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Lightning's $13,000 electric motorbike boasts a top speed of 150mph

Engadget - 22 min 50 sec ago
Lightning Motorcycles, maker of the land speed record-breaking LS-218, has announced its first mass-market electric motorbike. Starting at $12,998, the "Lightning Strike" will be capable of a 150-mile range, 150 mph top speed (that's faster than the...

Laptop for College

Total budget and country of purchase: No budget, USA

● Do you prefer a 2 in 1 form factor, good battery life or best specifications for the money? Pick or include any that apply.

Good battery

● How important is weight and thinness to you?

I will be using this laptop throughout my years at college so getting something light is very important

● Which OS do you require? Windows, Mac, Chrome OS, Linux.


● Do you have a preferred screen size? If indifferent, put N/A.

13.3”, 14” 15.6” is fine

● Are you doing any CAD/video editing/photo editing/gaming? List which programs/games you desire to run.

I will have to run Adobe Premier and wish to run League of LegendsIf you're gaming, do you have certain games you want to play? At what settings and FPS do you want? League of Legends. Above 60 FPS Max settings is fine

● Any specific requirements such as good keyboard, reliable build quality, touch-screen, finger-print reader, optical drive or good input devices (keyboard/touchpad)?

High build quality and possibly anything that would allow me to utilize Windows Hello would be great

● Leave any finishing thoughts here that you may feel are necessary and beneficial to the discussion.

I prefer not to get a laptop that has any gamer aesthetic to it. I’ve been looking at the Asus UX553FD for quite a while now but I’m reaching out to this Subreddit in hopes of anything different I might be able to purchase. As for the graphics card, an Nvidia GeForce MX150 would suffice. It would be great if the CPU is an i7-8550U or an i7-8565U. As for the design, anything that looks premium along with thin bezels would be great.

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Say GDP-Aaargh, streamers: Max Schrems is coming for you, Netflix and Amazon

The Register - 26 min 55 sec ago
Apple and others also in firing line as complaints filed

Streaming services aren't complying with EU data protection law - namely the General Data Protection Regulation's right of access - according to a fresh suite of complaints aimed at the likes of Netflix, Amazon and Spotify.…

The longstanding NASA-Russian partnership in space may be unraveling

Ars Technica - 43 min 9 sec ago

Enlarge / Roscosmos head Dmitry Rogozin is photographed in October, 2018, after the launch failure of a Soyuz-FG rocket. (credit: Alexei Filippov/TASS via Getty Images)

After an American Apollo and Soviet Soyuz spacecraft docked in orbit during the height of the Cold War, in 1975, the two leading space powers gradually worked more and more together on civil space activities. Over time, they forged a successful and, among astronauts and engineers at least, even a comfortable bond. But of late, that bond is fraying, and long-term it may unravel entirely.

The most immediate issue involves Dmitry Rogozin, appointed to lead the Russian space corporation Roscosmos in May 2018. Overtly political, Rogozin shares Vladimir Putin's antipathy toward the West. Following the Crimean crisis in 2014, Rogozin was one of seven Russian officials sanctioned by the Obama administration. In response, he taunted NASA, which relied then (and still does) on Russian Soyuz spacecraft to reach the International Space Station.

"After analyzing the sanctions against our space industry, I suggest to the USA to bring their astronauts to the International Space Station using a trampoline,” Rogozin, then a deputy prime minister of Russia over defense and space, tweeted in Russian at the time.

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Upload multiple files from Angular 5 to Sharepoint, wait for all files to be uploaded before closing the modal, what am I doing wrong?

Learn Programming - 47 min 17 sec ago

I have an Angular 5 app, a C# .NET Web Api and as "database" you could imagine Sharepoint.

The flow of actions are, firstly the user logs into my angular app, selects an item from the list (data gotten from Sharepoint via my web api) and receive a modal/pop-up to add some comments, check some checkboxes and upload multiple files. When they click save, my app should send the line of comments typed in to a Sharepoint list and should upload any files selected by the user, this could be 1 or 10, to another Sharepoint list.

I disable the save/cancel buttons and display a spinner when the user has clicked on "Save". When all files are uploaded correctly, the modal should close. If any of them result in an error, it should throw an error to the modal to signal the user of the failure to upload.

Here's my code:

save() { if (this.EADModal.comments === '') { this.EADModal.comments = null; } // ...files = "FileList" item, NOT an Array! this.filesToUploadLength = this.filesToUpload.nativeElement.files.length; if (this.filesToUploadLength > 0 || this.EADModal.comments != null) { if (this.errorMessage != null) { this.errorMessage.nativeElement.value = ''; } this.showSpinner = true; this.showErrorMessage = false; this.saveButton.nativeElement.disabled = true; this.closeButton.nativeElement.disabled = true; if (this.EADModal.comments != null) { this.uploadComments(this.EADModal.comments); } if (this.filesToUploadLength > 0) { this.uploadAllFiles(this.filesToUpload.nativeElement.files); } } }

Here's my "uploadAllFiles":

public uploadAllFiles(files) { const observableArray: Array<Observable<any>> = new Array; for (const file of files) { observableArray.push(this.getBase64(file)); } Observable.forkJoin(observableArray).subscribe( data => { this.modalRef.close(this.EADModal.EOTAFileNr); }, error => { this.showSpinner = false; this.showErrorMessage = true; this.saveButton.nativeElement.disabled = false; this.closeButton.nativeElement.disabled = false; // this.errorMessage.nativeElement.value += 'File failed to upload! '; } ); }

Here's my "getBase64" function:

public getBase64(file): Observable<any> { const $this = this; const reader = new FileReader(); const fileReaderObs = Observable.create((observer: any) => { reader.onload = function() { $this.fillJsonVariable(reader.result); }; //; observer.complete(); }); reader.readAsDataURL(file); return fileReaderObs; }

And here's my "fillJsonVariable":

public fillJsonVariable(readerResult): Observable<any> { const folderYear = '20' + this.EADModal.EOTAFileNr.substring(0, 2); this.json = { ... : ... }; return this.tableService.postModalDataFile(this.json); }

I've got limited experience in Angular and working with Observables as you might be able to see. What am I doing wrong here? The files simply aren't posted to Sharepoint. I know for sure this isn't an API/Sharepoint problem, because calling the observable/function once (not in a for loop) does upload the file!

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How to? Need help wiring TMC2130 SPI wiring on RADDS board

3D printing news - 50 min 13 sec ago

Hello everyone,

I'm facing the problem, that I can't wire my stepper drivers on RADDS board in spi mode. I'm mainly a mechanic guy, so this kind of electric wiring makes me uncomfortable. I tried to search for solutions on the Internet, but I found nothing, yet. So, I decided, to contact you guys, maybe im more lucky this way.

The next thing will be to make a firmware, but I think, I'll be able to handle that.

On the MKS board, there is an SPI option at the AUX pins.

On the RADDS board, I don't know which pins do I need for this setup.

And what makes me more confused, everywhere on the internet the tmc-s are wired in line with each other and the wire end is connected to the board pin, but at my case, where I bought the drivers, they sent me single pin-to-pin cables, so there is no option for inline wireing. Should I make a new wire for the spi wireing? ...I'm totally lost.

The Driver pins are this:


The ones with bold letters are open for SPI.

Any information would help me a lot.

Thank you guys!

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Weekly useful Drupal things to know thread

What's a useful tip or technique or tool (or anything) that you picked up and think others should know about?

(Check out the weekly post schedule in the sidebar)

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Star Trek: Discovery’s second season may boldly go where the first did not

Ars Technica - 52 min ago

Enlarge / Michael Burnham is all of us. (credit: CBS)

In many ways, this season felt very much like a much-needed reset from the previous one. The Klingon war is over, and the Federation is consumed by a new scientific pursuit: mysterious red bursts of light that have appeared across 30,000 light years.

The scene that really drove home the reset was the formal roll call, where our bridge characters say their names—really, directly to the audience.

It’s still baffling that we went an entire season without knowing most of the bridge crew’s names! Yes, we sort of got to know a handful of characters, but there are regular faces that we’ve seen many times on the bridge. If like the other shows, where the bulk of each episode happens in the nerve center of the ship, it would help to know who we’re interacting with.

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Is listening for Intents batteryfriendly?

Hey i wondered if i set up a profile which listens for broadcast intents has a big impact on battery life. For example i want to monitor if my Wifi connection changes.

I could do that with a timed profile:

trigger task which checks %WIFII every 10 min or so.


wait for intent and then trigger a task wich checks %WIFII.

I would guess the intent way is better, because with the first method running a task every 10 min does WAKE the device if im right and for the second, the Intents are send by the system anyway, so why dont catch them...???

Or does the benefit go away because tasker has to monitor the broadcast intents?

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Dell Boomi 2019 Predictions: The Year of Technology Trends Convergence

For 2019, all of these technology trends will continue to evolve, many of which will accelerate and converge....(read more)

I created a podcast with my friend, called CmdSwift. We would love to hear some feedback.

iOS Programming - 57 min 16 sec ago

Hi everyone,

With my friend we created a new podcast and we want to keep doing it. We are just starting out so it isn't a very professional podcast yet.

We talk about iOS development, topics related to it and general technology. In the first episode we talk about ourseves and one of our projects just as and introduction. The episode is 20 minutes long.

We appreciate any constructive feedback.

Here are the links if you are interested:

YouTube link

Apple podcast link

Overcast link

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Alienware m15 review: Dell’s first thin gaming laptop doesn’t disappoint

Engadget - 57 min 50 sec ago
Alienware finally made a thin and light gaming laptop, and it was worth the wait. For years, Dell's gaming brand has been pumping out powerful, but hefty gaming machines. The Alienware m15, though, is its first step towards a truly modern laptop...

Microsoft partner portal 'exposes 'every' support request filed worldwide' today

The Register - 1 hour 9 min ago
No customer data visible but hell's bells, Redmond, what have you borked now?

Exclusive Alarmed Microsoft support partners can currently view support tickets submitted from all over the world, in what appears to be a very wide-ranging blunder by the Redmond-based biz.…