i] = vec[i]+vec[i-1]; } return vec; } submitted by /u/smart_af
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Setting up a coding camp at my University, but how?

Learn Programming - Tue, 06/19/2018 - 11:29

Hey guys,

I'm a CS Bachelor Student and I and a lot of other students in my year share the same problem: we're (5-15 Students) lacking skills in the actual programming process (the practical part of computer science). That's why I thought about setting up a coding camp during our summer break. I planned 4 intense weeks of about 8 hours of work a day. We all have a basic understanding of C and Java (had a year of beginners to advanced lectures on these languages).

I ask you for recommendations of what kind of exercises we should include and how we should work on them. Other than that maybe ideas on what a day should look like or how you would plan the 4 weeks.

My ideas until now are two variations of this coding camp:

  1. Everybody works on his own or in teams of two and does challenges like in the dailyprogrammer subreddit. Everybody practices on his own skilllevel, although you don't really practice your git and teamwork skills.
  2. We try to create an application like whatsapp on pc, so that we have to plan and divide our work. This would be more of an act and maybe not so great for the less skilled students. On the other side we practice our git and teamwork skills.

What do you think? Do you have any ideas on challenges to do alone/in a group of two/in a group of 10? How would you plan the 4 weeks?

Thanks for your help :)

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Question regarding portfolio

Learn Programming - Tue, 06/19/2018 - 11:16


I have been learning to program in Python on-and-off for about three years now. I started with online courses/ tutorials, then moved to my own projects, which have included a tabletop rpg random character generator, a document generator for lawyers, and some smaller projects.

I'm at a moment of uncertainty in my life, and I'm giving some thought to the idea of applying for a job as a programmer. I read the FAQ on this subreddit, and I realized I don't seem to have a proper portgolio, just a few folders with the program's I've made.

So, now to my questions: - Is there a specific format a portfolio should be in (i.e. github, for example)? - How can you know when your programming portfolio is "good enough"? I realize there are probably no hard rules for that, but, generally speaking, is it better to have many different projects, or just a few small ones? - In case you're interested in working remotely (I live in Chile, where businesses and corporations usually ask for degrees in order to consider hiring someone), what's a good way to start looking for places that might be a good fit for me?

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Problems using partial match xpath selenium/python

Learn Programming - Tue, 06/19/2018 - 11:14

I'm writing a scrapper for a site using selenium and python that has changing class names for what im trying to scrape. Im trying to extract these elements using partial matches xpath but i am not able to find any matching elements regardless of whats is in the [contains@class.'whatImLookingFor']. It could just be a syntax issue as Ive run into what seems like 5 separate syntax for this, none of whom worked either.

The code is broken up so far into 3 functions, a setting log in, logging on, and the actual scraping() function which im now working on. The fourth function is combining them all, with the proper drivers being called, hence why this function seems incomplete.

def scraping(): try: list_guilds =[] list_guilds = driver.find_elements(By.XPATH,"//*[contains@class,'icon-3o6xvg']") except NoSuchElementException: print('Nothing found')

Ive tried a bunch of combinations for the class name but it is never able to find anything.

Any help would be much appreciated.

Ive tried list_guilds = driver.find_elements_by_xpath('//[contains@class,"icon-3o6xvg"]') instead of list_guilds = driver.find_elements(By.XPATH,"//[contains@class,'icon-3o6xvg'] to no avail, as well as both variations of ' vs ".

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Are you on your first days of learning programming? Feeling overwhelmed and planning to quit?

Learn Programming - Tue, 06/19/2018 - 11:09

I'm doubting myself everyday if I'll become 'good' developer one day. I'm struggling with all the new informations that I'm being bombarded from every side but there's one thing that keeps me going everyday.

When I'm feeling down I watch this video (I'm not the author) and it helps me really a lot. Especially this one part "I'm not good at writting.. CAUSE you have never written before!"

Some people says that such "motivational" videos are waste of time, but it helps me personally big time and that's why I want to share it.

I'll be happy if it helps atleast one other future programmer out there.

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[Tutorial] Creating static C++ libraries in CLion with CMake

Learn Programming - Tue, 06/19/2018 - 11:07

Hey everyone.

I created a tutorial on how to create static C++ libraries in CLion using CMake. There is a text version and a video version, both linked below.

This tutorial goes into detail about why CLion is a great IDE for C++ development, as well as the steps required to set up the project, build your static library, and then link to it from another C++ application.

If you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment here, on the video or blog post, tweet at me @limeoats, or find another way to contact me on my website.

Hope this helps and enjoy!

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Good morning /r/LearnProgramming, what resources do you recommend for learning how to build desktop applications in C#?

Learn Programming - Tue, 06/19/2018 - 11:02

So far I've taken most of CS50 (I moved on after the course transitioned into web dev) and recently have been making my way through Whitaker's "The C# Players Guide". Unfortunately, all of the test projects I've worked on thus far have been console apps.

As I look forward to starting my own projects, I'd like to learn more about building actual desktop apps, complete with a GUI and all the other bells and whistles. I have a preference for physical text resources, but if your best recommendation is a video course, I'd still love to hear about it.

On a similar note, I'm also looking for books I can read that don't require me to code every few pages. I have hour lunch breaks at my day job but I work in an environment where I can't bring my laptop in and code, so I'm hoping to find resources that allow me to increase my programming/cs knowledge incrementally.

Thanks in advance for the help!

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