Can someone please tell me how I could improve my portfolio website?

Learn Programming - 2 hours 33 min ago

Here is the link:

Any comments would be greatly appreciated.

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self-taught programmer looking to expand my skills to apply for a job

Learn Programming - 2 hours 33 min ago

Been working hard for a year now and I am pretty solid in python, but mainly java and already have a couple of projects to show for future employers. But since I am self-taught and have no college degree or anything to show except for my projects on git I am not interesting enough to get an actual interview for a junior position.

So as I said I'm pretty solid in python but prefer working with java. What would you guys recommend I should look into to expand my skill set? Would something like SQL be useful?


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Help me with this stupid math problem i dreamed of figuring out for months

Learn Programming - 3 hours 16 sec ago

My brain just cant do math. i am finally reaching for help

basically in C++ i made a hack of a GTA game that reads car position X.Y and rotation. and when i press a button. i can store a waypoint coordinate x.y in the memory.

What i'm trying to understand is how do i use math to detect if the way point is for example Forward left. Forward right . backward left . backwards right, relative to the car . Accurately

Please see this image

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How to make a minesweeper solving algorithm, which is able to scan the screen and determine where the board is [Java]

Learn Programming - 3 hours 6 min ago

I'm currently in a course in Uni where I'm required to make a program using a complicated algorithm and self-made data-structures. Suggested topics include pathfinding, cave generators, compilers and AIs. I'm particularly interested in problem-solving for games, especially minesweeper.

I looked into the subject and found a couple of good posts like this and this thesis from Harvard. I'm not the best programmer and some aspects seem quite difficult to implement. However, I think that a program of this sort is achievable. What I'm most concerned about is how to make the program "read" the board; how can I make the algorithm see what's happening on the screen and how is it able to know what and where is the minesweeper board? I'm hoping to code this program in Linux and use an online minesweeper to test the functionality.

Creating my own minesweeper seems far to difficult to fulfill, taking into account the duration of the course. Is this topic too difficult for me to handle? Should I just admit my defeat and switch to a different subject before I fall behind? As I mentioned earlier, the logical side I believe I'll be able to manage, it's just the "screen reading" that's causing me to doubt myself.

Sorry about any grammar, English isn't my native tongue.

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Why has error?

Learn Programming - 3 hours 39 min ago

The code:


im trying to make file encryptor & decryptor but having no success.

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Help porting python 2 script to python 3

Learn Programming - 3 hours 45 min ago

I am struggling with this now for a few days and I simply cant solve it.

I need to transfer users from a python 2 system to a python 3 system and KEEP the hashed and salted PW's.

For this I need to convert the python 2 check hash function to python 3, but even after I fixed all errors, the function does not work (It tells a wrong PW has been entered, eventhough its correct)

I have the whole question and explanation on SO, hope this is ok:

Thanks a lot to the people who take the time.

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Am I too stupid to code?

Learn Programming - 4 hours 25 min ago

Cut a long story short I work in DevOps but I don't really bring the Dev part to that position I'm more of an infrastructure guy and POC. There is lots I want to do to automate my job so I thought now would be a good time to learn to code as it is something that has always interested me.

I picked up Automate the boring Stuff with Python on Udemy and I'm about 43% through the course and honestly I can remember a few bits like if I re watch the but sit me in front of a blank Idle and my mind is blank... Do I just not have the ability to retain information or will it start sticking the more I persevere and start writing code?

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What should i focus on?

Learn Programming - 6 hours 1 min ago

I have been studying C# for 2 years, around 200 hours of courses + whatever I've been doing at home at highschool/college (I'm 18) and now I have been given the opportunity to take a course of 50 hours specializing in whatever I want with a personal teacher. Is there something you think would be beneficial if I aim to work within this field in the future?

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