500GB worth of learning material

Learn Programming - 17 min 44 sec ago

I've found this google drive link with over 500GB of videos for learning to code in various languages. Take a look




-Java for android






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Best place for or type of html/css coding exercises

Learn Programming - 28 min 57 sec ago

I just finished FCC's modules on html/css. I want to do some creative projects to stretch my muscles and have something to spice up down the line. I've done a couple fake web pages obviously. But is there some other type of project that I could do? Do the coding challenge sites have stuff for my noob level?

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Learn Programming - 55 min 18 sec ago

i know what are the skills that i need to learn but i don't know what they are in or how much time should i give to each topic... for example html is just too vast if get to study can somebody tel me what are things that need to learn and how much to start freelancing as a web devloper...

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Book recommendation for algorithms

Learn Programming - 1 hour 10 min ago

Hi, I've been studying web programming on my own for a while and have been feeling a need to get to know more basics and lower level things about computers and computer science. So I started Harvards CS50 course. Now I've found a book called The algorithm design manual by Steven Skiena. Been reading it a few nights but I find it too hard to understand since I lack some mathematics background. My question is, could you recommend a book for algorithms and data structures and all that is easier to grasp, easier to get the basic ideas behind? Thanks!

edit: 'conputer'

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Splitting Online System Design Course

Learn Programming - 1 hour 19 min ago

Hi! I've bought Grokking the System Design Interview. Since it costs $80 regularly, I can send the whole copy for $15-20 --PM me if you are interested and I'll send you the proof, sample and you can send me $15-20 if you want. I am doing this so I can help offset my cost and others who are in a similar financial situation.

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Is Udacity worth it?

Learn Programming - 1 hour 56 min ago

I read that there's a lot of pushback against codecademy (that it doesn't really challenge you or teach you to think critically).

I just signed up for the Beginners Android course on Udacity. Considering how much it costs, is it worth it? Will I learn something beneficial?

I'm not expecting a job, but I'm hoping this is one of many correct steps towards that goal.

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What way works for you in terms of studying coding? Any book recommended for C++?

Learn Programming - 2 hours 2 min ago

Because I've just started learning how to code (with C++) to be specific but I don't know what ways can I try to improve coding faster, really hope you can suggest the way that works best for you so I can try them out :D

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Zero experience programming looooong to learn online through Udemy.

Learn Programming - 2 hours 21 min ago

Would this be a good course to take to learn Python (I hear it's a good language to start with)?

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How can I make sure this image capture script is run after the window is painted?

Learn Programming - 2 hours 55 min ago

Right now it captures the application window before it is drawn to screen resulting in an all black image

import win32gui import win32ui from ctypes import windll from PIL import Image hwnd = win32gui.FindWindow(None, 'Calculator') left, top, right, bot = win32gui.GetWindowRect(hwnd) w = right - left h = bot - top hwndDC = win32gui.GetWindowDC(hwnd) mfcDC = win32ui.CreateDCFromHandle(hwndDC) saveDC = mfcDC.CreateCompatibleDC() saveBitMap = win32ui.CreateBitmap() saveBitMap.CreateCompatibleBitmap(mfcDC, w, h) saveDC.SelectObject(saveBitMap) result = windll.user32.PrintWindow(hwnd, saveDC.GetSafeHdc(), 0) print(result) bmpinfo = saveBitMap.GetInfo() bmpstr = saveBitMap.GetBitmapBits(True) im = Image.frombuffer( 'RGB', (bmpinfo['bmWidth'], bmpinfo['bmHeight']), bmpstr, 'raw', 'BGRX', 0, 1) win32gui.DeleteObject(saveBitMap.GetHandle()) saveDC.DeleteDC() mfcDC.DeleteDC() win32gui.ReleaseDC(hwnd, hwndDC) if result == 1:"test.png") submitted by /u/kalrah
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I found a website with an extremely high quality free catalog of Design patterns.

Learn Programming - 2 hours 56 min ago

It's called Refactoring Guru

It has detailed UML diagrams, explanations of use cases, implementation details, and best fits, and psuedocode with a nice interface that is mobile friendly. I have not tried the Refactoring course advertised and can't vouch for the quality of that, but so far this is the best resource I have found for learning design patterns.

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