What do they mean by "Knows .NET" in Job ads?

Learn Programming - Thu, 05/24/2018 - 14:01

Do they mean any (or all?) language in Visual Studio? Like C#, Visual basic, F#? Or Asp.NET? Isn't part of Visual Studio? This is kinda confusing. I'm a beginner.

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Best way to learn MySQL?

Learn Programming - Thu, 05/24/2018 - 13:41

Hey guys!

So there is going to be a position available in work as a data analyst in about 6 months. I have been told that the company I work for use MySQL and that I should have an understanding of the language. My question is what is the best way to approach learning the language? I have access to a test environment so I can practice what I'm learning but just not sure what book is best to buy or if I'm best off using an interactive site? Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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How to create printable reports dynamically?

Learn Programming - Thu, 05/24/2018 - 13:38

Hi. I'm using python to create reports like, report cards, attendance sign-in sheets, etc. Currently I have some data that I export to csv and I create an html file that I print to pdf. Before we used to have an Access database that would generate these for us. We've moved on to a new database and they didn't offer any custom templating solutions. I thought I could build these custom templates through html but I worry how good this is of a solution considering html/css isn't meant for print. Any tips, libraries you recommend, or suggestions are greatly appreciated, thanks!

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Issues with Kafka Quickstart : Kafka Connect not Finding Classes

Learn Programming - Thu, 05/24/2018 - 13:32

Hi, so im trying to go through the Kafka quickstart tutorial here:

And I'm on Step 7, which is working with Kafka Connect. When I run the command in there im getting errors so large the cmd prompt seems to run out of space. I looked through the logs and I think im noticing a common pattern, which is that the exceptions all are of the form:

java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: javax/xml/bind/"some class"

And the classes I've found in the exceptions are:




As well as this error message:

java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Errors were discovered while reifying SystemDescriptor

So how should I fix these errors? How can I let Kafka find these classes?

EDIT: I think I might have found something else. People were talking about the plugin.path line in the config/ file, and my line is this:


But does this make sense on a Windows machine?

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Invalid syntax but I'm not sure why...

Learn Programming - Thu, 05/24/2018 - 13:21

The colon immediately after 'elif' is highlighted in red and I'm told it is invalid syntax. I change the word to else and it works fine, what's going on?

usernames = ['admin', 'eric', 'john', 'jimmy', 'jess'] if usernames: for username in usernames: if username == 'admin': print("Hello", username, "would you like to see a status report?") elif: print("Hello", username, "thank you for logging in again") else: print("There are no usernames in the list") submitted by /u/gtrman571
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Learn how to build a command-line chat application with Node.js and Chatkit

Learn Programming - Thu, 05/24/2018 - 13:03

I don't know about you, but my favourite way to learn is by doing. If I run into trouble, I really appreciate a little help 😇.

In this tutorial, I teach you how to build a command-line chat application with Node.js from scratch:

And if you prefer a written tutorial, you can read the corresponding tutorial over on FreeCodeCamp.

Like I say, it's really nice to have a little help! If you run into any trouble, leave a comment below and I will reply with an answer.

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For Indians Only

Learn Programming - Thu, 05/24/2018 - 12:52

Are there any training institutes in India which provide their classroom courses available on online platform too?

Note: Those from India please guide me, I am looking for a not too costly and reliable institute, If this is not the correct place to ask this question, please tell me where can I ask this question?

Not interested in one to one training as it would be costly.

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Which algorithms & data structures course do you recommend?

Learn Programming - Thu, 05/24/2018 - 12:52

Hello friends, I want to take an algorithms & data structures course. I've completed the GTx Introduction to Computing with Python. I'm deciding between these 3 courses:

  1. Algorithm Design and Techniques + Data Structures Fundamentals
  2. Algorithms Specialization
  3. Data Structures and Algorithms Specialization

Cost isn't the biggest factor, but I'd like to learn efficiently and thoroughly.

Please tell me the pros/cons of each. Thank you.

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Building an Instagram Bot in Python

Learn Programming - Thu, 05/24/2018 - 12:51

Walkthrough of building a simple Instagram bot that likes pictures for you.

Problem: Wasting too much time on Instagram is not a good thing, but other people want their pictures liked...What to do where both your time and people's pictures can win?

Solution: Write a program that will satisfy both parties :)

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Searching for advice, stuck at some level of knowledge and cant make progress

Learn Programming - Thu, 05/24/2018 - 12:37

So, here it is... I’ve finished 1st year of software engineering on my university, and i gained some knowledge there, mainly basics of programming (python, javascript, html,css) and stuff... long story short, im learning by myself for some time now, and i wanted to make a website, i’ve been interested in PHP a lot... some people suggested me Wordpress, and ok i tried to make a wordpress theme, and its nothing like coding... i dont know what to do now, should i continue learning wordpress for building websites, is it the best way? Im going trough youtube tutorials and just follow them, im stuck so... any advice will help... Thanks!

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"Wired" wrong for programming? Are there certain types of people that simply *can't* get it even if they want to?

Learn Programming - Thu, 05/24/2018 - 12:36

My background: I went through a rigorous 99% self-taught program to get licensure as a Certified Professional Midwife in the states. I built a business from scratch up to almost 6 figures while also being a single mom. I'm excellent at research, facts, quick-thinking, diagnosing issues, etc. I moved to the UK and found myself starting over without a career and really felt that front end dev would be a good choice for me.

In January, I focused on learning. I went through HTML/CSS without many hiccups and took quite a few paths towards learning JS, my SO is great at JS so I also have the perk of an in-home tutor (talented at teaching, not just telling me how). I settled on the Udemy course that is excellent. I don't have a lot of free time, but just like with midwifery I cut out the "extras" and used my time to learn JS. I've taken many, many pen & paper notes, watched loads of videos, coded along. Even did some of the JS30 stuff as well as FCC challenges. Plus, went through the warriorjs a few levels. Basically immersing myself into this language because prior to January I had almost zero experience with code.

I still struggled. My mother claims when I was young I "failed logic" and needed a special preK. I'm raising two (now adult) children with ASD and I suspect that was part of my issue. I did great in school and have always been able to learn any topic that interests me and if I spent the right time on it, I got it. Yet, even though I felt like I'd made breakthroughs in JS, I'd find myself struggling again even with the basics.

So.. I decided to go back a step and do CS50. The lectures are awesome and engaging. I made it through W0 to W1 and finished the first lecture, plus the shorter ones and watched the mario walkthrough. This is hours and hours of very precious time spent on these things. (I start my day at 5am. My SO works from 7:30am til 7pm. My youngest kiddos are normally asleep by 7:30pm so I use that time afterward to do coursework).

Yesterday I had a rare 2.5 hours at a cafe to work on mario.

I couldn't do it. I could draw out what it should do, but literally could NOT turn that into actual code to get the program to work. I KNOW it's probably ridiculously easy. C is similar, especially at this stage, to JS and it's just for loops and such, but I couldn't do it. It's like having something in your peripheral vision that you can almost see but when you focus on it then it fades away. That's how I felt. It's not the first time I've cried over this since starting.

I'm seriously wondering if I simply can't think the proper way to be able to do code. I do feel like I've given this a very good try. I KNOW that I WANT to know how to do it.

I can't attend school due to the costs, I haven't been in the UK long enough to qualify for decent tuition and by the time I do I'll be 43 and wonder if it's even worth it -- degrees are a dime a dozen here. My goal was to be able to do freelance work/projects from home and eventually get a "real job" when my youngest (1yr old) starts school. My husband makes a decent income so I don't need to bring in a lot to start which gives me a good bit of wiggle room.

I don't know if ego is what keeps bringing me back to it or if I really will have some kind of a breakthrough. The wall I'm hitting with even the simple stuff, even with MONTHS of learning under my belt, make me feel like an elephant trying to fly.

If you read all of this, thanks. I do wonder if there are thinking types that are incompatible with code, even if the person is motivated to learn. The upside is my husband says he has learned a TON more about JS, Java, etc since I started this and he has a neat game in the works that he's designing.

(May I add that I just really hate that I'm now "just a sahm" and people give the platitudes about how it's Really Important Work.. but I'm bored as fuck and now people are giving me their dogs to housesit during the day since I'm home anyway. I love my children. I miss having a career/passion/goal/challenge.)

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Is there a programming principle for the following concept?

Learn Programming - Thu, 05/24/2018 - 12:27

I'm a webdev (javascript), so I don't know anything about programming, but often I come across this situation where people do something like this:

function handleClickAdminButton(user){ if (user.admin) alert("You need to be an admin to do that"); else doAdminStuff(); }

The thing is why does this function have to know about the user? Just write this:

function handleClickAdminButton(isPermissionGranted){ if (!isPermissionGranted) alert("You need to have permission to do that"); else doAdminStuff(); }

And call it like this:


The second way is so much better IMO because you're creating a reusable chunk of code. Theoretically you might want to grant admin privileges to something else rather than user.admin.

I notice subtle examples of violating this principle (that I may or may not have made up). Is there a name for this?

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Algorithm and Syntax help in detecting duplicates in an array of object. (JavaScript/NodeJS)

Learn Programming - Thu, 05/24/2018 - 12:22

I've been having trouble with this for a couple of days now, and I'm still not getting what I expect. The project I'm working on is taking records from 5 different databases, unifies the schema, and formats it for export as CSV. I have what was just described implemented, but now I want to filter the single list of all the records for potential duplicates. (database table ID's are of a similar format, but are decidedly not a method of detecting duplicates.)

I feel like my comparison logic is sound, but my results show that it is decidedly not.

Would anyone mind helping me step through this code?

fullArray = fullArray.filter(item => { return fullArray.some(comparison => { if ((dupes.filter(x => item.externalId === x.externalId).length > 0) || (dupes.filter(x => comparison.externalId === x.externalId).length > 0)) { return false; } let emailSimilarity, phoneSimilarity, nameSimilarity; if (item.externalId == comparison.externalId) { return false; } if (( !== '') && ( !== '')) { emailSimilarity = strcmp.jaro(,; } else { emailSimilarity = 0; } if (( !== '') && ( !== '')) { phoneSimilarity = strcmp.jaro(,; } else { phoneSimilarity = 0; } let itemFullName = `${item.firstName} ${item.LastName}`.trim() || ''; let comparisonFullName = `${comparison.firstName} ${comparison.LastName}`.trim(); if (((itemFullName !== '') && (comparisonFullName !== '')) || ((itemFullName.indexOf('Group')! > 0) && (comparisonFullName.indexOf('Group')! > 0))) { nameSimilarity = strcmp.jaro(itemFullName, comparisonFullName); } else { nameSimilarity = 0; } if ((emailSimilarity || phoneSimilarity || nameSimilarity) > 0.89) { let dupesOutput = Object.assign({}, item, { similarName: nameSimilarity, similarEmail: emailSimilarity, similarPhone: phoneSimilarity, similarTo: comparison.externalId }); dupes.push(dupesOutput); return true; } else { return false; } }); });

The big issue is that it's pushing "duplicate" duplication records. For example, my duplicate object is created in this line: let dupesOutput = Object.assign({}, item, { similarName: nameSimilarity, similarEmail: emailSimilarity, similarPhone: phoneSimilarity, similarTo: comparison.externalId });

The reason I know they're duplicates are the fact that every line with the same original item has the same similarTo value and similarity scores. (similarity is filled with a floating point type that is equivalent to a percentage)


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