How to handle imposter syndrome?

Learn Programming - Fri, 03/16/2018 - 15:12

Hey everyone,

How do you all deal with the feeling of inadequacy in development skill level? I have watched my peers throughout school, and even though I have always done my best, I still feel like I am so far behind the game. Some of my peers are doing things that are way above my head, and it is extremely intimidating.

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My final online Python assessment is in 7 days, any advice will be appreciated.

Learn Programming - Fri, 03/16/2018 - 14:50

Hello guys! hello, my best subreddit! I'm an absolute beginner in programming. Also, I'm approaching the end of an online course for Python fundamentals on Udacity. The course covers the basics, strings manipulations, debugging, flow control, loops, lists, functions, and classes (which I didn't really get it). This assessment really matters to me. I don't know how it might be (this is my first time to have an assessment online) and I don't know how to get ready for it. I completed all lessons and I have only 7 days before the assessment. My questions which I hope you, guys have their answers, are: 1-What should I do to be completely ready? 2-Where to practice? 3-Also what about this classes thing? I want to understand it. 4-Do anyone has a prior idea about Udacity assessment (in case of short courses like this, not the nanodegrees). 5-Anything else you want me to know? Thanks in advance!

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How many people use functional programming and who would like to know more about it?

Learn Programming - Fri, 03/16/2018 - 14:16

I am looking at writing a post about functional programming which will include pure functions and function composition.

I find current articles out there can be a bit overwhelming due to a lot of mathematical equations and barriers to getting started.

Would be good to get a gauge of who here would like to know more about it and if so, what particularly would you like to know more about and what is stopping you to using it?

Also intrigued to know who uses FP frequently and what use cases you use it in?

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Webpack 4 + NodeJS server.

Learn Programming - Fri, 03/16/2018 - 13:41

So I'm really struggling to find a simple version of something like ReactGo for a Node / React / Webpack setup.

I feel like I might be doing something wrong but this is what I'd like and if it's not possible / I'm thinking about it the wrong way please tell me!

I want node to be running a backend server to serve up API's which the fronted can access.

Currently I can get webpack to run and display the site with live reloading on 8080 however when I try and get it to run on port 3000 so the api's ( GET: "/randomAPI" ) can hit the node backend server it does not work.

So what I would like is also one npm script which can startup webpack in dev mode with reloading and also have node startup and point at that URL.

I assume I need to use webpack-dev-middleware however I've been struggling with this as I can't find a good example with Webpack 4. So does anyone know where I should start looking?

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I need to learn PHP and mySQL, recommend the best resources for doing so.

Learn Programming - Fri, 03/16/2018 - 12:56

Hi everyone!

I was recently offered a summer internship and to get prepared I asked what I could work on to be ready to go. The lead developer said to learn PHP and mySQL since the company uses the LAMP stack.

I'm not sure what the best resources are to learn. He gave me a project to build so I have something to work on while learning, but I would also like to have a book or online tutorial/course I can at least get familiar with the basics.

I have learned CSS and JavaScript & jQuery through a few online courses and the The Missing Manual books on those topics. I found the books to be really helpful, do you recommend it for PHP?

Are there online courses like codeacademy or freecode camp that offer PHP and mySQL work?

I looked in the FAQs and didn't find resources for PHP or mySQL specifically, so I am asking here. If there is an FAQ that I missed, please point it out to me. I know there are plenty of online resources, I am looking for your recommendations. I don't want to waste the small amount of time I have learning bad info.

A little background: I have extensive HTML and CSS experience. I am still getting proficent at JavaScript and jQuery. I have used PHP's include to create pages, but nothing back end. I have no experience with mySQL. I am a college student getting my software development degree, and have taken a semester on C# OOP, and next semester will be getting to PHP and databases.

Thanks a bunch!

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Help with API's in Node.JS

Learn Programming - Fri, 03/16/2018 - 12:55

Hi all,

I'm messing around with the YGO Hub API to learn API's and I'm having some issues.

First off, this is the specific link I'm asking about:

I'm trying to find a way to iterate through the TCG releases to output the set name and the card's number in that set. As an example: "Legend of Blue Eyes White Dragon - LOB-E101"

However, it's not an array so the only way I can do it right now is with hard code for it. Such as: card.releases.TCG["Legend of Blue Eyes White Dragon"]["English (eu)"].set_number

Which isn't DRY at all.

How can I loop through the TCG to get all of the sets and the corresponding number?

Also, in the URL I have to type the entire name of the card to receive the information. I can't just type "Exodia", is there a way to do that? Forgive me, I've tried to Google this but I'm not sure on what to Google.

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