VMblog's Expert Interviews: Hammerspace Talks AWS re:Invent and Latest Cloud Survey Results - Virtualization Information - Thu, 01/03/2019 - 08:32
Hammerspace recently announced the results of a survey they took at AWS re:Invent that asked IT professionals about their current and future plans for data management in the cloud. To find out more, VMblog spoke with the company's VP of Products & Operations, Douglas Fallstrom. ...(read more)

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Breaches in government, retail, finance, etc. make for quick headlines, but internal actors (or accidents) will wreak even greater havoc in the new year....(read more)

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Machine learning and cloud computing are often things people think of separately. But, technological advancements show machine learning has the potential to impact the cloud's future in ways people may not expect....(read more)

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If you are involved in End User Computing in any way, shape or form, you absolutely must check out the details on the upcoming DISRUPT event. Now in its second year, DISRUPT is quickly filling a void and becoming the standard event to address all your EUC needs. To get the inside scoop ahead of the event, VMblog spoke with Jed Ayres, President and CEO of IGEL North America and Global CMO....(read more)

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We're looking ahead at 2019's industry trends for managed service providers (MSPs) and IT pros. Here are a few predictions on the industry forecast for the new year. ...(read more)

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The adoption of cloud technologies is accelerating in industries like financial services that have been necessarily cautious with sensitive data. It turns out that data security isn't the problem. Public cloud has other drawbacks, which is why I expect private cloud to be more popular next year. ...(read more)

Happy New Year From VMblog - Welcome to 2019! - Virtualization Information - Tue, 01/01/2019 - 09:20
From all of us to all of you, Happy New Year!!! We are looking forward to what 2019 brings to each of us. ...(read more)

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Looking forward, 2019 will present a new set of challenges for many organizations in their cloud journey, and an opportunity for cloud providers to partner with their customers in new ways. ...(read more)

QAD 2019 Predictions: Manufacturing - Industry 4.0 is Underway - Virtualization Information - Mon, 12/31/2018 - 08:26
I believe that the ongoing digital transformation of manufacturing and of the global economy is the biggest trend for 2019....(read more)

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One of the biggest UC trends of 2018 has been the continued move to the cloud for collaboration workloads....(read more)

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When it comes to the desktop, did you see the writing on the wall in 2018? After many years of people looking to abandon the traditional desktop in favor of individual cloud applications, Microsoft has found a way to add value to the end user computing (EUC) space. ...(read more)

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